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Americans Against Corruption


Scams Inc Investigations are very careful and diligent in the detail of it's investigations into the unethical, tainted and unprincipled activities of any Targets of our Investigations. Scams Inc is sad to Report that as a result of the research into the court corruption pervasive and ongoing in the Chapman Court, Scams inc has opened a number of other "Cans of Worms" resulting in what appears to be a systemic underhanded scheme to shroud and derail evidence of racketeering involving California State Agencies in acts to implement fraud, forgery, perjury, etc. to cover-up courthouse fraud upon the court by judges, and officers of the court to the detriment of the citizens of California.

American Against Corruption and Scams Inc has previously Reported that Terri Dickneider a long time Court Reporter working with Judge David Chapman in the Palm Springs Superior Court, Defaulted on the Renewal of her Reporter's License mandated to be renewed every year. If not Renewed as mandated, there is no "grace period" and one is engaging in criminal acts if they function as a Court Stenographer with a "Expired License".

Scams Inc uncovered that the Dickneider License Expired on 2-29-16, and not renewed up to the time she quit the Chapman Court on July 30, 2016, and in fact not renewed up to Aug. 12, 2016 when we made Inquiries with the Court Reporters Board (CRB) and 3 Licensed Reporting Agencies all who confirmed that the Dickneider License expired on it anniversary of 2-29-16 and not renewed.

This Information was provided in writing and by Ms Kim Kale, of the Enforcement Department at the CRB.

Subsiquent to this Judge Chapman was written to as was the DCA (California Department of Consumer Affairs, of which CRB is a part of).

Soon after, we have requested that Dickneider present her Negotiated Check revealing that, as subsequently claimesd by the CRB,the Dickneider License was Renewed Timely. This representation was in direct contravention to the forgoing evidence and statements to the contrary.

Dickneider has refused to deliver this "First-Hand" proof. We learned that Dickneider maintains a Bank account with JP Morgan Chase, who advises that all account holders checks issued and all deposits are scanned and a 7 year Record is maintained by all Banks of these Instruments.

Dickneider refuses to produce this supposed check for such Phantom renewal.

Then we received by email from CRB Officer Yvonne Fenner a copy of a CRB Renewal Form making it appear that Dickneider Renewed her License on 1-5-16.  We verified, via USPS Authorities, that based upon the License Renewal Forms Mailings from DCA to Licensees delivery and return times (Dickneiders during the 2015 New Year Season), such turn around was impossible.

Further to that we demanded that the DCA produce the Scanned Deposit revealing the Dickneider Check payment of the License Fee on 1-5-16. A Microfiche, if it exists, that would take about 15 Mins. to access by the DCA.

Instead of producing this First-Hand Proof of the Dickneider License Fee Payment, the DCA has cajoled, lied, harassed, name called, made abusive accusations and over 4 weeks have stalled and refused to produce evidence that will either clear the matter up or prove a major fraud has been attempted by a California State Agency (The DCA and CRB), a corrupt Judge Chapman, and proved corrupt even before this License Swindle herein; a corrupt Court Stenographer Dickneider (issuing Transcripts with a perjured Certification that she was a Licensed Reporter while knowing that she was not), and by many Officers and Enforcement persons at the DCA and CRb who have engaged in supressing of evidence and or fabrication of evidence, mail fraud, wire fraud and forgery of California State Records to try and shroud and insulate Judicial Corruption.

In Fact Scams Inc has been the target and victim of DCA email harassment and fraud in a scheme to derail our Investigation into this major California Fraud.

State Senator Jeff Stone has also Demanded the Production of the evidence of the Dickneider Check to prove or disprove her supposed Timely Payment, or otherwise of the CRB-DCA Dickneider Renewal Fee. This also on Deaf Ears.

Any reasonable Observer watching this series of charlatan chicanery can only deduct that NO SUCH DICKNEIDER CHECK PAYMENT EXISTS EVIDENCING HER TIMELY RENEWAL OF DCA-CRB 2016 LICENSE FEE FOR LICENSE # 5031.

Accordingly, these persons and the Agencies have trapped themselves in a major "Cobweb" of Racketeering, Fraud and criminality. As after 5 weeks, the failure and refusal to produce this credible and certified Bank evidence reveals Rampant Corruption of a polluted Chapman Court, a lying cheating Dickneider and the "Domino Effect" of a scheme to shroud the Chapman felonious activities in his PS2 Court.

We have further evidence of Chapman's "Back-Room" Skulduggery of the musical chairs of Fixes for the favored Firms who "take care" of Chapman's violations of the California Judicial Canons, that serve a Fixed Court Ruling. What we have learned are diabolic tactics to victomize a unsuspecting litigant who is the Target of a Fixed PS 2 Court. We will be soon reporting on this as well and naming the deprasved invidious Firms who fuel this dishonesty and violations of the US Constitution, the  California Constitupton, California Penal Codes, the CCP and California Lawyers  Rules of Professional Resp.


Americans Against Corruption and its Affiliated Investigations have been spending a great deal of time and resources on the chicanery that is and has been ongoing in the Cochella Valley California.

The Desert Cities are beautiful. The climate is great. The air is pristine. The Citizens are generally wonderful, kind and fine persons from all parts of America, Canada, Mexico and beyond.

Many are retired, many are purveyors of various businesses, and many are Mexican who provide the Locals with gardening, fine fruits, groceries and many other services.

All of these residents who support the economies of the Desert Cities, California State and the local businesses are entitled to learn and evaluate newsworthy information that does and can affect their lives, finances, homes and the local economy.

The only way this can be assured is by the Press, via radio, print, internet and television, reporting unbias activities of shady dealings, fraud, chicanery, and flim-flam within the Nation, the State and the Desert Cities. In fact many competent news publications have a Investigative Staff to look into  competent leads of business, political and judicial rip-offs, cheating, swindles, perversions, incompetence, racketeering and violations of the public trust, etc.

We have studied the Desert Sun's Articles, Editorials, News Reports and supposed "Local News". We have reviewed the CV's of most of The Suns Reporters. Without being specific or casting any aspersions, we as a Investigative News Organization, and who really research, dig, confirm and expose wrongdoing, criminality and fraud, find that the Desert Sun News Fails on all counts.

The Desert Sun News supposed Reporters consist of one being arrested for Drunk-Driving, another who has no real background or Investigative experience, and for the most part the National and International News are plagarized from other News Sources.

The Desert Sun are no better than a Copy Machine, picking up supposed News from Other Publications, the AP, the Desert Sheriff and Police Blotter, local restaurant openings, and other garden variety minutia. They are and have been unwilling, shady and incompetent to provide the Citizens of the Judicial, Political underhanded and proved fallacious activities ongoing in the Desert Cities that have grave adverse effect on the residents and Valley Citizens.

The Desert Sun News in fact shrouds corruption, refuses to review Proof of Judicial Racketeering, Fraud, Fixes, and confirmed spurious activities. This reveals gross negligence and flawed News Reporting.

The Citizens  of the Desert are and have been victims of Judicial Hyjacking of litigants rights, claims, homes, money, children, homes, etc, by a incompetent and or a corrupt judge. Scams Inc Investigations and its Affiliates  have assembled over a year, prima-facia evidence of judicial fraud, corruption, forgery, perjury, evidence purging and tampering and worse, yet the Desert Sun News advises that they are under-staffed to investigate or even review the Proofs.

Meanwhile each and every day citizens in Palm Springs Superior Court and Family Courts in Indio are dispensing "cork-screw injustice" and disfavored citizens and citizens without a local lawyer are getting "skinned and looted". This does not mean that every judge is a crook. Many are not, but the many that are cause grave and severe unjustice that the Desert Sun Refuses to Investigate and Expose.

We have every reason to believe that the Desert Sun News possibly wants to keep the unwitting citizens in the dark to allow this Corruption to blossom. After all for each crooked and corrupt judge there is a crooked and corrupt Law-office that Bribes, Conspires and Fixes these diabolic judicial cheaters. The law firms that play this "Round-Robin", make a Kings Ransom with a corrupted Judge in their Pocket. We have sufficient evidence and after review of judicial conduct, Records,informants and scrutiny of dozens of suspect Decisions and Orders to "Finger" the Desert Law offices that use these Judges as their Minions and Pawns to the detriment of adversary litigants, the Rules of Law, Federal Criminal Codes and California Penal Codes. These Firms know who they are and they also know that Scams Inc and Americans Against Corruption has opened the Can of worms.

The Desert Sun News seems to be on the "payroll" of this hyjacking just like Godfather Don Corelone had the judges and Press in his pocket like pocket change. The Desert Sun News provides deceptive and shady reporting shrouding the corruption ongoing in  the Backyard of the " DESERT SUN".

Meanwhile, the Desert Sun seems also to fail to report on the clear and convincing inconsistent conduct of Congressman Ruiz. We will be shortly publish a full expose and evaluation of Ruiz vs Jeff Stone as to who we believe is the most worthy and competent to support the Needs of the Citizens within their jurisdiction. Ruiz should return to the ER, as his political prowess is non existent and pathetic.

In a Nutshell, we are trying to determine what Ruiz has done in DC for his citizens, and we a trying to find out if Ruiz ever Returned the Money, with interest that he "borrowed" from the Indio CA. Farmers who funded Ruiz College and Medical School Tuition. Coming soon.

Scams Inc Report


Scams Inc is saddened to see the riots, unrest, bullyism, and self dealing exploding all around us in America. Threats from very serious adversaries who are motivated by hate, greed and diabolic motivation to destroy what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to create and we have committed millions of lives to preserve, including:

Dignity, Honesty, Freedom, Justice, Due Process, Rules of Law and the eradication of evil, terrorism and corruption.

Sadly, our great Country is being smothered by the rampant larceny, corruption and cheating that continues to blossom throughout America from corruption in the   Political, Judicial, Corporate, Investment, Banking and many other venues that adversely affect the Citizens of America.

There is no way we can defeat the outside evil without first dismembering the inside self dealing, violations of the public trust, judicial and political chicanery, bribery and cheating. Without a honest State Court Judiciary, terrorism will proliferate even faster.

The grave problem are the State Courts where Judges are not properly or at all vetted, screened and investigated as are the Judges in Federal Courts. Many State Court Judges are Appointed by a Governor because of a friend of a friend, a contributor or a politician who has the ear of a ear.

Many of these State Court judicial appointees are either incompetent, stupid, corrupt, lazy and many did not even have a qualifies education. Sure, eventually they are "elected" but such "election" is a sham and they are on the ballot without an opponent.

The result is that these Judicial Depraved, misuse their power and position to destroy lives, dismember families, loot homes, money, claims and even liberty as a result of a Fix from one of the few "inner-circle" of the favored local lawyers in "town".

This is rampant in California Superior Courts, Family Courts and there is no oversight whatsoever and no recourse for uncovering State Court Judicial Racketeering, cheating and Obstruction of Justice.

Scams Inc has been investigating Judge David M Chapman who is located in the Riverside California Superior Court, Palm Springs Branch.

We have assembled prima-facia evidence of Chapman engaging in a myriad of violations of the Canons of Judicial Responsibilities. Chapman has engaged in acts of Minute Tampering, condoning perjury, hearsay, fraud, supression of evidence, fraud upon the court and a myriad of other warped acts as revealed in the court record and in numerous Exposes published on Scams Inc Sites and undenied. The result of this reveals how systemic this pollution is as charges were files wit evidence sufficient to Indict and a Intake person at the Com. on Jud. Perf. Ignored the Charges. The girl who supposedly Reviewed this evidence would not take any Calls and ckearly was incompetent and or told to ignore the evidence. In fact the CJP Agency has been under Fire by the Citizens of California for Corruption and incompetence for a number of years.

Chapman has we believe, is running his own Fifedom in his Courtroom PS2. He has his marching Orders from the favored few who "talke care" of Chapman so long as he does their perverted fixes.

We know who these fixer are and will soon reveal names an evidence.

Recently it was revealed that Chapman's long-time Court Reporter Terri Dickneider's License had Expired and that Dickneider, as a Court Reporter and with a expired License was engaging in fraud upon the court in concert with Chapman and was swearing in Certified Transcripts that she was a Licensed REporter # 5031.

We have assembled evidence that this was in fact true, and Dickneider has refused to produce evidence of her cancelled check to the CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs that her Licence was Renewed without Lapse.

Rather Chapman, we believe, has instigated the California Reporters Board to falsify material evidence, and to issue false letters alleging that the Dickneider License was timely Renewed, but refuse to prtesent the Microfiche of the Dickneider Check as deposited into the DCA Bank Account, that will either prove or dis prove Scams Inc's evidence of this Mail, Wire Fraud and larceny to try and insulate the Cases before Chapman that would all be Vacated as a result of this Fraud upon the Court by a Judge and a officer ofv the Court (a Court Reporter).

This Situation is a example as to just how far a State Court will go to schene to shroud Judicial Racketeering. The temerity here is obvious and Scams Inc has evidence of Officers of the CRB, Ie Yvonne Fenner, Connie Conkel, Kim Kale, Davina Hurt and others engaged in a scheme to defraud, if our evidence is correct.

Thus, under these conditions, it is jaundiced that neither Dickneider, The DCA or the CJP do not Produce what is readily available----the Microfiche from the Banks revealing the Dickneider Check and Timely PAID STAMP, on th face of the Instrument. Barring this first had proof, we have a major criminal conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise, to cover-up Dickneider and Chapman's crimes.

This is a example of how this great Country is being Strangled and its Citizens are being Excoriated by the Rape of Public Trust.

We in America, nust have a completer sanitizing of the State Judiciary and examples made of these evil Black-Robed Hyjackers of Justice.

Here in California and Palm Springs we have another example of Collusion and swtupidity.

Scams Inc Investigations has submitted evidence of thse Judicial Frauds ane Larceny to the Desert Sun News. They have responded saying that they are understaffed and unable to review the evidence, yet this supposed News Paper has Thousands of Readers who are and have been Victims of these Judicial frauds, stupidity and Fixes that have looted many. What kind of News Paper Ignores this form of Rip-Off and Dishonesty?

So on ti Goes. While Corruption and trtckery Grows, "Rome is Burning" and our great Nation's State Court Judicial and Political System is becoming as bad and even worse than the Judiciary ongoing in Third-World Nations, and a disgrace to the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.


Scams Inc Whistleblower Leaks


Scams Inc has just learned that Paul Wooten, a warped, invidious incompetent, has surfaced back in the Adams Street Courthouse. Now this time Wooten's supposed "law ckerk is not Rachel Mandel Horowitz as she has apparently taken the rap for the Wooten skulduggery, racketeering, extortion, larceny and fraud in Part 7, NY County at 60 Center Street Supreme Courthouse.

Wooten, you see has since 2009, after he engaged ion election fraud along with Clarence Norman, who was convicted for bribery and selling judge-ships, and convicted State Senator John Sampson, he was awarded a judge position after he conned Gov. Patterson with his criminal allies, Sampson and Norman.

Wooten was never Vetted and never screened. He set up shop in NY County, allied himself with a few other corrupt meat-ball Judges including "Pretty-Boy Peter Moulton, who thinks because his wife is a gyneocoligst that Peter can loot and rape litigants in NY County, and use Wooten as a front, a pimp and a judicial cheat.

Wooten has engaged in Judicial racketeering, ghostwriting Decisions, collusion, forgery, extortion, fraud upon the court, and complete unadulterated courthouse larceny. Scams Inc has a carload of evidence of Wooten's fraud, perjury, ex-partie collusion, issuing Orders and decisions that have cheated many Citizens whic resulted in about 20 complaints that we have learned from large and small law firms in NY County.

We have evidence of Wooten filing forged Decisions after he was Fired Permanently from NY County and done so "under the radar" by wise-guy Moulton who has been engaged in fraud, obstruction of justice, violations of the NY and US Constitution, mail and wire fraud.

Moulton has done his level-best to save Wooten's "skin" as all of the Fixes engaged in by these Judicial embezzlers are "cut-up" by these corrupt judges.

It operates just like the Mafia, a Robbery is made and the Booty, is divided up as "one for all and all for one". Wooten engaged in more Fixes, Bribery, Judicial Larceny, cheating, dishonesty, fraud, extortion, chicanery, shady dealings and racketeering than mos corrupt Bandits in Black Robes.

Wooten engaged in bullying many NY County Clerks, engaged in rampant violations of the Uniform Rules of the Court, the CPLR, Rules of the Special Referee Part, illegal Steering, Forgery of the Court Docket, Purging the Court Record Room Files and Motion Folders, placing forged Court Stamps on Motion Pleadings and substitution of Pleadings in order to cover up his judicial infected chicanery and fixes.

Wooten is a distorted diabolic pig and sociopath. He has the integrity of a cobra, he will steal from anyone, and he is as bad as a ISSIS Thug. Wooten has cheated a fine Macys employee as a result of a Ghostwritted Decision, he has cheated and looted millions with fabrications, ignoring evidence and engaging in all forms of judicial crimes in a warped and polluted System.

Scams Inc has Interviewed former law clerks who worked with Wooten for a while and soon quit. The best we got is either a clam -up fron a few, but we also learned that Wooten was almost illeterate.
And that most of his Decisions are and have been written by others after the FIX is in Place. So all that incompetent thief Paul Wooten needs do is tell the Ghostwriter who wins and how much.

After all Paul Wooten, just like Convicted John Sampson, wants fancy duds, a gold watch, a Cadillac Car, Dine at fancy restaurants where they cater to Mafia Big-Wigs. And Wooten likes pretty Women who call him "YOUR HONOR". Sadly the only Honor Wooten knows comes out of a Gin Bottle. This supposed Judge is a no better Pimp-Whore, selling a body in Hells Kitchen. Wooten can not tell the truth and the only reason the Unified Court keeps him around is because the want to keep Wooten "respectable" so that the Decisions he has Issued stealing Millions, he thinks will be Cut-up by the Stinking Corrupt Bandits in Kings and NY Counties.

These NY State Court Judges who pollute the Barrel for the few good and honest, are worse than the Mafia. Scams Inc has been researching the Murder of MR Sonny Sheu a Asian Accountant who was in a Fixed Unifies Supreme Court in Nassau County, NY before a Judge Joseph Gollia. Sonny was ripped of by Gollia who was and is a cheat and fraud. Sheu exposed Gollia as a fraud, cheat and worse. Gollia targeted Sueu. Sheu did a video stating that if anything happens to him it is "Gollia's People". Two weeks later Sonny Sheu was bludgoned to death, and his murder yet unsolved. All points to Gollia who soon after "retired" from the Court Sustem.

The Sustem in the NY State Courts is a disgrace. The ilk of a fallacious Huckster-carpet-bagger such as Wooten is despicable. The Man is a evil adulterated flim-flam man, who will sell you urine in a bottle and tell you it is a Elexer that will save your life. Scams Inc has had Wooten under survelance while he was colluding to engage in a massive rip-off and Courthouse Robbery. Wooten orchestrated a scam involving HIPAA Forms, fabrication of Documents Falsifying a illegal Note of Issue, circumvented Rules of the Court to collude with Bull-Dog JHO Ira Gammerman and pulled off a Sting that a moron could figure out.

But no matter because the Unified Court is Peppered with Rampant Corruption and in the Appellate Division. Just because one dons these Black Robes, does not cleanse the distorted unethical  and underhanded embezzling ongoing in this whore-house called a court.

The Rules of Law are mostly left in the parking lot. The Public Trust is non existent, the depraved larceny is palpable and these mostly contaminated Lawless con-artiste who are a Honorable as a wart-hog continue their Frontier Justice.

Scams inc has black and white proof of Wooten, Moulton, Gammerman, Madden and others rampant acts of judicial racketeering, money laundering, collusion fraud, extortion, threats, malice and cheating the Rules of Law.

All of this without a shred of Oversight so that Miliilos of Dollars are Looted by the Judiciasl thieves, and thousands of Citizens are each and every day, skinned and excoriated by bribery, cheating, forgery, larceny and judicial dishonesty.

Supposed Judge Wooten is a first rate Crook a fourth Rate Judge and incompetent, who is a disgrace to not only the Judiciary, but to the Human Race. The man is a well proven unethical depraved cheat and without conscience. His mentality is exactly like these Issis pigs who will do anything to extort money from decent honest people.

Scams Inc has a carload of proof that Wooten is a Criminal, a RICO Actor, a money launderer, a judicial thief and eventually Scams inc will aid in putting Wooten in a Jail cell.

For Now Wooten will apparently continue to loot, rob, cheat and extort the Innocent Litigants in Kings County Brooklyn NY, under the guise as a supposed Judge but in reality Wooten is a invidious Male Whore.

Scams Inc welcomes any Denial from Wooten, Moulton or others. Please refer to the Terms of Use published on all of Scams Inc Sites.

The Boiler Room


Scams Inc has assembled and catalogued literally a car-load of evidence establishing these two underhanded, cheating and dishonest supposed "Honorable Judges".

In reality these two warped persons are swindlers who misuse the platform of the NY State Court Judiciary to engage in fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, fixes, "rip-offs" of legitimate litigants, depriveing Due Process and judicial racketeering.

Both have a penchant for hi-living, fancy duds, and spending other peoples money. Moulton and Wooten are 2 peas in a pod. Both can hide behind a Corkscrew, both have engaged in judicial larceny, preyed upon the innocent for their own self enrichment and have sold-out the Rules of Law for unjust reward for themselves and their corrupt "client-litigants" who Fix these infected pervert's courtrooms.

When the NY County got too HOT for Wooten as he had gone into "deep-water" with his Judicial Chicanery, Moulton with the ald of circumventing the NY Constitution and the mandates of Removal permanently of a supposed judge, got Wooten out of NY County and sent Wooten across the Bridge to Greener-Pastures of Brooklyn, NY the second most Corrupt County in New York. Of Course NY County wins the "Gold Star" on State Court Judicial Corruption.

So Scams Inc has made a determination that since some of our best Informants have come from State Court Clerks and other Court Employees, Former Judge Law Clerks, Courtroom Clerks and even relatives, landlords, disgruntled and cheated litigants, Law offices who have bribed these spurious and cheating judges.

Thus we have decided to offer $50,000.00 Reward for the Arrest, Indictment and Conviction of these two  despicable, lying, cheating and warped excuses for Judges.

Scams Inc presently has evidence of these Judges Wooten and Moulton  engaging in Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, supression and distruction of Evidence, Forgery, Tampering with the Court Docket, perjury, suborning perjury, Obstructing Justice, purging Court Files, depriving access to the Court, extortion, bribery, undeclared Income, Judicial Racketeering and repeated violations og the Court Uniform Rules, Filing of False Notes of Issue, collusion with corrupt Lawyers to perform skulduggery, Fixes and looting of adverse Litigants and a massive amount of judicial chicanery and fraud upon the court.

Scams Inc requests that all Informants simply communicate with us at SCAMSINC@GMAIL.COM, 24-7 with a outline of your information and how we can contact you by phone or email. Within hours, one of our Investigators will communicate with you. Please be assured that all information you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Once the process begins, we will aid you in assembling your proofs and information and until all of your information is compiled and verified you will be in constant communication with our Investigative Staff Member. None of your Information will be shared with anyone or any Law Enforcement Agency unless and until we agree that the Proofs you have Produced will be sufficient for Federal and or  City or State Prosecutors to become involved.

Remember, PROOF AND EVIDENCE IS POWER, and Scams Inc wants to sanatize and rid the State Court System one Judicial Racketeer at a time. Wooten and Moulton are at present the most adulterated, distorted and underhanded criminals shrouded in a $25.00 set of Dime-Store Black Robes to match their BLACK-JACK SWINDLES AND COURTHOUSE LARCENY.


Scamraiders is a free social network dedicated to fighting scams, fraud and corruption.



Dr. John Siebert, we have been told by many victims, suffers from severe mental disorders Dr. John Siebert - we have been told by many of Siebert's victims that this doctor Siebert suffers from severe mental disorders, is a sex pervert, and a sociopath - we are told he has victims dress up like children and engages in predatory sex acts.

Siebert is a menace and belongs in jail--- run out of NYC in disgrace for sexually molesting innocent victim patients and robbing a fortune from patients and associates is rabid and desperate. MORE>>

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JSC Joan Madden puts a self-represented litigant in harm’s way and possible heart attack Scams Inc/Scamraiders has learned ignored the pleas of Jim Couri’s doctors and invasive cardiologists at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital that Jim suffers from severe congestive heart disease and forced jim into a kangaroo trial--then madden conspiring with George Pavia, Dr. John Siebert and their common lawyers, Kenneth V. Gomez and Joseph M. Burke, Esqs. Madden recruited a Siebert pal and friend, Dr. Howard Weintraub, to render a phony, false medical opinion over the then current evaluations of Jim's medical situation. MORE>>

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JSC Paul Wooten -- corruption, fraud and intentional ambush of a self-represented litigant in a court proceeding by interstate phones trapped on a recording of the proceeding proving Wooten's corruption, fraud and railroading Scams Inc/Scamraiders has carefully reviewed the recordings we have obtained- of the Sept. 1, 2010 supposed courtroom status conference called by the court in the Jim Couri vs John Siebert et al case-107240-2004-Jim was in California in cancer treatment and the proceeding was by interstate phone and ordered by JSC Paul Wooten by written court order- MORE>>

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George Pavia, Esq. bribes and corrupts the Unified Court System in New York George Pavia, Esq., in his lust to cheat, rob and plunder the rules of law, bribes and corrupts the Unified Court System in New York.

George Pavia, Esq. and his wife Antonia are greedy sociopaths and fakers, who at all costs worship money no matter who they steal it from. MORE>>

John Siebert, M.D. - how many victims has this sociopath robbed, cheated, raped, plundered and fed contra indicated narcotics to? Dr. John Siebert is a confirmed thief, healthcare insurance thief, a perjurer and a sex vulture - Siebert has committed tax evasion and thefts of patients, business associates and banks funded for his own self-indulgence. Siebert is a fraud and a perjurer and a phony without conscience. MORE>>

New York state courts should (until they get rid of the few 'rotten apples' and 'bad eggs') change their name to the Unified Cheating System. It’s not bad enough that administrative Judge Heitler spends more time at the beauty salon opining on her hair and lipstick while at the same time Ms. Heitler condones the corrupt bad eggs engaging in their own back-room fixes------- under Judge Heitler's her nose and she does zero. JSC Heitler's father is turning in his grave as we have learned that father of Sherry Klein------ was also a NYC judge----

Shame on you Judge Heitler!!! MORE>>

John Siebert, M.D. - a proven thief, liar and fraud protected and insulated by Judge Wooten? Siebert has been a proven perjurer, sex rapist, tax evader, fraudster, briber, sex vulture, fired from 4 hospitals for cause, sex abuse, narcotics abuses and healthcare insurance thefts. Siebert's lack of credibility has been tested and proved. Siebert has been proved to have stolen a fortune from Jim Couri and confessed to his thefts in corporate documents and signed numerous notes, guarantees, indemnities and wavers. Dr. John Siebert is a well-documented thief. What is Judge Paul Wooten doing to impose justice? MORE>>

Jury Duty Scam - ID Theives Prey on Trusting Americans - Most of us have received a jury summons in the past, and whether you consider it a hassle or a civic duty, almost everyone reports. But what if someone told you that you failed to report and there was a warrant out for your arrest? That's the twist on a scam that many trusting Americans have been falling for for years. MORE>>

Judge Paul Wooten and his clerk Warren Rubio engage in more interstate fraud Judge Paul Wooten and his clerk Warren Rubio engage in more interstate fraud on phones from the Wooten courtroom in the Unified Courthouse NYC

Clerk Warren Rubio on June 28, 2011 from the courthouse and on courthouse phone lines- in a scheme to deprive Jim Couri from causing the delivering of an important and factually detailed letter- and two exhibits to it- to the court. MORE>>

George Pavia, Esq., a confessed fascist, escaped reprisal from the Nazis we have learned because thief George and his father ratted on many of their Jewish friends and associatesGeorge Pavia we have proved by documentary evidence is a thief, a tax dodger, a perjurer and a forger and a corrupter of courts' corkscrew George and his father we have learned pulled some swindles on the fascist government and were wanted -so cunning sociopath George and his father-Jews themselves - we are advised and Dr. Hutchneicker-George's mental doctor confirmed-turned on many of their Jewish friends and associates ratted on them to save their own skins. MORE>>

Judge Paul Wooten of the NYC Unified Court in New York further isolates himself Judge Paul Wooten of the NYC Unified Court in New York further isolates himself like the ostrich with his head in the dirt believing that he is hiding from reality---guess again Scams Inc./Scamraiders have been contacted by a number of litigants reporting numerous bad acts, lies and deceptive conduct spawned from the Wooten courtroom and his 'buffer-henchman' clerk Warren Rubio. MORE>>

Much more to come on FedEx and Liberty Mutual and the cover-up of crimes, fraud and the corruption of unsavory insured with possible organized crime affiliations---we are investigating---stay tuned for full expose on the rampant fraud and collusion engaged in by Liberty Mutual/FedEx/FedEx-Kinkos and their subs----

Sunny Sheu vs Judge Joseph Golia of the Unified Court - Sheu stood up to the old boys and their cronyism, abuses and alleged corruption and Mr. Sunny Sheu is now dead . . .

Scams Inc and Scamraiders have been told of the Sheu case and the allegations of corruption, threats he believed spawns from that corrupt Unified Courthouse and JSC Joseph Golia - and the ultimate death of Mr. Sheu that might have been a murder. At least Mr. Sheu was concerned enough and obviously frightened enough to air a video, outlining his suspicions of possible harm to befall him because of his reports of corruption ongoing in the Queens branch of the Unified Courts--- MORE>>

New class action contemplated against the acts of corruption and frauds, bad faith and crimes Liberty Mutual Insurance by consumer victims of this corrupt insurer Victims who have been defrauded by Liberty and subs and robbed by bad faith corruption, interstate collusion, fraud, and criminal cover-ups in concert with joint tort-feasors and unsavory and crooked insureds, who engaged in interstate fraud and covered up and participated in by Liberty and its subs, adjustors and supervisors. Liberty Mutual must be exposed as an already-proven corrupt company, defrauding and rooking consumers and personal injury victims MORE>>

George Pavia, Esq., Joseph M. Burke, Esq., Russo & Burke, Esqs., Kenneth V Gomez, Esq., John Siebert, M.D., individually and in concert have bribed, corrupted, tampered with and polluted the rules of law in the Unified Courthouse in New York Office of Court Administration (OCA) ethics committee has public officials, including judges at the Unified Court, all supposed financial reporting of the assets, liabilities income, etc. of judges--- MORE>>

Liberty Mutual Insurance and its subsidiaries appear to be engaged in collusion with joint tort feasor Fed Ex and Fed Ex Kinkos-Office in a global scheme to cover up unfit, unsafe and hazardous conditions at Fed Ex Kinkos locations. Information exhumed reveals that property owners, Liberty Mutual and Fed Ex in concert schemed by interstate , mail, telephone and wire fraud a systematic cover-up of prior incidents of victims injuries in order to avoid liability and proof of negligence at specific locations insured by Liberty Mutual and leases by Fed Ex Kinkos. These illegal cover up lies and fraud were intended to defraud injured consumers from pursuit of liability claims. This illegal and reprehensible conduct was a willful effort to defraud and may be crimes. MORE>>

Liberty Mutual Insurance - a cesspool of deceptive policies, consumer fraud, actionable conduct? Scams Inc and Scamraiders after being contacted by consumers with proof of deception, lies, deception, cover-up by Liberty Mutual (and their umbrella of shell-game companies) of their insured's frauds lies and deception over interstate phone lines in a rouse to avoid liability in personal injury claims. Liberty mutual and joint tort feasors including big deal Fed Ex appear to have conspired to rob consumers by securing releases by fraud, deception and without consideration in a conspiracy. MORE>>

Judge Paul Wooten is he a cheat? And is he corrupt? Is he marked with cronyism back-room deal-making old-boys stinko sell-out judge--an old-hack Brooklyn-court-street knock around who sold out for a set of $50.00 black robes?-----you decide. MORE>>

George Pavia, Esq, a documented and proven perjurer, extortionist and thief recruits Kenneth V Gomez Esq, the bag-man / money launderer and in concert with a corrupt set-up steals leaned Medicare funds for their own use and in the process circumvent a legitimate secured creditor with the help of the Pavia corruption scams in the Unified Courthouse in NYC. MORE>>

EXTRA -- EXTRA -- EXTRA Scams Inc and Scamraiders and its investigators and staff have been scouring court records, pleadings, decisions, hundreds of documents and interviewing informants, and reviewing the decisions and orders of involved judges, referees, the appellate division, and the letters and comments generated from the disciplinary commission, and the commission on judicial conduct. MORE>>

George Pavia , Esq., what does he have in common with disgraced Anthony Weiner, congressman, and vulture Dr. John Siebert and pimp-extortionist supposed lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez? They all are sick, demented sex perverts who, like alcoholics and narcissists, use sex as a form of control of victims and to stoke perverted sex desires and worse.

Scamraiders has been investigating the long paper trail of the demented and perverted acts of Pavia, Siebert and Gomez. We have reviewed court records, interviewed their victims, and many of the individuals who have been sexually abused by these sociopaths. MORE>>

George Pavia, Esq. and wife Antonia Pavia -- two phony social impotents, perjurers and corrupters of courts can add another bad act to their ever-growing list of frauds New York City is holding judgments against the Pavias for unpaid fines and assessments filed against them for findings by the New York Department of Buildings and the NYC Environmental Control Board Court where the Pavias were charged by the Dept of Bldgs that their 18 E 73 St. brownstone was found to be hazardous, found that the Pavias filed false certificates of corrections under oath, lying that they cured an illegal greenhouse -- part of Jim Couri's apartment -- and lying that all was repaired. MORE>>

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. needs a new script His scams are exposed his extortion acts exposed, his sex perversions denuded, his perjury confirmed, his bag-man acts for George and Antonia Pavia exposed, his threats, shakedown acts and corruption revealed and his two bosses MORE>>

Can and will a lawyer that you retain and pay sell you out to your adversary? Shocking but true - money, access, corruption make strange bedfellows, but there are some outlaw lawyers who will and have conspired to sell you down the river to a higher bidder and you will never know, as the law-game can and does get manipulated--- MORE>>

It seems that Daniel Ellsberg is on the money in the recent guardian article reprinted here for all to read and ponder-- We can no longer stand silent and condone lies, deception and corruption from our elected officials, courts and persons of power and authority------America is beautiful ---let us all fight to keep it that way and remove the liars and fraudsters who are wrecking all of us and our families, home, businesses and futures---MORE>>

George Pavia Esq, implementing concealment, deception, fraud and tampering bought and compromised JSC Joan Madden who manipulated her decisions in a per-packaged and cleaver scam to make Jim Couri look poorly when all the while Madden was covering up Pavias corruption, perjury, Dept of Buildings and ECB court findings that the Pavias committed perjury and forgery and that the ECB court and 6 DOB inspectors found the Pavia premises to be unfit and hazardous. Then Madden conspired to cover up the legitimate findings by conducting a kangaroo hearing using a stooge from the DOB who never was at the premises and who had no idea that the subject 'greenhouse room' was constructed illegally and without permits.MORE>>

George and Antonia Pavia have engaged in RICO corruption George Pavia, Esq and Antonia Pavia, his wife, have engaged in RICO corruption and will be eventually forced to pay all damages times three. The Pavia's are a couple of self-styled, phony elitists who, in fact, are no better than a couple of grifters swindling for illegal pay-days. MORE>>

Kenneth V. Gomez. Esq. -- you are a proven phony, a perjurer, a sex abuser and a bag-man. We ask again--'what is false' that has been reported in the federal court in the Eastern District, outlining the dastardly acts of Dr. John Siebert and his narcotics abuses and manipulations of a sick patient, Diane Kleiman, as reported on Scamraiders or about you and your co-conspirators? All documented with proofs naming Gomez, George Pavia, Esq, Dr. John Siebert, Joseph M. Burke, Esq. and Antonia Pavia. MORE>>

John Siebert, M.D., we are told, enjoys phone sex and has engaged in these antics from NYU Langone Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital from medical offices that Siebert has been evicted from and even from his home with his wife Kimberly nearby until, we are told, locked Jonnie-boy Siebert out. Victims Diane Kleiman and Ms. Rachel report to Scamraiders that the each have telephone tapes of Siebert's sex acts on the phones over a number of phone-sex encounters. They are considering turning the phone tapes over to Scamraiders for publication. MORE>>

Disgraced Dr. John Siebert tries for an affiliation with Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC Siebert is a confirmed sex pervert, an abuser of patients, a proved thief, perjurer and narcotics abuser, fired from four NYC hospitals and evicted from four NYC medical offices due to sex abuse, insurance healthcare fraud and narcotics abuse.

Sloan Kettering would not let this vulture into its toilet - Siebert is a sociopath and a person without any integrity. Be careful, Sloan Kettering -- Siebert is a danger to victim-patients/ MORE>>

Joseph M. Burke, Esq. has engaged in documented perjury, vexatious litigating acts, intentional and serial violations of an injunction. Burke has engaged in fraud on the Appellate Division First Department in NYC, filed a barred and fraudulent appeal in violation of an injunction and Burke has defrauded and tampered with referees in a scheme to circumvent the injunction and through fraud and perjury and secretion of evidence defraud the courts and rob Jim Couri of his claims against disgraced Dr. John Siebert of sums exceeding $20 million. MORE>>

Joseph M. Burke, Esq. intentionally and repeatedly with impunity violated an injunction that he was bound by law to comply with and did so over a dozen times spanning 5 years. Burke in the process of willfully violating the injunction, engaged in perjury, suborning perjury, covered up his and John Siebert's frauds, sex abuses, healthcare thefts and deprived Jim Couri of summary judgment on over $20 million that Siebert agreed to pay Jim with the advice of lawyers Gilbride, Tusa, Last & Spellaine and that Siebert waved all defenses in a Siebert default. MORE>>

Why should the Justice Department not indict and charge Dr. John Siebert and Diane Kleiman? Why should the Justice Department not indict and charge Dr. John Siebert and Diane Kleiman for conspiring and committing healthcare fraud and for falsifying Kleiman's and other patient-victims medical charts, so that Siebert was unjustly and illegally enriched, according to records of about $1million? MORE>>

The courts in NYC act like ostriches, but many are watching The courts in NYC act like ostriches, but many are watching - John Siebert, M.D. and Joseph M. Burke, Esq. willfully violated a broad and sweeping injunction restricting their access to courts without seeking and obtaining prior court approval. MORE>>

Diane Kleiman

Dr. John Siebert and Diane Kleiman are revealed in detail in devastating public documents docketed in Federal Court Eastern District in Case CV-033829 brought by Kleiman against U.S. Customs and others Scamraiders has obtained many public documents from the docket and court files assembled in the case that Kleiman brought against the government that she recently caved on and walked away. It appears that Kleiman was revealed as a drug abuser, a perjurer and that her charges and causes of actions, at best, bogus. Scamraiders has obtained a devastating document of statements of facts assembled by U.S. Attorney Leslie Brodsky that denudes Ms. Kleiman along with her background, drug abuses, her antics and drug abuses spawned by Dr. John Siebert and the plastic surgeries that Siebert supposedly performed on Kleiman. MORE>>

George Pavia, Esq., John Siebert, M.D. and their minion-thug lawyers Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and Joseph M. Burke, Esq. are now engaged in an interstate scam and fraud Scams Inc. and Scamraiders are on to them and will be exposing yet more corruption collusion and extortion. Disgraced Dr. John Siebert is continuing to engage in vulture acts of sex and narco abuses while luring in innocent patient victims into the sterile and unsanitary walls of the UW Hospital in Madison, Wis. MORE>>

SOCIAL NETWORKING SCAMS – THE SCAMMERS ARE STAYING CONNECTED Social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Linkedin and Twitter have been around for years, but only recently have they reached the tipping point of media saturation and shown up the general public’s radar. As with all things well-trafficked there are plenty of individuals and companies who will do their best to use these sites to fill their own coffers via morally questionable means.MORE>>

George Pavia, Esq., John Siebert, M.D., Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and Joseph M. Burke, Esq.
- what are these documented and proved perjurers, sex perverts, shake-down extortionists and corrupters of courts? Why are they spending so much time and money creating lies and slandering Scamraiders, a highly regarded watchdog internet news organization, whose mission-statement is focused on exposing the swindlers, fraudsters and bribers that these vultures have been proved to be? MORE>>

Coming soon -- more undenied detail, evidence and witness reports on Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq’s extortion, sex abuses and money laundering and his thefts of Medicare-liened funds in violation of federal laws in concert with corkscrew George Pavia, Esq, sex vulture disgraced Dr. John Siebert and corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke, Esq - stay tuned to Scamraiders.

Antonia Pavia admits in sworn statements and documents she filed with NYC agencies to her and husband George Pavia's fraud regarding illegal conditions in 18 East 73rd St., NYC and secreted by JSC Joan Madden
We exhibit a letter Jim Couri sent to Chief Judge Joan Carey in 2006, outlining the transparent and despicable acts of George Pavia, Antonia Pavia, and their then lawyers, Itkowitz and Harwood, who quit - and the transparent and suspect acts and manipulations of JSC Joan Madden. MORE>>

George Pavia, Esq

George Pavia, Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq, John Siebert, M.D. are all reported sex perverts who engage in lewd acts documented by witnesses . . .
There appears to be more of a common thread tying George M. Pavia, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and disgraced sex vulture Dr. John Siebert together – more than the thefts, corruption, bribery, perjury, tax evasion, acts of contempt, forgery and extortion they have been involved and documented. MORE>>

Diane Kleiman

Diane Kleiman - why did she walk away from her federal case against U.S. Customs?
Was Dr. John Siebert and the affidavit she swore to, confirming her involvement with Siebert in a major healthcare theft of over $1,000,000.00, spawned by crook John Siebert, M.D. on the Kleiman case alone. MORE>>

Intentional violations of a major injunction
Joseph M. Burke, Esq. and John Siebert, M.D. con and defraud four Unified Court judges and four Unified Court referees by secreting and disobeying a broad and sweeping injunction issued by Judge Harold Beeler on 12-12-2005, ordering and mandating that all parties in the Jim Couri vs John Siebert and Siebert M.D. PC are enjoined from making any motions or filing any cases, including Joseph M. Burke, without first obtaining permission by telephonic conference call with the court and with all parties on the line. MORE>>

Five Medicare Prescription Scams to Watch Out For The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit has created yet another opportunity for con artists. Consumer protection officials around the country say they regularly receive complaints from seniors and other consumers who say they were contacted by fake companies claiming that they were "authorized" or "funded" by Medicare to make telephone or door-to-door contact with beneficiaries. Protect yourself by learning the following five scams to watch out for. MORE>>>

We are getting informants and evidence daily . . . We are getting informants and evidence daily revealing more and more details as to George Pavia, Esq, John Siebert, M.D., Joseph M. Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq, Russo and Burke, Esqs and their compromising, cheating, corruption, perjury, suppression of evidence, ex parte communications with referees, and judges chambers and even worse.

Scoundrels orchestrate a 'run away' court room Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq and George Pavia, Esq - these scoundrels orchestrate a 'run away' court room, corrupts a court and JSC Madden, then rewards themselves with corrupt railroading decisions from the very court they corrupted

Lying, cheating, tampering, ambushing, and back-room dealing . . . this is how corrupt lawyers such as Pavia, Gomez and Joseph M. Burke have functioned in a polluted court environment. They have engaged in 'lying' and 'cheating' not 'lawyering.' MORE>>

Scammers want your money!!! Now they are impersonating the IRS in order to rob your identity and clean out your bank account Tax season is again upon us and online scams are blossoming where the crooks appropriate the name and logo of the IRS create a phony website to mislead you. The scammers will try it all with phony refund scams, audit scams, and phony emails to con you into providing your confidential data. MORE>>

Why does Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq., a bag-man extortionist, spend all his time bad-mouthing a terminally ill Jim Couri and Scamraiders – a highly successful internet news organization that Jim has not been affiliated with for over 20 months? Gomez acts are clear and convincing proof that he has been recruited to try and discredit the facts reported and produced that he and George M. Pavia, John Siebert, M.D., Joseph M. Burke have been exposed as sex offenders, perjurers, corrupters of courts, violators of injunctions, obstructors of justice, tax evaders, forgers, narcotics abusers, healthcare insurance thieves and bribers and tamperers with court officials – all undenied!!! MORE>>

Kenneth V. Gomez Esq - who is this guy? He is among other things, referred to as 'an asshole' by one of sex vulture Dr. John Siebert's 'gal-pals' And how come he is the only one man soap box ranting and spewing attacks about Scamraiders/Scams Inc and terminally ill Jim Couri?

Kenneth v Gomez Esq is a phony, extortionist, flim-flam lawyer/perjurer who can not shine the shoes of Jim Couri. MORE>>

Mob front George Pavia, Esq. and how he bribed, corrupted, and fixed a court in the Unified Court System Mob front George Pavia, Esq. and how he bribed, corrupted, and fixed a court in the Unified Court System to steal rent stabilization implementing perjury, forgery, conning of the ECB courts, filing false documents with the division of housing and community renewal (DHCR), the agency that controls NYC rent stabilization. MORE>>

Are vulture Dr. John Siebert and his soap-box team of pimp lawyers – Kenneth V. Gomez, Joseph M. Burke, Esqs - dyed in the wool 'sociopaths'? Take a look – you will find it very interesting and revealing see all exhibits posted with this expose: MORE>>

Pimp Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. is at it again -- being wound up to commence a new round of self-serving extortion of name calling and bad-mouthing Jim Couri in the hope of shrouding his client Dr. John Siebert's documented sociopath sex rapes of victims and Siebert's thefts of healthcare insurance funds. Gomez continues his soap-box of a one man bandwagon harassing Jim Couri. MORE>>

Strauss-Kahn and Dr. John Siebert Why is Strauss-Kahn in jail for acts of alleged sexual abuse and molesting a hotel employee and sex vulture Dr. John Siebert, who has molested and raped and physically abused Diane Kleiman and reported other of his patients, is still on NY streets, treating patients and operating on them and not charged for his dastardly and multiple acts of well documented sex abuses of victim patients??? MORE>>

FARMVILLE SCAMS - HARVESTING YOUR MONEY The internet has opened up many doors, making information easily accessable, shopping just a click away, and even providing hours of entertainment from online games. Playing some of these games however, could also leave you opening the door (and your wallet) to a whole new generation of scammers eager to capitalize on the booming trend of gaming online. MORE>>

John Siebert, M.D. - is he a pure sociopath engaging in contempt of court, thefts and worse? Or is he a mentally imbalanced sex pervert and a manipulator of victims emotions solely to stoke his desire to control and to overcome his inferiority complex and latent sex perversions as a pedophile and worse? MORE>>

Shaun Murphy, Esq conspires with clients to secrete liability insurance . . . and deprive tenants from filing insurance claims against the policy for personal injuries and negligence arising out of substandard property that contains documented airborne mold, friable-airborne asbestos and substandard facilities. MORE>>

Online Banking: Navigating a Vulnerable Environment Online banking has surged in popularity the last few years, due mainly to the allure of easy online bill payments. According to a consumer survey conducted by Fiserv Inc., in 2008 over 2 million homes adopted online banking. This brought the total number of households banking from home to just under 70 million, or four out of every five with internet access. MORE>>

REVERSE MORTGAGE TWISTS AND TURNS Watch out for the “quicksand”, it can suck you in. If your 62 years or older, a legitimate reverse mortgage allows homeowners to convert their home equity into cash. Instead of making a payment each month to your mortgage bank, the bank pays you monthly. You can also elect to receive a lump sum or line of credit. Looks simple, but the “quicksand” of fraud and scams are deceptively alluring. MORE>>

ONLINE DATING? --- CUT THE LINE! Sure, Internet Dating seems great, quick and efficient, but there is a dark murky side ---scam artists. Scamraiders has recently received enquiries from people who have experienced problems and scams involving online dating services. No matter if you are seeking love in a bottle, or a quick tryst, there are scam artists who use the internet to entice and swindle you through your heart and then to your cash MORE>>

Shaun Murphy, Esq. violates federal and California state laws by using interstate facilities -- including mail and email to commit fraud and scheme to steal real property and rights to it and cover up the hazards of undisclosed asbestos and other unfit conditions MORE>>

Shaun Murphy, Esq., a California lawyer and his law office, Slovak Baron & Empey, LLP, violate federal laws, OSHA, governing immediate disclosure of the existence of asbestos in dwelling units, rental units and at the workplace. Murphy, in a scheme to aid a unsavory client, misuses interstate instrumentality with impunity in order to defraud and illegally secrete the existence of asbestos in a dwelling unit resulting in damages and injury. Murphy has aided and continues to aid in fraud, interstate fraud and suppression of evidence, violating federal OSHA laws and mandates. MORE>>

Dr. John Siebert - have toothbrush will travel!!!!!!!! But only after Johnnie-boy swindles Wellpoint-Blue Cross-Blue Shield for over $1,200,000.00, according to lawyer Diane Kleiman in her sworn-to affidavit MORE>>

A memorandum from Scams Inc. The new owners of and all affiliated websites, domains, trademarks, and copyrights Scams Inc has now concluded the purchase of and all domains, websites, etc.

Scams Inc is dedicated to fulfilling a mission of reporting, and pursuing all forms of scams, corruption, swindles, abuse, court corruption and fraud. Scams Inc adopts fully the published "mission statement" and the "terms of use" as published on these sites. MORE>>


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