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Kenneth V. Gomez gets smoked by Rachel and by 'Smokin-Hot Waitresses' in his extortion-intimidation scheme and his sex-capades at the 'Smokin-Bedroom'

Pimp-thug-extortionist Gomez, tagged by Siebert's sex-kitten Rachel as an extortionist. We have posted Rachel's letter. Scamraiders has now learned that Gomez also has exhibited his attempted bribery to try and gag Rachel and her pals to 'shut-up' about their first-hand knowledge of Siebert's demented sex habits and pedophilia. It seem that Gomez wanted a little sex himself, but Mr. Gomez was unable to 'perform' other than (according to Scamraiders sources and Rachel's letter)… Continue

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How many victims has sociopath-bully Dr. John Siebert intimidated and molested physically, emotionally and financially?

Scamraiders has assembled a plethora of documentary proof of Siebert's rapes of his victims. We have

affidavits, court documents, letters, phone tapes, interviews and

proof of hospitals terminating sociopath Siebert for cause. Siebert

is a perjurer and a person without morals. Scamraiders investigators

have spoken with many of Siebert's victims and others they are

affiliated. Siebert is a self indulgent pig whose day of…


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Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC confirms that Dr. John Siebert has been terminated from Lenox Hill entirely

Scamraiders has received confirmation that sex predator John Siebert Md has been kicked out of Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. Siebert no longer has any privileges at Lenox Hill for any purpose whatsoever. Siebert is a menace to society and to the practice of medicine, Scamraiders will continue to investigate and

report Siebert's corrupt acts and his abuses of patients sexually,emotionally and…

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Joseph M. Burke Esq in concert with Dr. John Siebert and Kenneth V. Gomez have conspired to cheat and obstruct justice by collusion, corruption, tampering, spoliation, fraud, extortion and bribery

To all Scamraiders users and members: Please stay tuned to our sites for further developments, proofs, witnesses, and evidence of the outrageous and criminal abuses engaged in by these outlaws. They have used phones, emails, faxes and Rico corruption to railroad justice. They have engaged in perjury,

suborning perjury, defrauded courts, violated injunctions and engaged

in ex parte antics with referees, judges and others. More of…


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UW Hospital, Madison, Wis. employs a confirmed sex-predator, Dr John W. Siebert. Have you no shame or regard for "heal thy patient, do no harm"?

Midwestern values be damned - money first and "values" in the toilet, based on the record and documents and affidavits produced by Siebert's victims and based on the fact that Siebert has been fired by NYU/Langone Hospital for sex and other abuses. UW Hospital seems not to care that they are employing a proved sex predator. Further, Siebert is a admitted pedophile and a documented thief, perjurer and a man who has hired thugs to intimidate, extort and harass Siebert's…

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Joseph M. Burke, Esq should be put in jail for his contempt and his willful and contumacious violations of an injunction and his documented obstruction of justice, perjury and tampering as a cover up

Joe Burke is a cheat, a liar, an extortionist, and a corrupt lawyer. His partner, Kenneth V. Gomez, is his alter-ego and a thug engaging in a now documented RICO scam, intimidation, bribes, harassment and collusion. Also, both of these Scallywag-outlaws and Dr. Siebert are subject to and bound by the same injunction of 12-12-05, another gag order and federal and state laws. Burke, trying to fool the system, thinks he can play a 'shell-game' of smokescreens. Bound by an…

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Scamraiders has been informed by an informant that Dr. John Siebert has been removed and discharged from all privileges at Lenox Hill Hospital. This information has been provided by an informant and seems to be verified by Lenox Hill Hospital's web page, as Siebert is no longer listed as either attending, associate or adjunct doctor/surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital – yet Siebert lies again on his web-site as to his terminated association with Lenox Hill

Scamraiders will… Continue

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Dr. John Siebert---victims report that he continues to harass and intimidate them

The ever growing list of vulture Siebert's victims-------these persons who have provided Scamraiders with documents and proof of Siebert's sex abuses, thefts, emotional thefts, insurance frauds, pedophilia and narco-abuse----report to Scamraiders that rogue Siebert---individually and in concert with his thug lawyers Joseph M. Burke and Kenneth V. Gomez---continue to harass, intimidate and extort and try to bribe some of these victims----threatening that they better not further divulge… Continue

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How can any legitimate medical institution allow John W. Siebert MD to be affiliated with it as a documented sex pervert and predator?

Dr. John Siebert has been fired from NYU/Langone hospital for acts of sex and other abuses of patients. He has been unmasked by Diane Kleiman, Linda M, Ms Rachel and numerous other (yet not disclosed by Scamraiders) Siebert victims.

Molested by Siebert's sex perversions. Siebert is a pedophile and a sex abuser of women and according to his victims a sex molester to minor boys and girls, some of the victim's disclosures have been posted on Scamraiders. Siebert is a proven… Continue

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Referee Jack Suter, compromised by Joseph M. Burke and Dr John Siebert. Scamraiders is informed by another of Suter's victims is now hiding his ill-gotten gains in his mother's bank accounts

Informant reports that Suter is hiding money supposedly illegally obtained by Suter in his mother's bank accounts. Is this money payoffs for bribery in the courthouse? Or is it gambling winnings from the poker club that Suter is reported to be involved? Scamraiders has received reports from informants, one of which redacted Scamraiders will post on Monday Nov. 22, 2010.

Scamraiders has proof of Suter's corruption-collusion with Joseph M. Burke and with Dr John Siebert.… Continue

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There is a time to dance and there is a time to pay the fiddler, even for sex vulture Dr. John W. Siebert and his thug lawyers Joseph M. Burke and Kenneth V. Gomez

Scamraiders is being extorted, maligned and the subject of collusion and corruption in a rouse to gag Scamraiders and cover-up the crimes, insurance fraud, sex rapes, perjury, bribery, tampering, threats, extortion documented by Scamraiders and engaged in by Siebert and his bullies.

Thank God for the US Constitution and freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Scamraiders' mission and published 'mission statement' will not be curtailed by these…

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New York Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo is going after the rampant corruption in New York, from Albany to Centre Street and the bad eggs at the Unified Courthouse

The Governor-Elect is (we hear from Scamraiders sources) taking very seriously the collusion, cronyism, fraud an corruption rampant in New York politics, courts and agencies. Scamraiders hopes that whatever task-force is launched by the Governor, that he and his agency works closely with the United States Department of Justice and the many federal special agents already working diligently putting the pieces together of the collusion, larceny, deception, bribery, corrupt state…

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Demented Dr John Siebert is again falsifying his website lying about a long ago terminated affiliation with NYU/Langone hospital where Siebert was fired for cause

-- including sex abuses of patients and thefts of insurance money and narcotics abuse

Liar Dr John Siebert (after being told by NYU/Langone to cease and desist) is again falsifying his bio in his web site. Siebert is fired and 'canned' out of NYU/Langone hospital. This bum can not even enter the hospital, yet this predator sex rapist cons prospects by lying on his site, saying "I am still a professor at NYU.” Siebert is not a "professor" any where, he is a sex…

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Life lessons

The following was received by Scamraiders via email. Our editorial staff felt strongly that these life lessons should be shared with our readers. Enjoy, courtesy Regina Brett of Cleveland, Ohio!…


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John Siebert, M.D. cons the federal Small Business Administration by filing false documents and grabs over $300,000.00 in SBA loans for unauthorized use

Siebert cons the SBA-a doctor who has been evicted from his office space and under investigation for sex and other crimes-filed fake and false applications with the SBA-Siebert claimed in applications that he is a 'entrepreneur' and that he required these funds to improve his business and hire more employees.

Siebert also defrauds many other banks, lenders, and companies and individuals for millions by Siebert's implementation of fraud, deception, collusion, corruption, and… Continue

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Dr John Siebert and Joseph M. Burke defraud Department of Children & Families regarding charges that Siebert is a pedophile

Both Siebert and Burke engaged in interstate fraud and obstructing justice.

Dr Siebert was charged as being a pedophile by both New York State and The State of Connecticut Department of Children & Families. Siebert was interviewed by the agency, as was his wife Kimberly and his lawyer, Joseph M Burke. As part of their cover-up of Siebert's distorted and perverted sex habits all of these 'targets' lied to the agency and in fact falsely blamed Jim…

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Kenneth V. Gomez, Scamraiders demands that you cease and desist your extortion calls, emails, harassment and threats

Kenneth V. Gomez, peahen front for highwaymen Siebert, Pavia and Burke, has interfered into Scamraiders business relations and engaged in obstruction of justice, collusion, corruption and rampant deception, meddling fraud on the internet proffering undocumented and baseless attacks towards Scamraiders and Jim Couri, who is ill. And by harassing slanderous and extortive emails to third parties. Gomez has violated a injunction that he and his co-conspirators and law office are…

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Kenneth V. Gomez Esq is subject to and bound by the 12-12-05 injunction issued by JSC Harold Beeler as an alter-ego, partner and front for Joseph M. Burke

Kenneth v. Gomez is the pimp-prat-boy for Russo and Burke, Dr. John Siebert and Joseph M. Burke. Gomez occupies an office at Burke's space in 600 Third Avenue, 15th floor. Gomez is listed on the in-house Burke phone directory as a partner/alter-ego of Burke. On 12-12-05 Burke, Siebert and his firm was enjoined by JSC Beeler from bringing, filing or commencing complaints, proceedings, motions, lawsuits, etc, in any court or administrative body involving Jim Couri and his affiliates… Continue

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George M. Pavia, Dr John Siebert and Joseph M.Burke, individually and in concert with Kenneth V. Gomez engage in internet fraud, forgery, harassment, malfeasance, and extortion

Kenneth Gomez, the front for his criminal enterprise orchestrated by Pavia, Siebert and Burke has, for over a year, engaged in rampant malicious acts in order to thwart freedom of speech, press and the documented exposes published on Scamraiders sites exposing the Rico crimes, extortion, tax evasion, bribery, tampering and forgery perpetuated by Siebert, Gomez, Pavia and Burke.

Gomez became a member of Scamraiders in or about July 2009. Thereafter…

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Dr. John Siebert's sex-kitten Ms. Rachel labels Kenneth V. Gomez an 'asshole', a 'intimidator' and an extortionist

Rachel knows best about Kenneth V. Gomez and Dr. John W. Siebert!

John Siebert MD, labeled by his sex kitten Ms. Rachel as 'quick draw John W. Siebert', recently, Rachel was visited, according to her, by 'asshole Gomez'. Apparently thug Gomez was recruited by Siebert to intimidate Rachel to 'shut-up' about Siebert's perverted sex habits and pedophilia. Rachel outlines Gomez as the following in her recent letter sent to Scamraiders by first class…

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