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How many more patient victims to the ever growing list suffering from Parry Romberg syndrome have rogue Dr John Siebert conned into fundraisers for money?

 -- for Siebert and UW Hospital for a procedure that medical research confirms is contra indicated for a progressive disease without any cure?

Siebert has conned many, now he has a new scam, giving false hopes for persons with a incurable disease for a Siebert-Frankenstein style surgery and causing the victims and their family to conduct fundraisers for money for…


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Is Dr John Siebert, a documented quack and sociopath, performing illegal surgery on patients stricken with Parry Romberg Syndrome and defrauding them with false hopes?

 . . . in order to unjustly enrich himself?


Scamraiders has reviewed medical essays, reports, journals, etc., and a plethora of medical opinions regarding Parry Romberg.

We had wondered why highly regarded surgeons rarely conduct major surgery on persons with the disease, the answer seems simple: there are no "fixes" for this disease.…


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Can and will a lawyer that you retain and pay sell you out to your adversary?

Shocking but true - money, access, corruption make strange bedfellows, but there are some outlaw lawyers who will and have conspired to sell you down the river to a higher bidder and you will never know, as the law-game can and does get manipulated---

The bag of trickery in the system of 'law' is full of slicksters. Lawyers all know each other - many are honest but… Continue

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Scamraiders will be presenting a expose on what is defined as a "shady-lawyer"

The term of "shady-lawyer" will be dissected and analyzed in a series of forthcoming articles - Scamraiders investigations reveal a plethora of corrupt acts that many of these outlaw lawyers employ, you, the sucker client, would have no clue as to how these shady, despicable and bad-egg lawyers will perform their tricks to fool and skewer you - not just an adversary lawyer, but… Continue

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Coming soon, more on the DOJ Net on healthcare frauds -- will Diane Kleiman's sworn to statements in her affidavit, implicating Dr John Siebert and NYU/Langone Hospital, have traction?

Stay tuned to Scamraiders.

Diane Kleiman, a lawyer swears that Dr John Siebert and NYU hospital billed healthcare insurers for over $1,300,000 on her case alone. That is major healthcare fraud if true, Empire BC/BS/Welpoint seems to have confirmed Kleiman's swearing.

Scamraiders will keep investigating and reporting on this and other healthcare reported…


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Has Dr John Siebert been evicted yet again from a Park Avenue medical office?

Dr Siebert has been evicted by doctors Aston, Baker, Walden and by 799 Park Ave/Chase bank is 875 Park Ave corp next where Siebert gained entry by deception and fraud through the office of Dr Jelks and without 875 applications, vetting and interviews.

Let's see how a proven and undenied sex vulture/conman Dr Johnnie Siebert squirms out of this Siebert scam, they…


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Jim Cramer on stock manipulation and the markets ripping off the public

Scouring old YouTube videos Scamraiders came across two oldies done by Mr Cramer a number of years ago. They are worth viewing if you delve into the Wall Street arena -- see below:…


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Is George M Pavia and his wife Antonia Pavia fraudsters, tax evaders, corrupters of courts and judges and perjurers or are they just misunderstood and honorable NY citizens?

How can this dilemma be resolved?

The Pavias are a curious couple. They try to create an image of surface 'sweet talk' and affectations, but do not be deluded, George m. Pavia's acts and reported neurosis establish that he is a self styled autocrat, bully, and a trickster.

Scamraiders' staff have interviewed persons who have had involvements with the…


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Desperate Dr. John Siebert has recruited hucksters and shills to harass and intimidate Scamraiders, reporting about Siebert's sex abuses, frauds and evictions

Scamraiders has been recently targeted by hucksters and shills who clearly have been recruited by slick Dr. John Siebert and his thug lawyers to try and whitewash the documented proofs of Siebert's corruption, frauds and sex abuses.

Scamraiders has responded to Siebert's hucksters, seeking their names and evidence-affidavits concerning their remarks but none have provided a shred of evidence confirming their self-styled huckster comments about Siebert.



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More Than 100 Charged in Largest U.S. Medicare Fraud Roundup -…


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Work at Home Scammers Post Fake News Stories to Lure Victims

As if the current crop of work-at-home schemes weren't low-down enough with the current jobless rate in the United States, now these underhanded companies are posting phony news articles on the internet, trying to lure desperate and unsuspecting victims into their scheme.


Take a look at the link below and you'll see how they do it -- creating a webpage that is…


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New York State's Chief Judge Lippman: on behalf of the state and its citizens, do a great service for the protection of and preventing bullyism and worse in the foreclosure arena

- providing lawyers to persons losing their homes


New York has instigated a important service for its resident citizens involved in litigation with lending institutions who are foreclosing on homes in NY State. Many can't afford legal representation and get pushed around, bullied and lose their homes.

Now, New York has instituted a process whereby…


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Take a look at what a faker and phony Dr John Siebert is, defrauding victim patients on his website

Dr Siebert is a proven sex predator, vulture and reported healthcare thief. He is a documented perjurer and accused narcotics abuser pedophile by lawyer Diane Kleiman and other of Siebert's victims and patients resulting in Siebert being fired and terminated by 3 or 4 NYC hospitals for illegal activities and patient abuses.

Not to mention evictions of Dr Siebert…


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Glenn Jelks, Elizabeth Jelks and Jelks Medical maintain a medical office at 875 Park Avenue, they have a website, there is no mention of Dr John Siebert

So, what is sex rogue Siebert doing occupying space in the Jelks Medical suite without 875 Park Avenue board of directors and managing agents applications approvals or knowledge?

Glenn and Elizabeth Jelks and Jelks Medical own and occupy a coop medical office at 875 Park Avenue, for their use as doctors, not to sublease that space to undesirables and without proper…


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More Chicanery in NY Unified Courts

The antics are becoming more disgraceful, transparent and overwhelming. We will be posting more on this and other courthouse maneuverings and hybrid antics of chief judge Pfau and others on Monday, so stay tuned.…


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Is the 875 Park Avenue board of directors being fooled and misled by Brown Harris Stevens as to squatter Dr John Siebert's use and occupancy of medical offices in the 875 building?

Without vetting, applications, credit and background reports and interviews?


What kind of security is in effect at 875 Park Ave and how does a sex predator and undesirable Dr John Siebert move into this supposed 5 star coop building like a thief in the night.

This looks really bad for Brown Harris management competence and skills and the security…


Added by Scamraider on February 11, 2011 at 2:20pm — No Comments announces that Jabberwabble Corp has sold the Scamraiders internet business, websites, domains, trade marks, copy rights, and all affiliated internet properties to Scams Inc. and Jabberwabble Corp are pleased to announce that all of Jabberwabble Corporation's interest in all of its internet properties, domains, operations, trademarks, copyrights, and all Jabberwabble websites have been sold to Scams Inc.

Scams Inc. intends to make big changes to Scamraiders' sites soon and will be announcing in detail the launching of the… Continue

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Bellevue Hospital in NYC confirms that Dr. John Siebert is not on their staff

This confirmation ha been made by Ms. Pat Esposito, Director of Plastic Surgery Affairs at the hospital.

More fraud and corruption by slick Jonnie Siebert - schemes to lure patients via fraud and deception.

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How many more frauds does rogue Dr. John Siebert have to orchestrate before he is put in prison?

Siebert hat been thumbing his nose at the law, innocent citizens and prosecutors for years---

Slick Jonnie Siebert has engaged in repeated phony adds replete with deception and lies, rampant perjury, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, molesting of patients, narcotics abuses, Medicare fraud, healthcare thefts and fraud, falsification of patients charts to rip-off… Continue

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Dr John Siebert defrauds 875 Park Avenue and Brown Harris Stevens

Dr John Siebert defrauds 875 Park Avenue and Brown Harris Stevens, the coop managing agent, sneaks access and subtenancy without any application, credit or background check, and without board approval "slick Johnnie boy" pulls off yet another scam and swindle

Dr John Siebert is a phony defrauding and molesting many, now in order to create a false front of…


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