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George Pavia, Esq. corrupts, bribes, cheats and lies

Puts JSC Joan Madden in his pocket to rob rent stabilization and Jim Couri's $200,000 he put into his apartment at 18 E 73rd Street, NYC that Jim secured rent stabilized

Corkscrew George M. Pavia is a documented fixer, perjurer and thief. Pavia falsified files and records and was tagged by the NYC ECB Court, and ECB Appellate Court as being a perjurer.

Vicious-Viper George conspired to rob Jim's rent stabilization…

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Kenneth Gomez, Esq. is a perjurer, John Siebert is a sex predator & perjurer - Gomez has filed perjured affidavits in 3 courts in NYC and is a target of Medicare for theft of liened funds

He is a pimp who is in George Pavia's pocket.

Gomez is a target of Medicare for stealing Jim Couri's liened Medicare funds, aided by John Siebert, George Pavia and Joe Burke. Gomez filed numerous perjured affidavits in unified courts in his scheme of thefts.

Gomez also defaulted on a litigation brought against him by Jim. Gomez is a pimp, without assets, working with Russo & Burke as their extortion-monger. Gomez has filed false…

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John Siebert, MD, is without doubt mentally deranged

Affidavits from his victims prove the man is a 'sicko,' using hospital rooms to molest patients, carrying a toothbrush in his 'garbs' to use after oral sex. A sad pathetic slob

We have affidavits from some of sicko Siebert's victims that confirm the man is mentally deranged, a sociopath & a rapist. Pimp lawyers Joe Burke & Ken Gomez continue to cover up for this deranged slob while Siebert's victims are left addicted to narcotics, thanks to this…

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Kenneth Gomez, Esq propaganda soapbox is at it again with hodge-podge of distortions , lies & smokescreens

Jim Couri was welcomed by the Pavias with open arms. Jim poured about $200,000.00 fixing up his apartment he occupied at 18E 73 St, NYC, Pavia's brownstone.

Only after Jim uncovered Pavia's fraud on the DHCR/ rent-stabilization did the Pavias rabid venom spew forth. Jim thereafter uncovered undenied bribery, perjury & fraud engaged in by the Pavias in order to recapture the rent stabilization Jim fought for & won, finding 18 E 73 St, NYC rent… Continue

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Free Grants? Results Guaranteed? Scam Keywords - By Kyla Hunt

Recently I came across an article from the Southwest Daily News about a grant scam targeting senior citizens. You can read the article here:

The basic premise of the scam involves senior citizens being…


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John Siebert, MD files fabricated claims of services to Blue Cross Blue Shield in order to steal bogus insurance payments made to Siebert through Siebert's medical insurance fraud

John Siebert. MD has engaged in a systematic pattern of 'doctoring' fabricating patients files involving non insurable surgery services in order to defraud Blue Cross Blue Shield & GFI insurers into accepting claims for surgery, hospital & other medical services that were not medically mandated & that were of cosmetic in nature & thus not qualified as reimbursable services.

Based upon information & documents just revealed to us from the patients… Continue

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The Great Immigration Scam

By BZ Kravitz

Scamraiders Contributor

It seems everyone is talking about immigration. I was recently in Canada, Vancouver to be exact. It was both a vacation and business trip. As a firearms instruction for my police agency, I was given a private tour of the Vancouver Police Departments new training facility.

In case anyone from there reads this. I must say they were extremely professional, welcoming and the facility is superb.

However, I would have… Continue

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Was Castle Connolly Medical intimidated by John Siebert, MD and lawyers to put Siebert back on the list of "best doctors" after Siebert was fired from NYU Langone?

Castle Connolly Medical published their 2010 “Best Doctors in New York” in June 2010. The list scheduled documented sex predator Siebert as a surgeon in good standing at NYU Langone Medical Center (NYU). The fact is, Siebert had been fired for cause by NYU nine months earlier & under active investigation by NYS Dept of Health for sex abuse & more.

Jim Couri called & spoke to Dr. Bill Liss-Levinson of Castle Connolly. Levinson said he was not advised of… Continue

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Judge Paul Wooten - in the Couri vs Siebert cases now before you, there are over 30 motions spanning over 9 months and yet undecided – why??? Index #107240/04, 113512/08, 104661/08

Meanwhile, Siebert is a confirmed sexual predator, fired by NYU Langone Hospital - does the court endorse Siebert's proven sex-molesting and extortion?

Jim Couri is in stage 4 cancer treatment in California. He has made motions, paid the required fees of $45.00 per motion. Jim made documented summary judgment, motion and motion to dismiss Siebert's counterclaims - both unopposed and documented by a plethora of evidence confirming that Siebert counterclaims are… Continue

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What do you our readers & members think about this? Scamraiders wants your views -

Should all hospitals & medical institutions be required by law to report whenever a doctor, intern or any hospital employee who interacts with patients is discharged 'for cause'? Moreover, if a doctor, etc., is fired because such doctor was accused of improper sexual conduct, improper medical protocol, or any other contra-indicated conduct in violation of physicians 'oath' involving patients; & the hospital conducts a internal probe into the allegations, conducts hearings… Continue

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Why the bullyism? Why harass Scamraiders for reporting the facts? Why intimidate with Gordon & Rees, Esqs? Why not simply report the facts?

Scamraiders and Jim Couri have now been targeted and harassed and intimidated by lawyers Gordon & Rees, supposedly because we posted a picture and reported a documented

phone conversation regarding sex predator John Siebert, who was

discharged from NYU Langone Medical Center.

Scamraiders is a news organization reporting the news. A simple question - there is no need to…


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Follow-up to Letter Sent By NYU Langone Attorneys

The following is the final letter sent by Scamraiders to Gordon & Rees, the law firm NYU Langone Medical Center hired to threaten and intimidate Scamraiders. Due to the benign nature of the articles in question, Scamraiders has complied with their demands, rather than face a long and drawn-out legal battle. We still stand by the articles in question and look forward to reposting them after this matter has been resolved.


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With the stock market lurching again, plenty of investors are nervous, and some are downright bearish. Then there’s Robert Prechter, the market forecaster and social theorist, who is in another league entirely.…


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As overindebted Americans and bankrupt cities and municipalities spend millions to celebrate America's…


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Accomplice Scams - By Kyla Hunt

Usually, scams have a rather straightforward goal: to obtain money. These scams usually involve lying in order to achieve the rather obvious goal of getting

the trusting to give them money. There is another breed of scam,

however, whose goal is not as obvious. These scams are created for

the sole purpose of getting well-meaning individuals to aid in the

scamming of others. For the…


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Scamraiders faces intimidation from New York law firm representing NYU Langone Medical Center

Scamraiders has temporarily removed two articles related to Dr. John Siebert's association with NYU Langone Medical Center, after receiving a threatening letter from the Law Offices of Gordon & Rees, LLP. We stand by our investigation and look forward to reposting these articles at the appropriate time.

Please read the letter from Gordon & Rees, LLP and our email response below:…


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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Mr. President,

We respectfully ask you to focus on the interests of small business and Main Street tax payers in order to get our great country out of an unfortunate predicament. We publish here, an open letter to you from our founder, Jim Couri, which is also being faxed and emailed to you at the White House.

God Bless the United States of America…


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