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What is healthcare fraud? And where is Diane Kleiman and Dr John Siebert in the 'mix'

Pursuant to Blue Cross-Blue Shield association's published 'fraud and abuse' fact sheets. Fraud is intentional or deliberate submission or filing false claims for the purpose of illicit gain.

Lying about your condition or the types of services provided.

Cheating by omitting information about your condition, symptoms, or the treatment or services…


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Dr John Siebert commits yet more fraud, now advertising that he is 'attending surgeon' at the Manhattan Veterans Administration Hospital

A pure fraud as the hospital never heard of sociopath Dr Siebert


Siebert is now running yet another fraudulent internet advertisement in his scheme to lure innocent patients into his outlaw clutches.

Siebert now lies that he is a surgeon at a federally funded hospital in NYC who never heard of this bum, the Manhattan Veterans Administration…


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Empire Blue Cross-Blue Shield and findings of Siebert fraud

So that there can be no confusion as to Scamraiders reports and the integrity and verification by Scamraiders as to the accuracy of any of all Scamraiders articles. Scamraiders functions as a reporting internet news organization pursuant to its terms of use and mission statement. Scamraiders will remove any report that develops or is revealed as… Continue

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What did NYU/Langone do when they learned of John Siebert's insurance thefts?

NYU/Langone Hospital was sued by Diane Kleiman in NY Supreme Court. She also sued Dr John Siebert--index#108027/2003. Kleiman was seeking "damages for personal injuries as a result of medical malpractice, seeking monetary damages. When did NYU learn of Siebert's thefts from Empire BC/BS? NYU held internal hearings, Kleiman testified and revealed the insurance scam. NYU was… Continue

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Scamraiders intends to post for all to read the email sent by Ms. Diane Kleiman, applauding Scamraiders efforts in her behalf by exposing Dr. John Siebert as her menace and as a sex predator


Diane Kleiman
Diane Kleiman has exhibited that she is a woman who is no less a sociopath than Siebert - she sweet talks and cries to get what she wants and turns into a viper and a person without conscience when cornered

Scamraiders is posting Kleiman's email she sent to Scamraiders for all to see a female manipulator/con at work-

Scamraiders and Jim Couri spent tireless hours helping and… Continue

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Joseph M. Burke Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez Esq and George M. Pavia Esq guilty of repeated and intentional violations of judiciary law 487 and general business law 349, collusion, fraud and deception

. . .  in court proceedings, penalties of criminal charges and treble damages

Scamraiders has produced a truck-load of documents, evidence and undenied proof of Pavia, Burke, Gomez, tampering, spoliation, perjury, bribery obstruction of justice, fraud on the court, intentional violations of injunction, cover-ups forgery, tampering with witnesses and court referees and…


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Diane Kleiman, who cant squirm out of her complicit acts with Dr John Siebert in the theft and falsification of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield now retaliates against Scamraiders to create smokescreens

Diane Kleiman
Has she formed another unholy alliance with her sex-capade Dr Siebert or has she been bribed by Siebert and his thugs?

8 months ago Diane Kleiman begged Scamraiders to help her, she bombarded Scamraiders with emails and dozens of telephone calls. Then she kept Jim Couri on the phone with her for dozens of hours for interviews often while Jim was in the hospital and trying to aid Kleiman by listening to her… Continue

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What does Dr. John Siebert have on NYU/Langone Hospital?

Why does this hospital not bring legal action to enjoin Siebert's fraudulent and misuse of NYU/Langone's name in Siebert's bogus advertisements and on his web-site?

NYU/Langone fired the sex predator Siebert for abuse of patients and narco-abuses - then NYU/Langone seems to condone the misuse of their name and Siebert's false claims that he is still… Continue

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John Siebert. MD defrauds and cons Channel3000 Madison Wisconsin and WISC-TV by falsification of his background

. . . affiliations, sex charges against him and Siebert thefts from Medicare, from Empire BC/BS, and other documented frauds and his discharge from NY hospitals for cause

Siebert defrauds a Madison, Wisconsin TV station lying as to his background, affiliations and not reporting his being fired by three NYC hospitals for Siebert's sex rapes and abuses of patients… Continue

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John Siebert has attempted to extort many including Ms. Rachel, Diane Kleiman and Jim Couri either personally or in concert with Kenneth V. Gomez and Joseph M. Burke

Are these thugs extorting UW Hospital and NYU/Langone hospitals?

Siebert is a documented sex offender, insurance thief and molester - he is a narco abuser and a Medicare thief as well.

He and his thugs have harassed, threatened Siebert's victims - that fact Scamraiders has evidence and testimony to confirm these outlaws extortion.… Continue

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Why is NYU/Langone condoning Dr John Siebert's frauds and misuse of the name of the NYU/Langone hospital?

NYU/Langone can not be so stupid and lax letting a rogue Dr Siebert that they fired for molesting and abusing patients to continue to use and misuse their name and thus defraud innocent victim patients?

Kenneth Langone and his lawyers should take action to enjoin this sociopath Siebert and his fraudulent claims made by Dr Siebert on the internet and in… Continue

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Con man Dr John Siebert is now running on Yahoo more fraudulent details . . .

Claiming an 'international practice' and currently on the faculty of NYU/Langone and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bellevue hospital and Director of Microsurgery at NYU/Langone

Siebert is a phony a liar and a fraud, he was fired a year ago for cause by NYU/Langone as a sex rapist and was never a part of Bellevue.

Yet he continues to defraud and falsify his…


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UW hospital seems to care more formoney than care for patients and their safety

Wisconsin StateJournal and other reports confirm. UW continues to employ rogue Drand sex predator John Siebert. Scamraiders intends to inform byformal complaint. Medicare and Medicaid of UW's employing a surgeonwho has been confirmed as a sex predator, and a insurance thief and adoctor fired by three NYC hospitals…


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UW Hospital target of multiple serious code violations

See current Wisconsin State Journal and other media reporting documents that detail hospital improper conduct that will be posted on Scamraiders home page.

The journal and other publications reveal in detail the negligence, sloppy and slipshod conduct and worse of UW Hospital – is UW management operating a hospital or a 'funny-farm? Take a look:…


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Scamraiders will be posting and reporting on the bizarre activities engaged in by UW Hospital in Madison Wis.

. . . regarding the hospitals covering up the well documented sexual predatory conduct engaged by UW staff member Dr. John Siebert


UW hospital continues to use and access Scamraiders sites virtually daily and is fully conversant with the proof of their staff member Dr. Siebert's sex and other crimes. 

Why is UW hospital covering up Dr. Siebert's…


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Dr John Siebert has been confirmed by Empire Blue Cross-Blue Shield to have defrauded them and stole insurance payments by fraud and falsification of patient files

Scamraiders has confirmed that investigations conducted by Empire Blue Cross-Blue Shield has confirmed that Dr John Siebert and Dr John W. Siebert Md, PC has filed false, falsified, and fraudulent claims, records and documents to empire.

The purpose of the Siebert and PC theft and defrauding of empire. Siebert and PC received substantial insurance payments from empire… Continue

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Dr John Siebert engages in criminal fraud by lying in a video that he created/authorized falsely claiming that he is chief of plastic surgery at Bellevue Hospital in NYC

The hospital has no knowledge of Siebert and he is not associated with that hospital. An intentional interstate fraud engaged in by Siebert

Please see article on Scamraiders home page entitled 'Liars' and see the fraudulent video at end of article and the hospital-list of doctors, no Siebert. Also you can see this Siebert fraudulent video on YouTube, a…

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Dr John Siebert using interstate commerce and the internet to commit fraud and deception in a scheme to lure victim-patients into his lair

. . . so that outlaw Siebert can mutilate, molest and plunder in violation of a myriad of laws

Dr John Siebert has the brazen audacity to publish a outright fraudulent video claiming that he is 'chief plastic surgeon at Bellevue Hospital'.

Siebert is not affiliated with Bellevue in any capacity and the video representation that he is is with said hospital… Continue

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Scamraiders has learned that rogue Dr John Siebert has been ripping off medical insurers for years by doctoring and forging patients charts miscasting elective/cosmetic surgery as medically mandated

The result, Siebert robs the insurer unjustly is enriched while offering his victim patient an illegal discount at the expense of the law

Scamraiders has been informed that Dr John Siebert and his office manager Nelsa Garcia have falsified many patients charts as part of a scheme to obtain medical insurance recoveries on cosmetic surgeries that were not medically… Continue

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Scamraiders has become a highly acclaimed pro-active website news organization exposing and reporting scams, corruption, swindles and abuses of all kinds

Scamraiders has been active since July 2009 and has exposed many engaged in thefts, corruption, tax evasion, sex abuses and bribery--yet the one and only person who has complained about Scamraiders reports is a well known bad-egg perjurer Kenneth v. Gomez a near-do-well trickster lawyer

Kenneth V Gomez has harassed Scamraiders and Jim Couri for over a year. he has… Continue

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