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John Siebert MD admits in resolutions that he defrauded Jim Couri, defaulted on loans,engaged in fraud misrepresentation & reckless activities

John Siebert MD conned Jim Couri into believing that he was a multimillionaire & a respectable doctor. Siebert became a director, corporate officer, & a stockholder of a lucrative venture called Kindervest. Siebert engaged in a systematic scheme & pattern of fraud, deception & misconduct as to his commitments, background & finances. Siebert lied to Jim, Trans America insurance & others involved & misrepresented his financial abilities.

Siebert… Continue

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Joseph M. Burke, Esq schemes to violate HIPAA federal & state rules & regs in order to violate Jim Couri's privacy rights

HIPAA rules & regs are created to protect the patients rights. California & NY states also have additional HIPAA rules/regs/laws in order to protect the patient. JSC Wooten, ignoring these federal & state rules & grounded on a Burke/Siebert motion made without mandated approval per the JSC Beeler injunction of 12-12-05----demands Jim turn over to this corrupt lawyer Burke his health-care providers for 5 years.

When Jim sought Burke/Siebert's agreement to… Continue

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The Joseph M. Burke-John Siebert & Paul Wooten Unified Courthouse fast-shuffle, wire fraud-mail fraud

It is another match made with the devil----Burke & Siebert create bogus evidence, engage in perjury, spoliation, tampering, fraud and the new 'ostrich' hit-man in a 50 bucks set of black robes----like the donkey & the carrot---misuses the rules of law solely to railroad Jim Couri. JSC Wooten has proved by his acts & inconsistent decisions that he is a trickster trying to 'make his bones' at the expense of Jim, the constitution & due process.--- Scamraiders believes,… Continue

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JSC Paul Wooten caught lying and issuing improper inconsistent decisions

Allows Joseph M Burke to file barred, fraudulent, fabricated and condones illegal motions made by Joseph M Burke and John Siebert Md in a scam to railroad and defraud Jim Couri by a trickster contempt motion and condoning sewer-service, fraud perjury and tampering orchestrated by Joseph M Burke Esq.

JSC Paul Wooten has gotten himself into deep water-he has been caught lying, covering-up, tampering; forming unholy alliance with a litigant-lawyer Joseph…

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Joseph M. Burke engages in mail and wire fraud in a scheme to railroad Jim Couri with malicious and bogus allegations of contempt

Desperate Burke and sex vulture Siebert have ex parte communications with the Wooten court and concoct a paper trail of fabricated documents claiming that they were served on Jim. A letter to Wooten fabricates the scam bogus filings by Burke on a Burke/Siebert contempt motion that was illegal and filed in violation of JSC Beeler injunction and full of fraud and concoctions. Desperate, Burke wheels late claims that the documents and lexus cases were previously served on Jim. Jim…

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Unified Courthouse Scams-

New York Supreme Court Judge Paul Wooten
This round, now orchestrated by Brooklyn judge Paul Wooten, to railroad Jim Couri and through corruption deprive documented and warranted claims by condoning and engaging in trickster and outlaw acts, have by ambush lost sight of the law and the primary claims.

Corruption, trickster and scoundrel attempted ambushes of legitimate litigants in order to… Continue

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JSC Paul Wooten ignores one of Dr John Siebert's sex-victim patients who showed up in Wooten's court to report Siebert's rogue abuses, justice is blind, but this is absurd

JSC Paul Wooten turns his back and thumbs his nose at a tax payer and citizen of New York City who has been victimized sexually and otherwise in NYC hospitals by a sociopath rogue Dr John Siebert, a litigant before Wooten. All judges are supposed to be public servants and are, we believe, mandated to hear about and react to, not ignore, criminal activities that have impacted on tax-paying citizen-victims. Whats going on judge Wooten? You seem to want to protect vulture Siebert and his… Continue

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JSC Paul Wooten has displayed a outrageous disdain for facts, the law, due process & the U.S. Constitution. Scamraiders & its agents have confirmed that Judge Wooten has favored defendants Dr.Siebert & his lawyer Joseph M. Burke in the Jim Couri case. Wooten has generated decisions dismissing Jim's motions on the grounds that Jim failed to obtain permission pursuant to a JSC Beeler 'injunction' of…


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'Conspiracy at 60 Centre' - a book that will reveal the under-belly of the world of 'justice' dispensed by tricksters, scallywags & charlatans

Soon to be published - a over 50 year analysis & expose of what & how the new york court system is conducted & has been for more than 150 years. This book is assembled by research & based on facts, real-life incidents, interviews, etc. When all the pieces are assembled all will see a picture that is not for the faint of heart.

The bowels of these courts expose & reveal a atrocious & consistent pattern of ambushes, railroadings,…

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It is easy to win at any game when one cheats---even in the Unified Courthouse New York

Scamraiders has documented a tale of corruption, tampering, perjury, fraud, ambushing, ex parte communications,and a plethora of other intentional & outrageous acts engaged in by Joseph M. Burke, Esq, John Siebert, MD & Kenneth V. Gomez in the 'hallowed halls of the NY Unified Courthouse. And let us not forget corkscrew George Pavia. spite, greed & larceny engaged in by these tricksters have been fully documented & undenied involving referees &…

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Kenneth V. Gomez - a propaganda monger and liar, just like the infamous and destructive dictator Hitler, rants on a soap-box of lies, cheating and deception to cover up documented acts

- by Gomez and his cohorts John Siebert, Joe Burke and George Pavia of tax evasion, sex abuse, thefts, extortion, harassment, and bribery

Kenneth Gomez is a propaganda monger, liar & is a destructive dead-beat & broke thug who for over a year has been--- similar to the corrupt 'carpet-bagger' who traveled from town-to-town selling 'snake oil'----proffering ambushes, concocting fantasy stories to discredit Scamraiders & Jim. Gomez has performed his 'hocus-pocus'… Continue

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Dr John Siebert, a trickster-con-artist and vulture, hires reputation defender and others, internet 'whitewash-company' to phony up his documented reputation as a thief, sex predator and con-man

Desperate rogue doctor John Siebert, failing to accomplish his extortion, threats and harassments instigated by himself and his thug lawyers, Joseph M Burke, Kenneth Gomez and George Pavia, has taken another avenue to try and cover up his sex vulture acts. Termination for cause by NYU/Langone hospital and his thefts, perjury, corruption and investigations by New York State Health and Empire BC/BS and others for fraud and rape/narcotics abuses. Siebert has hired a 'reputation-internet… Continue

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Joseph M. Burke, Esq. has been cheating, corrupting and suppressing evidence for 6 plus years in the Jim Couri vs John Siebert and PC case - the man is a fraud and a corrupt lawyer

Scamraiders has reviewed over 6 years of court pleadings, exhibits, emails, investigators records and reports and correspondences. We have interviewed persons who have been involved with Burke and Siebert. Joe Burke is a crooked lawyer, a liar, and a thief. He and Russo and Burke have been covering up Siebert's criminal conduct, sex rapes, thefts from insurers, bribery, ex parte conspiring with referees and courts, in a massive and vindictive scheme to rob Jim Couri.

We… Continue

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Stand up to Cancer - Every 60 Seconds Someone Dies of the Dreaded Disease

 Our founder, Jim Couri, is currently fighting Stage 4 melanoma cancer,. We at Scamraiders want everyone to join in the fight to snuff out all aspects of this dreaded disease and this is where the end of cancer begins -- stand up to cancer. This is a new initiative -- created to accelerate cutting edge and…

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Joseph M. Burke, Esq commits more fraud & sucks up to JSC Paul Wooten in the process...

 Joe Burke continues to engage in tampering, fraud, perjury, extortion, harassment & suspect & ex parte communications with the court. Burke now concocts a new scam---AFTER refusing to comply with Hipaa federal & state rules & regs.You see, Burke is such a fraud he simply wants to extort Jim Couri &…

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JSC Paul Wooten - 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' - why are you writing decisions that are inconsistent, bias and without legal logic?

In the Jim Couri-John Siebert case, JSC Wooten reminds the parties that on 12-12-05, JSC Harold Beeler issued an injunction order. Such order PRECLUDED ALL PARTIES and JOSEPH M. BURKE, ESQ. from filing in any court any motions, lawsuits, complaints or any kind of proceedings without the parties seeking such permission by telephonic conference call with all parties on the phone.

From December 2005, the only person who complied with this order is Jim, who sought and obtained… Continue

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Joseph M Burke, Esq, of Russo and Burke, Esqs, a corrupt extortionist and perjurer refuses, to comply with federal law and Hippa rules and regs to again abuse due process and extort Jim Couri

Burke is a desperate lawyer. For 6 years, he has been billing someone, stealing insurance funds by fraud and engaging in tampering, spoliation, perjury, suborning perjury and a massive abuse of disciplinary rules and the law. Because of Burke's abusive conduct and incompetence, he has guided Siebert into oblivion.

Since Siebert met Burke, this con-artist liar lawyer has made and answered over 60 motions,in the Jim Couri cases, Siebert has been chased by the IRS, creditors,… Continue

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JENSEN’S FINEST FOODS - California’s ‘Best of the Best’

Rick Thompson
If you are an aficionado of fine quality fresh food-- wild fish, gigantic shrimp and lobster, prime meats-- homemade bakery goods-- large full service deli-- a superb wine and liquor department that goes on forever, we think equal to the famous Sherry Lehman in old New York City-- along with select produce and bountiful grocery staples-- then there is only one place to go in the Desert Cities of California-- Jensen’s.…


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Scamraiders changes the name of its web/blog domain known as Jim Couri Network to Scamraiders Network.

Scamraiders and Jim Couri continue to be extorted and harassed by New York thugs John Siebert, Joseph M Burke, Kenneth Gomez and George Pavia and their cohorts. Their desperation to railroad Jim Couri and attempts to ambush Scamraiders has taken on new dimensions of criminality, threats and harassment. Scamraiders is diligently building its claims and causes of actions against these four sociopaths and others in concert with them, which will lead them-head on-into the California… Continue

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John Siebert Md can not stop the volcanic explosion of evidence from his victims confirming Siebert's predator sex crimes, thefts, narcotics abuses and extortion.

Siebert is-we are advised-broke and becoming more desperate. He has been evicted by Dr Dan Baker as an office tenant. Baker kicked him out, not due to anything other than Siebert's failure to pay rents timely and his disgusting reputation as a sex vulture and due to Siebert being kicked out of NYU medical center. Siebert owes a fortune, he has swindled the internal revenue service and state tax departments and many victim patients and insurance companies. Siebert and his corrupt… Continue

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