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By Jeffrey Amos

The effects of the April 20th explosion on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig continue to ravage the gulf coast. Each day new photos of its devastating consequences circulate: enormous plumes of oil reaching toward the gulf stream, tar balls washed ashore. The news of untold millions of dollars in damage to the gulf coast's fisheries and sensitive ecosystem continue to ignite passions and fuel ire. A wide variety of charities have lent their name to…

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Kenneth Gomez, Esq. commits intentional fraud on internet, claiming reports from Scamraiders and Jim Couri are 'false' knowing Dr. Siebert is a sex vulture and Pavia is a corrupter

Kennteh Gomez, Esq. claims to be a lawyer, thus bound by disciplinary rules,and federal and state laws.

No matter for Gomez, who is a documented extortionist, perjurer and pimp. While Gomez was involved in the evidence and the current and on-going hearings and investigations into Siebert's narcotic and sex abuses and yet more hearings and termination by Langone NYU Medical Center of John Siebert, MD and knowing Siebert was fired by NYU Medical Center for sex…

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John Siebert, MD submits false data about his rogue plastic surgery practice to NY Magazine and Castle Connolly Medical scheme to cover-up his discharge from Langone NYU Med Center

John Siebert, MD is under investigation by authorities for predatory sex acts of molesting patients and for emotionally and financially raping patients and hospital staff including staff and patients at Langone NYU Medical Center. After hospital investigation into Siebert's sex abuses and contra-indicated botched surgeries and misuse of narcotic prescriptions, Siebert was fired and fully terminated from the NYU Medical Center staff and faculty.

In a desperate…

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Lennox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, you are condoning a sex predator plastic surgeon on you staff, knowing he was fired from NYU Langone Hospital for sex abuse.

Is $$$ more important than patient safety?

Lennox Hill Hospital knows that John Siebert, MD is a sex predator. As yet, Lennox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear (MEET) have not discharged Siebert. They also know of numerous details of Siebert's botched surgeries, patient complaints and Siebert's sex-capades at NYU, UW Madison, WI and MEET, which is available to hospital administration.

It seems these hospitals covet money more than…

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New York Times John Eligon - sex abuses by a plastic surgeon in NYC. We have given you the facts, please report them, we implore you

The New York Times is a great paper. Somehow, they forgot about their own 'line' - 'all the news that's fit to print.'

Here is a New York Times blog about a cop engaging in a sex abuse act for favors. We gave Mr. Eligon proof of plastic surgeon John Siebert's discharge from NYU Langone Medical Center on 32nd St. NYC for multiple predatory sex abuses, narcotic…

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John Siebert, MD steals from Blue Cross and GHI for contra-indicated 'full-body-lifts' Siebert steals about $100,000 per case

To follow here is a letter, sent by Dr. John Siebert in an attempt to obtain proceeds from GHI Insurance Company for one of his so-called “full-body lifts.” Although Siebert collected substantial monies from Blue Cross, falsely stating that these procedures were medically mandated when they were not, this letter reveals that Siebert had no compunction into lying about patient Fertita. GHI didn't bite and rejected Siebert's attempts to obtain monies for this…

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Beware the Free Lunch

By Kyla Hunt
Scamraiders Contributor

In the current economic atmosphere, people across the United States are seeking education and advice on how to invest their money. This is a perfectly reasonable response to a tough economic time.

Unfortunately, however, tough economic times often bring con artists out of the woodwork, people eager to take advantage of consumers when they are at their most vulnerable. This has never been more apparent than…

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Sexual Predator John Siebert, M.D. cons “Tempo International,” a Wisconsin-based women's organization . . .

. . . while at the same time being fired from Lagone NYU Medical Center for sex abuse of approximately 20 patients

Dr. John Siebert

Dr. John Siebert, on May 21st and 22nd of 2010, presented himself as a legitimate

plastic surgeon, making presentations entitles “Bionic Women”

before “Tempo International,” a highly-regarded…


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NYU Article Removed 1

Article Temporarily Removed

This article has been temporarily removed after Scamraiders received a threatening letter from Gordon & Rees, LLP, a law firm representing NYU Langone Medical Center.

Scamraiders has temporarily removed two articles related to Dr. John Siebert's association with NYU Langone Medical Center, after receiving a threatening letter from the Law Offices of Gordon & Rees, LLP. We stand by our investigation and look… Continue

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Rewards bring out more revelations, facts and evidence about the current Scamraiders 'Most Wanted'

George Pavia, Esq and Antonia Pavia, Russo & Burke, Esqs, Joe Burke, Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and sex predator John Siebert, MD.

George Pavia, proven perjurer, misused the unified courts in order to rob and obtain money and rights through perjury, corruption, tampering and bribery, all un-denied by the… Continue

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As Twitter use continues its rapid growth, scammers are taking advantage by presenting the service’s users with a tempting offer to make big bucks by utilizing their Twitter accounts.

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service created in 2006. Messages of 140 characters or less, called tweets, are posted to the message author’s profile page and can be sent or received via lists of the author’s subscribers (followers), or allowed open access to all Twitter… Continue

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John Siebert, M.D., sexual predator and rogue plastic surgeon, robs Blue Cross, and GFI insurers with contra-indicated risky 'full-body lifts'

Siebert has filed forged and phony insurance claims, ripping off these insurers for hundreds of thousands of dollars for himself through fraud. Siebert conned patient victims into this surgery, botched it and then threatened his victims and collected illegally from their medical insurance carriers for himself.

These illegal surgeries were conducted at Langone NYU Medical Center, where Siebert is now terminated. What did NYU know about this medical/Siebert scam? Or was… Continue

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Once again scammers are looking to steal from those in the most desperate of situations as recipients of payday loans are targeted by crooks posing as collection agents.

Payday loans are a trap that too many hard-pressed consumers find themselves falling into due to their financial needs. For a fee, ranging anywhere from $10-$15 per every

hundred, the lender will accept a…


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New website launches to warn homeowners of Loan Modification Scams

Several businesses and agencies have banded together to warn US consumers about several loan modification and foreclosure scams proliferating on the internet and elsewhere in the wake of the ongoing housing crisis. offers tips, information and a downloadable tool kit to help legitimate loan providers inform their customers.

According to the new site, some of the most common scams include:

Phony Counseling or Foreclosure Rescue… Continue

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a press release on June 1st warning Americans about the increase in decades-old mass marketing scams which are finding fresh victims via new delivery methods.

Mass marketing fraud has been around for many years. Using mass communication techniques like bulk mailings or telemarketing phone calls, the scammers attempt to trick their victims into providing money and/or personal information with false promises of prizes, products or… Continue

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John Siebert, MD's Predatory Sex Acts, Misuse of Narcotic Prescriptions, and emotional and financial 'rape' of patients finally being exposed

Dr. John Siebert
Should prison be the next stop for this sociopathic vulture?


Is John Siebert, M.D. on the run from law enforcement investigating his 'rapes' of patients, misuse of narcotic drug prescriptions, patient phone sex & abuses of patient rights?

We hear…

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Phone-scam warning issued to SoCal elderly

WESTWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Local authorities have issued a warning to the elderly, telling them to watch out for mass-marketing scams. A multi-agency crackdown is under way in Southern California to stop fraud suspects who prey on the elderly. Many of the cases transcend international borders.

U.S. Postal inspectors and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Trade Commission warned Thursday that mass-marketing scams that target…

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Vacation season officially arrived this past Memorial Day weekend. Attached to the underbelly of the fun and festivities of summertime are the leech-like scammers who make a bulk of their money off of non-local visitors during this season.

Travel numbers are expected to increase this summer for the first time in over five years, and with these growing numbers of vacationers one can expect the ranks of fraud artists and con men looking to milk unsuspecting travelers of the… Continue

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Religious Leader or Scam Artist?

By Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz

Jim and Tammy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggar, Ted Haggard and Tony Alamo, are among the most controversial religious leaders in recent times. Although thousands of people held them in high esteem, there was another, unseen, side to them. Their behavior was not always in-line with their theology, and they were not beyond public reproach.

It is healthy for public and religious leaders to be scrutinized. If not, how would true believers know who to… Continue

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Are Federal Prosecutors Persecuting an Orthodox Jew?

By BZ Kravitz

Mr. Sholom Rubashkin is a Chassidic Orthodox Jews. The federal government is threatening to send him to jail for life, a sentence that some violent criminals and murderers don’t receive. What crime did Rubashkin commit?

Sholom Rubashkin is the former CEO of the Glatt kosher Agriprocessors slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. In May 2008 federal agents raided Agriprocessors, and arrested and deported several undocumented workers. Immigration charges were… Continue

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