New York Lawyer George Pavia

George & Antonia Pavia
A New York Lawyer A self-styled elitist, a lawyer and a supposed partner of Italian owned law office Pavia & Harcourt and documented schemer. Did he manipulate the law? Did he compromise a presiding judge? Did he compromise and bribe employees and others with the New York Department of Buildings? Did he cover up his and his wife Antonia and lawyer daughter Allison’s illegal activities? Who did he bribe? Did he scheme to

Ted Kohl - Presently residing in New York State Prison
steal rent stablization rights belonging to Jim Couri? Did he aid criminal Ted Kohl (now in jail) in filing perjured documents with State Agencies, and New York Courts to facilitate corruption, obstruction of justice, bribery, and fraud? Did he harass Jim with lewd and lascivious conduct? Did he steal from the Federal and State tax departments violating gift tax rules? Did Pavia engage in threats, intimidation, tampering, collusion and fraud? Did he make pay offs to circumvent the law? Why did Judge Madden of the Unified

"Pavia tries anything to avoid rent stabilization" Courtesy New York Times
Courts rewrite laws and statutes to favor the Pavias? Why did the Court rewrite law, rules, and statutes? Why did

The Honorable Justice Joan A. Madden
JSC Madden deprive Jim Couri of fair due process? Here are some developed and developing data about these matters that among other things give rise to potentially serious RICO claims against the Pavias and others in concert with them. George and Antonia Pavia, under the guise of respectability, have engaged in documented corrupt acts, and abuse of the law. Itkowitz & Harwood, the Pavias’ one time lawyers, published that the Pavias would have done anything to recapture Jim Couri’s rent stabilized rights that Couri obtained through the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) against the Pavias’ East 73rd Street New York Property. Pavia and Itkowitz found a helpful hand in the Unified Courts via JSC

How come this joint isn't rent-stabilized?
Joan Madden who bent into a pretzel to accommodate the Pavias, including circumventing summary judgment laws and rules, ignoring and circumventing nuisance statutes, ignoring res judicata, precluding legitimate evidence, precluding Couri’s medical issues, precluding ECB Court findings and Decisions that the Pavia premises was “hazardous”.

Pavia in bathrobe, reminicent of Vinnie "The Chin" Gigante?

The Chin
Then, JSC Madden further wrongfully protected the Pavias, by precluding the Pavias from being sued without her permission. The Court condoned George Pavia’s harassment and threats targeting Jim; the Court turned its back on Pavia’s forgery and continued retaliatory abuses. The Court deprived Jim from access to Itkowitz’s Verizon Wireless phone records which Jim believed, on information obtained, there were illegal undisclosed ex-partie acts between Pavia, Itkowitz and the Madden Court. One can only ask why a supposed honorable impartial Court allowed these rampant improprieties to continue. The Court’s files confirm these acts by documentary proof, yet JSC Madden ignored the laws to assure the Pavias would steal Jim’s rights, regardless of the law and proper rules of Courts. As part of the Pavias’ continued abuses and misconduct, the Pavias also recently orchestrated the scheme of conversion of Jims malpractice settlement proceeds with the aid of the “old-boys” Courthouse help and a scam perpetuated by the Pavias’ co-conspirators. The documentary evidence confirms the complicity in this “money laundering” of Jim’s settlement sums. The Pavias and Itkowitz, in the process, formed a RICO-style gang up against Couri with a New York/Wisconsin plastic surgeon (who owes Couri a documented fortune), Joe Burke, Esq. (plastic surgeon’s lawyer), Ken Gomez Esq., Burke’s partner and lawyer for Pavia, along with Helmsley Enterprises, Adrian Zuckerman and others to disenfranchise Couri not only from the millions due from the plastic surgeon, but to rob Couri’s medical malpractice settlement. Additionally, other court officers (documented) have been compromised and tampered with. Regretfully, this is how it seems that the Unified Court System works, particularly for crafty people who obtain “access”. Apparently, it’s easier to cheat then win honestly, and judges are the ones who are dealing the cards. Our system of honor and truth has been mutilated by greed and corruption. Moreover, the Pavias’ retaliatory acts and alliances with the Pavias’ pal and long time business associate criminal, mafia affiliate Ted Kohl, who is now in prison for extortion, money laundering, tax evasion and other crimes, were all ignored by the Madden Court. The Pavias recruited Kohl to commit perjury at DHCR, and in the Madden Court, all ignored by JSC Madden, who deprived Jim of a fair forum that would have permitted Jim to keep his rent stabilized apartment he had won and secured at DHCR and in other Courts. The Pavias were desperate to “get Jim”, as the Pavias’ building’s value was diminished by over 50% if it continued to be subject to rent stabilization; which it lawfully was. Jim was the roadblock and the Pavias hired a “hit squad” under the guise of the Court System to get him out, which they unlawfully achieved. The paper trail of these wrongful acts, preclusions, ignoring laws, and the documented acts of compromising of officials, and other evidence of bias, self-styled orders, and other manipulations, confirm Mr. Itkowitz’s self-published and recited statements “Pavias’ would do anything to get Couri”. The Court appears to have aided in the Pavia’s theft by turning a “blind eye”. Tampering, conspiracy, and corruption resulted in the stealing of due process. A truck-load of Court and other documents, sadly affirm the Court’s bizarre and bias acts and affirm the manipulation of Statutes and Laws seemingly to aid the Pavias’ quest in obtaining unjust enrichments at Jim’s expense and injury. When big money is at stake and you are in these Courts, “watch out”.

Memorandum - Complaint of Judicial Misconduct
Memorandum - Joan Madden JSC
Memorandum - New York County DA
Memo to Department of Buildings
Memorandum - Fraud on a State Agency
Subpoena for Medical Records
Medical Affidavits
New York Supreme Court Decision - JSC MAdden
New York Supreme Court Decision - JSC MAdden

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