Did a New York Plastic Surgeon Engage in a Multi Year Tax Evasion Scheme, Ripping Off Federal & State Tax Departments Out of Millions?

By Scamraiders Reporters & Staff Investigators
A New York and Wisconsin Plastic Surgeon

Jim, our founder, a plaintiff in these cases, will not comment to us at this time, on this first matter, due to a supposed “gag” Order, issued by Supreme Court Judge Beeler in December 2005. One can only wonder why there should be a gag order in connection with a litigation of this type were a defendant owes an agreed-to large sum of money to a plaintiff. What does the defendant doctor have to hide? Shouldn’t a doctor pay his obligations? More >>

Joe Burke

A New York Lawyer

Is Burke a manipulator, schemer, liar and a corrupter? Did Burke engage in ex-parte electronic communications with court officers and a Referee and others? Did Burke willfully and systematically manipulate New York Court Referees and cause and or write illegal Orders to be generated in a scheme to obstruct justice? Did Burke cause a cover-up and engage in fraud to insulate his client, a plastic surgeon? More >>

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