New York Courts Ignore the Filing of an Illegal Judgment

By Scamraiders Contributors & Staff Investigators
Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

A New York Lawyer

A New York lawyer and partner of Joe Burke, who took over the Pavias’ Rent Stabilization scheme when it became too hot for Attorney Ikowitz. Did Gomez conspire with the courts to cheat Jim Couri and to steal his rights and money? How did they convert $6,500 and in two weeks and make off with over $125,000 of Jim's medical malpractice settlement? Through fraud, deception, a forged confession of judgment, and judges in New York Courts willing to ignore Secured Creditor Laws and forgery? More >>

Leona Helmsley

New York Real Estate Magnate Company

Helmsley Enterprises, Helmsley Carlton House and Harold Miriam were all reported by Jim in 1993 for conducting with others an illegal gambling casino in the Helmsley Carlton House on Madison Ave. and 62nd Street in New York City; on the same floor where Jim maintained an apartment. The Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service and other Agencies swarmed in. More >>

Adrian Zuckerman

A New York Real Estate Lawyer

A New York lawyer and a former employee and lawyer for Helmsley, who was caught and confessed to his forgery of Jim’s signature on court filings before Unified Court Justice Richard Lowe, in 1995. What was Zuckerman's role in this Pavia/Gomez theft of Jim's medical settlement? Remember, Zuckerman admitted to his lying in New York Courts. More>>

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