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Jim Couri revisits the New York Times' publication

It’s is regretable that the New York Times has chosen not to review the substantial evidence of corruption, collusion and unethical activities that has been presented in's Articles and Archives since its inception in July 2009, involving certain Judges, Lawyers, Litigants, Scammers and Swindlers, active in the United States and in the Courts in New York and elsewhere.

Rather the Times elected to ‘report’ not on court corruption, but embarked on a different… Continue

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Sometimes the old fashioned scams are the ones we least expect to encounter. With heightened awareness of how recent technologies such as the internet and cell phones are creating new avenues for con artists to exploit, it’s a good idea to take a step back and remember there is a much simpler style of scam still being perpetrated – the door-to-door con.

As the economy continues to struggle, reports of these charlatans bringing their scams to potential victim’s doorsteps is on the… Continue

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Jim Couri's open reply to the New York Times City Room article by John Eligon, published Feb. 5, 2010, a pro active website was created to expose scams, corruption, wrongdoers, and swindlers, and was launched June 2009.

And has received national acclaim for its efforts as a watchdog, “Helping People to Help Themselves.” Jim Couri, Scamraider's Founder, is a $1.00 a year consultant. and Jim Couri target no one -- other than documented crooks and scammers from all over the world. Scamraiders receives leads about wrongdoers from many who are… Continue

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A moment with Jim

I saw a interesting interview today on CNBC '101 Things to Do Before I Die.' Given my circumstance, this made me think.

I pondered the supposed suggested 'list' - kind of like 'The Bucket List,' a film wonderfully portrayed by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

A few months ago, before my surgery, I spent a evening with Mr. Morgan Freeman in Beverly Hills, California, who is a super guy and charismatic international force. I asked him about two films, 'Bucket List' and… Continue

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An open letter from Jim Couri

To: Gomez, Pavia, Siebert, Joe Burke, Russo & Burke

For months, Gomez has published – on your behalf – claims that Scamraiders reports, published by Jim Couri and/or Scamraiders, are false.

Neither Gomez or any of you explain exactly what is 'false.' Rather, Gomez rehashes 20 and 30-year-old Jim Couri ancient history, tainted with…

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The Godfather Revisited - Thug Kenneth Gomez compromises John Couri, the 'Fredo Corleone' of Jim Couri's family

Although Jim finds it regrettable to expose John Couri, his brother, and John’s history of betrayal and greed; Jim feels it is has become necessary due to the false accusations and corrupt acts perpetuated by Kenneth Gomez, George Pavia, John Siebert, and Russo & Burke.


We all remember the 'Godfather' and how Fredo Corleone was manipulated and compromised to betray his family. Jim Couri has a brother who Jim explains was unfortunately… Continue

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Dealing with an illness, regardless of its severity, can be a stressful situation. Visits to the doctor or hospital and having any prescriptions filled is often the first step on the road to recovery. Most people are so focused on trying to get well; they neglect to stay alert for any unexpected dangers that might greet them while travelling on this road. This momentary lapse of alertness it what a particularly vile class of scammer is counting on as they happily take advantage of… Continue

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Kenneth Gomez, Esq. Harassment-Extortion Schemes Sink - He Recruits No One!!!

Kenneth Gomez, Esq's shakedown scheme has flopped. Desperate to recruit even one "ally" to aid in his crusade to discredit Jim Couri, he has recruited no one. Gomez has continued his despicable acts for over two years and now, via emails which include threats, extortion and fabricated smokescreens, in his desperation Gomez writes and calls any one, any time, like a drowning rat.

He has harassed many, including Scamraiders, affiliates, friends and other sites. Gomez has harassed Jim… Continue

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The following has been emailed to the American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit

To the American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit – re: George Pavia

Jim Couri, a New Yorker for years and founder of, herewith discloses to your organization the documented facts and truth about one of your society's members, George Pavia (Pavia). I attach links to Scamraiders, a highly acclaimed pro-active site 'helping people help themselves' and uncovering scams corruption and swindles.

I ask that you pay particular attention to 'Jim Couri's… Continue

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Quick word from Jim Couri

Thug-pimp Kenneth Gomez, Esq., extorting for mob front George Pavia and swindler John Siebert, M.D., has tried for months to discredit me, and to recruit anyone to join his one-man-band bad mouthing me and my activities.

Gomez's agenda has been, to implement the old adage "when the facts are bad, argue the law; when the law is bad, argue the facts; and when both are bad, attack the adversary." Gomez's rabid, reckless attacks have been solely from his demented mind, using forged and… Continue

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You might not trust the government, but when contacted by one of its employees, you most likely take notice and follow up with the initial inquiry. This automatic behavior has been drilled into most citizens from childhood. Certain scammers are counting on this fact when posing as various government officials in an attempt to con folks out of their hard-earned money.

The next time a government agency reaches out to you, whether by phone, mail or electronically, be sure to… Continue

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