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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. is a free, targeted and focused blogging, networking, and posting service, that connects people who have been or who are victims of any injustices or fraudulent activities or encountered corruption, scams, swindles and scoundrels causing them loss and injury. An open forum that will enable its registered users to air out to the world, any injustices perpetrated against them and expose their wrongdoers. Users also can send and receive information, and keep up with others' updates. Users can post experiences, photos, videos, etc., share them with others, receive free e-mails and newsletters from Scamraiders, as well as interact with Scamraiders staff and other users. We will also provide streaming information and newsworthy experiences, along with current and archived exposés of ongoing injustices involving courts, debt collectors, advisors, lawyers, custody matters, etc. is a platform against fraud and corruption anywhere that affects our daily lives and lifestyles, homes and money. We will also provide other services to our users including a Scamraiders’ online shop, and our “Picks and Pans” which will spotlight service providers, professionals, even books, films etc. to stay away from or to consider.

Most importantly, on our site as a registered Scamraider, you can in your own words expose your wrongdoers to the universe. Your statements and postings on Scamraiders network will likely be aiding in the uncovering of newly developing scams so that they can be revealed before they are able to flourish; or you may be confirming and unmasking one of the many already well-entrenched ongoing injustices. You can use photos, words, and/or videos, of course, subject to our Terms and Conditions. Through our network we will make every effort to guide our users in how to protect themselves from “scams, swindles and scoundrels.” We are committed to helping you in uncovering and assisting in thwarting the cheats and swindlers from ripping you off. This network gives a “new voice for the voiceless” by posting and revealing to the world daily injustices, frauds, and corruption. If you have been or are being scammed, swindled, or a target of any injustice, or Court fix, and are sick and tired of being pushed around, sign in with Scamraiders; IT IS FREE, and you will no longer be alone. You can keep in touch with other members, twenty-four-seven, so that you are able to share your views and problems. You will be surprised how many of us have felt the same experiences, isolation, and loss, because of injustice, corruption, and scams. Here, you can make a difference. Remember in unity there is strength and power.  

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