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Joseph M. Burke continues his crusade of fraud, collusion, corruption and other contumacious acts of malfeasance

Joseph M. Burke, Esq. has engaged in a series of acts of criminality, suppression of evidence, collusion with various referees and judges in the Unified Courthouse. These acts of collusion and corruption ongoing by burke have been documented including emails, perjury, violations of injunction, secretion of evidence and suborning Dr. Siebert's perjury. Burke and Siebert have ignored and flouted this 12-12-05 injunction, they have conned and manipulated Referee Jack Suter, JSC Michael… Continue

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John Siebert, MD - a chronic liar and rapist - is forced to withdraw his lies and frauds on his web-page

Dr. John Siebert, who has been exposed as a thief, and sex rapist and narcotics abuser, was fired from NYU/Langone hospital for his sex acts and thefts from medical insurers by acts of fraud, collusion and forgery, in concert with Nelsa Garcia - an ally of Siebert's.

Undaunted, this sociopath continued to falsely list himself as a member of the 'faculty' of NYU/Langone Hospital - an outright lie. NYU/Langone has, after repeated demands of Siebert to remove his lies, forced… Continue

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Joseph M. Burke, Esq - A CHEAT, A LIAR, A FRAUD

Burke has been engaged in perjury, suborning perjury, suppression of evidence, tampering, creating evidence, fraud on the court, collusion, corruption and extortion - to rob Jim’s over $20million due from Siebert and to cover up Siebert's thefts, tax evasion, sex rapes of patients, pedophilia and criminality.

Joe Burke is a partner of Russo & Burke in NYC. They enjoy a sordid paper trail of harassment, extortion, tampering and deception. Burke was hired by Siebert when… Continue

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John Siebert Md continues to defraud prospective victim-patients on his web-site, including lying that he is on the faculty of NYU Langone Medical Center

Dr John Siebert is now a well documented thief and sex vulture. He has been fired by NYU/Langone hospital for sexually molesting patients, often on the premises of NYU/Langone hospital. Scamraiders has published affidavits and other proof of Siebert's physical, mental and financial rapes of victim patients. The man is such a sociopath and deranged 'scum-bag' he continues to publish frauds on his web-site, lying that he is still on the faculty of NYU Langone hospital although Siebert… Continue

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Joseph M. Burke Esq/John Siebert, MD: Courthouse deception, corruption and set-up, caught compromising referee Jack Suter, finagling JSC Stallman and secreting evidence

Best defense is to create a set-up, bribe cheat and lie and use the court to get the smokescreen/diversion going to cover up the collusion

Joe Burke Esq is a small-time corrupt lawyer engaged in extortion, bribery, secretion of evidence, perjury, covering up John Siebert's thefts, tax evasion, sex molesting of many patients, thefts of lien medicare funds and thefts of empire BC/BS insurance proceeds by forgery and filing false insurance forms. Joe Burke has conspired with… Continue

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JSC Paul Wooten - a documented highwayman under the guise as a judge?

Scamraiders has documented the judge Wooten collusion, abuse of judicial power, railroading, deception, interstate fraud, and Wooten's lax and inconsistent decisions confirming Mr. Wooten's outrageous disdain for the rules of law. Wooten's intentional targeting and attempted ambushing of Jim Couri and his rights and systematic thefts of Jim's claims are confirmed by evidence Scamraiders has assembled. JSC Wooten is a bully and a glib trickster wearing black-robes, yet no less a… Continue

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George and Antonia Pavia along with co-conspirators, sell Antonia's parents 15 East 77 St property that they converted for themselves without consideration and without paying gift taxes

Here comes the criminal division of the IRS and New York State tax departments

On or about Aug 2010 Makrian properties paid the Pavias $8million for 15 east 77th street NYC. Corkscrew George, during prior years 2005-2008 converted small percents of this property to himself his wife Antonia, his kids Julian, Philippa, and the Eichenwalds and the Boswalls, all without any consideration to Nanina Pearse, who was senile and Antonia's mother. The day of reckoning is…

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JSC Paul Wooten, through trickery and artifice, himself violates the conditions of the JSC Beeler 12-12-05 controlling injunction in the Jim Couri v Siebert case

JSC Beeler of the unified court in NY in 2005 issued a injunction in Couri v Siebert case that mandates that all parties and Joseph M. Burke Esq must before commencing any motion, complaint, report etc involving the parties and Burke must call the court, seek a 'conference call' with the judge with all parties on the line and the court will determine after telephonic discussion, grant or reject the request based on the facts, condition, circumstances and the parties arguments…

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How the Unified Court System colluded and conspired to rob Jim Couri's medical malpractice settlement sums of more than $230,000 and Medicare liened funds

How the Unified Court System, by some of the courthouse bad eggs and tricksters, colluded and conspired with George Pavia, Kenneth Gomez, Helmsley Enterprises, John Hunt and Aaronson Rappaport to rob Jim Couri's medical malpractice settlement sums of more than $230,000 and Medicare liened funds

Full expose coming soon on Scamraiders as to the robbery of a fortune, a planned fraud and set-up of Jim Couri, gaining steam after Jim uncovered the corruption involving JSC Madden,… Continue

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Open Memorandum to the Unified Court System:

Scamraiders Operations Department wishes to take particular note of the frequent visits emanating from the Unified Court System, viewing articles and reports on Scamraiders' sites involving various activities of judges and referees that are part of the Unified System.

Scamraiders welcomes visits and, of course, welcomes any and all comments that the Unified Court system may have in connection with any of Scamraiders' articles, which, of course, we will post along with… Continue

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All about Dr. John Siebert - a documented thief and sex predator

To any person or company who has been raped - physically, financially or emotionally by sociopath/swindler John Siebert - Scamraiders will be posting a full expose of Siebert's thefts and sexual abuses of innocent persons that have been conned by Siebert's 'mid-western deception.

Scamraiders will expose this phony-trickster in living color and we will name the names of Siebert's victims who have given us authority to do so. There are many who have spoken up but yet do not… Continue

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Full expose coming soon on the activities, background, extortion, harassment, collusion, bribery, forgery and perjury involving Kenneth V. Gomez and his outlaw, sex vulture associates

Scamraiders announces a full expose of trickster-liar-pimp Kenneth V. Gomez and his years of extortion, harassment, larceny, bullying of litigants and involvements with criminals who along with Gomez have engaged in perjury, tax evasion forgery, extortion, bribery, thefts of medicare funds and acting as a 'bag-man' for George and Antonia Pavia, John Siebert and Russo and Burke. Gomez is a well document thug, bully and sociopath robbing litigants by corruption, tampering and collusion… Continue

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Consumers Beware

A current tear-jerker con/scam to rob your identity and cash. This one supposedly from Tanzania - a Charles Taylor (JNR).

Take a look and don't get sucked in.


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Joseph M Burke, John Siebert, George Pavia and Kenneth Gomez have been engaged in a scheme to disenfranchise Jim Couri of rights to due process and over $20 million properly due to Jim

By acts of larceny, corruption, bribery, perjury, forgery, tampering, suppression of evidence and other acts of corruption to undermine the legal system

Burke, Siebert, Gomez and Pavia have by corruption, fixes, tampering, rampant tax evasion, thefts of moneys belonging to Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other insurers, bribery and other and numerous acts of malfeasance engaged in a pattern of racketeering to rob Jim of $20 million in…

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Here is how judges in the New York Unified Court manipulate the law to accommodate a railroading in the courthouse

The misuse of the courts is no different than a robber breaking into your house and robbing your possessions. These select black-robed vindictive and rogue judges middle names are malfeasance, ambushes and collusion. They will follow the orders of the 'old-boys' and will plunder you and will rob you blind, extort you, ruin your lives with the stroke of a pen. Many have no conscience, their interest is cash, they will undermine you and the system for their brown-bag fix. When the fix… Continue

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Rampant corruption exposed in New York Courts --

Many New York court victims are coming forward regarding abuse, collusion and corruption ongoing in the Unified Court system, naming names of judges and court referees.

Here is a current email Scamraiders has received - one of many involving referee Jack Suter.

We have redacted the name of the victim for their…


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JSC Paul Wooten goes the extra mile to railroad Jim Couri but is caught in the trickster scheme

Caught tampering with court-reporter transcript where Wooten concocts a intentional sand-bag fraud orchestrated by a judge to defraud and deprive the rules of law.

Scamraiders has assembled sufficient proof and evidence to now state that JSC Wooten seems to be a rogue judge and a liar, charlatan, scallywag judge who has committed fraud on interstate phone lines, directly or indirectly altered a court-transcript of a supposed 'status conference' in the Jim Couri-John Siebert…

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John Siebert Md, liar-cheat-sex vulture is at it again, phonying-up his web-site

Sicko John Siebert Md a proven thief, sex rapist and crook, continues to lie on his web-page. Siebert claims he is on the 'best doctor list', except he fails to reveal that his medical license is in peril to be terminated for his sexually raping and abusing dozens of patients and for his being charged as a pedophile. Notice that Siebert's partner in crime 'office manager' Nelsa Garcia is mentioned to call for more info. About 'quick-draw Johnnie', Nelsa is the one who writes up…

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Is Judge Paul Wooten of the New York Unified Court System caught as a trickster, a liar and scoundrel?

Has this judge conspired with Joseph M Burke to railroad Jim Couri with corrupt, bias, illegal decisions, HIPAA violations and secretion of evidence?

Scamraiders has assembled proof of more corruption ongoing a the unified courthouse in NYC. JSC Wooten has gone way to far. Lying, cheating, perpetuating a systematic cover-up issuing decisions in contravention to the facts and inconstant with a controlling injunction binding all parties. Wooten has lied in court proceedings… Continue

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Do you know who is sitting in judgment of your litigations in the Unified Court System in New York?

It looks like backgrounds, affiliations -good, bad or ugly- don't matter. What seems to matter is: Will the judge or referee 'play-ball' and railroad who the fixer and back-room cronies order be ambushed and robbed of due process -if you can be corrupted- you are in no matter what you do 'after hours'.

Scamraiders has been investigating the activities and backgrounds of many judges and referees at the unified court system in New York and it is not a savory or pretty… Continue

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