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George M Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia and Pavia & Harcourt Esq's ringleaders in corruption, collusion and acts of undermining the legal system for unjust personal gains

Lawyer "Corkscrew" George Pavia
The Pavias have been exposed as fixers, tax evaders, shake down artists, they are cheaters, liars and tricksters. George Pavia is known as 'corkscrew George, if you cant beat-em...cheat—em.' George was a former Mussolini fascist and Nazi sympathizer before George and his father… Continue

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Dr John W. Siebert and John W. Siebert Md, PC are guilty of rampant tax evasion filing serial tax returns evading millions in unpaid taxes

John Siebert and his PC borrowed over $3,500,000 from Mr Ben Ossman and Bayberry Capital Corp, his CPA Brian Pecker and Schine and Co in NYC acting in concert with Siebert, filed repeated phony tax returns both federal, New York state and Connecticut. Fraudulently casting re-payments made to the lenders as fees paid by Siebert and his PC to Ossman/Bayberry. The fraud,…


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Castle Connolly Medical, have you once and for all deleted Dr John W. Siebert from your database?

Dr John W Siebert has been fired and evicted from NYU/Langone, Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear hospitals for cause, including sex abuses of patients and other Siebert dastardly infractions. Siebert has been evicted as a tenant from the medical offices of Dr Dan Baker, Dr Sherill Aston, and Dr Jenifer Walden, and by Chase bank. Why? Because Siebert is a rapist a sex…


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John Siebert MD directed by NYU/Langone hospital to expunge all reference to them on his web-site informants report

Siebert continues to lie and defraud on his phony web-site, Siebert is not affiliated with NYU/Langone or Lenox Hill Hospitals or Manhattan Eye and Ear hospital. Siebert has been fired and evicted from these hospitals for cause, we hear that Siebert will be sued for his frauds on the internet and his misuse of the names of very hospitals that fired him for his sex abuses of…


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Kenneth V. Gomez Esq. schemes to intimidate, extort and threaten Scamraiders rights pursuant to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Pres

Kenneth V. Gomez Esq., acting for himself and as a front for George Pavia, Antonia Pavia, Pavia-Harcourt, Dr. John Siebert, Russo and Burke and Joseph M Burke, extorts and schemes to intimidate, extort and threaten Scamraiders rights pursuant to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press and Scamraiders terms of use and mission statement. Gomez exhibits his desperation by his…


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'Soon there were none' - hospitals are getting wise to Dr. John Siebert's sex abuses, violations of patient rights and sociopathic acts and the hospitals are canning the bum

As of this date sex vulture Dr. John Siebert has been fired from NYU/Langone Hospital. Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital - all in NYC - Scamraiders informants reveal that soon NY Infirmary will be throwing this documented sex predator off their premises and Scamraiders has been told by informant phone calls that UW Hospital has Siebert under 'review' for…


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Dr. John Siebert, Joseph M. Burke, Esq, and Russo and Burke, Esqs. - how much money have they stolen from insurance companies by engaging in insurance fraud and larceny?

Siebert and Burke - and Ken Gomez - Scamraiders believes based on informants have systematically defrauded insurance companies. Burke and Gomez have engaged in now well documented perjury, spoliation, collusion, obstruction of justice, tampering, extortion, suborning perjury and violations of an injunction.

We at Scamraiders have, based on evidence we have…


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The hoax of Dr. John Siebert, Kenneth V. Gomez and Joseph M. Burke – Criminals, all for one and one for all

These 'Three Musketeers’ - fraudsters, sex abusers and extortionists - have played a hoax on the public, the courts, hospitals and the tax man. A hoax of the 21st Century.

Please stay tuned to Scamraiders for full expose as to these predators corruption, collusion and crimes - they are cheaters, con-men and criminals-polluting the law and patient victims for their own unjust…

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Fraudster Dr. John Siebert again lies on his web-site to con and lure victims into his clutches

Siebert has been canned and terminated at Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital and at NYU/Langone Hospital - all for cause.

Siebert is not a 'professor' or a 'faculty' member at any hospital he is a sex vulture and a sociopath and a thief, all well documented.

Scamraiders hears that Siebert is going to get sued for his false statements regarding non-affiliated phony representations on his web-site. Stay tuned for… Continue

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John Siebert, M.D. passes the buck and blames others for the corruption, collusion and sex abuses he is accused of and that have been confirmed

Scamraiders has learned from its informants that sociopath Siebert, now a trapped rat, is trying to push blame on to Joseph M. Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez and none other than corkscrew George Pavia.

Siebert seems to have forgotten that it is his sex rapes his victims have recorded - but Siebert blames his rampant acts of collusion, perjury, bribery and corruption in the NY courthouse on his thug/RICO/ corrupt lawyer partners Burke/Gomez, who suborned Siebert's fraud, perjury,… Continue

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Full expose of the cheating of the court system by Joseph M. Burke, John Siebert, M.D. and Kenneth V. Gomez

The cheating and collusion engaged in by Burke, Siebert, Gomez will be more fully explored on Scamraiders with further evidence of these tricksters -- perjury, spoliation, bribery, fraud, ex parte antics, tampering criminal cover-up of RICO enterprise orchestrated by certain court officials, George Pavia and others -- and a cover up of violations of an injunction to shroud Siebert's crimes. Coming soon on…

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Ms. Rachel – Dr. John Siebert's 'gal-pal' reports not only that Kenneth V. Gomez is an 'asshole' but that Gomez and Siebert have attempted to sexually and emotionally abuse Siebert's sex victims

'Asshole' -- per Ms. Rachel – Gomez, pimping for sex vulture Siebert continues to harass and attempt to extort Siebert's sex victims, including Ms. Rachel. Gomez is a documented perjurer, extortionist and thief of Medicare-liened funds.

Gomez is a desperate shake-down artist who will cheat, commit perjury, thefts, bribery and worse for a few bucks. Scamraiders has investigated Gomez for over a year and it does not make for a pretty picture -- pimping…

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John Siebert, M.D. still lies on his website

Siebert refuses to remove his lies on his web-page. He is not 'a professor' at NYU-Langone Hospital. He was fired for cause and sex molesting. Further he refers patients to 'Nelsa Garcia.' Well, Ms. Garcia is Siebert's front for his sex abuses of patients and for Siebert's activities of corruption and thefts.


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New revelations coming further exposing thug Kenneth V. Gomez, sex sociopath Dr. John Siebert and pimp lawyer Joseph M. Burke

Please wait patiently for a few days more on new details outlining the corruption, collusion and crimes engaged in by these outlaws - Siebert, Gomez, Burke and George Pavia – remember, when Scamraiders speaks, everyone listens - so stay tuned!

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Dr John Siebert cons and defrauds New York Eye & Ear Infirmary covering up his sex rapes and criminality so that Siebert can still use their operating rooms and hospital facilities

Rogue sociopath Siebert has failed to inform New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, located at 310 West 14th Street, that Siebert has been fired and evicted from NYU/Langone hospital and from Lenox Hill Hospital. Both for cause including molesting of victim patients, narcotics abuse, emotional and physical rapes of patients, fraud on medical insurers and fraud on medicare, and other acts of corruption and collusion.

The infirmary is not aware of the many…

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Dr. John Siebert's 'Midwestern values' are rapes of patients, bribery, collusion, extortion, corruption, perjury, intimidation, narcotics abuse, pedophilia, threats, tax evasion, and malpractice

Sociopath Doctor John Siebert, a villain and sex predator, tries to con and mislead prospects into believing that he possesses 'Midwestern values.' This outlaw has no values - he is a man without conscience; he is a weakling a sociopath and an extortionist, engaged in abuse of victims, thefts, rapes and emotional thefts of vulnerable patients to serve his own self-serving agenda.

Siebert has been fired and terminated from NYU/Langone Hospital and from Lenox Hill Hospital.… Continue

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