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Dr. John Siebert and Joe Burke proffer more lies to cover up John Siebert's thefts of Jim Couri's money and Siebert's sex abuses of his patients, corruption and forgery

Joe Burke covers up the rogues gallery of plastic surgeons in NYC – Dr. John Siebert and Dr Daniel Baker. Interestingly, Baker has given Siebert office space in his co-op at 630 Park Ave after Siebert was kicked out of his temporary space with Dr. Sherill Aston and Dr. Jenifer Walden. We hear that Siebert was caught molesting patients in Aston's space and Aston, a proper/dignified surgeon kicked the bum Siebert out.

We also hear that predator Siebert made unwanted advances… Continue

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To find a straight honest judge in the New York State Courts is like trying to find a straight 'corkscrew'. Sure there are some fine judges but the system sooner or later 'gets to them' and contaminates. Money, position & power is a hell of an incentive.…


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Whistleblower Diane Kleiman accuses Dr. John Siebert of sex molesting, narcotics abuse and forgery of her medical insurance claims to defraud Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Diane Kleiman, a claimed victim of sex predator John Siebert, M.D., came forward to Scamraiders and asked to be interviewed over the phones about Siebert and his crimes. For more than three weeks, virtually daily, Kleiman regurgitated her years of abuses perpetuated by Dr. Siebert.

Now, in view of the attempts to corrupt Kleiman and compromise her by Siebert and his co-hort lawyers, sSamraiders must put before the public all information provided to it…

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We hear that Joe Burke, Esq. and John Siebert, MD are attempting to compromise one of Siebert's sex victims, Diane Kleiman

Joe Burke

We have learned that Joe Burke, a inveterate liar, cheat and perjurer, has contacted one of Siebert's sex crime victims, in a rouse to bad mouth Jim Couri. This victim, Kleiman, called Jim in or about June 2010 to his NY office, imploring him to call her. Kleiman got Jim's phone number from another of Siebert's sex crime… Continue

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Joe Burke, Esq. and John Siebert, MD violate a broad and sweeping injunction issued by JSC Beeler on Dec 12, 2005

. . . enjoining all from commencing lawsuits, motions, complaints, proceedings, in any court or administrative body without prior court authorization by telephone conference call to chambers with all parties on the line.

This injunction, in particular, enjoined Joseph M. Burke, as well

Joe Burke, Esq. consented to this injunction on behalf of himself and Siebert in 2005. From that time until this very moment, Burke and Siebert have… Continue

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If you cant beat-em cheat-em George m. Pavia, Esq. working hard to screw Jim Couri and put in a fix for sex vulture and narcotics abuser Dr. John Siebert

Scamraiders investigators are on to con-man Pavia, who has bribed and corrupted many, including at the courthouse, to steal Jim Couri's home and rent stabilization rights. Pavia is a pompous ass/thief - all well documented. George is rabid, as Scamraiders has exhumed his tax evasion theft of 15 E. 77th St. and perjury and forgery at the Department of Buildings and ECB courts.

Now, we are on to Pavia, scrutinizing his activities as he is on the phones trying to shore up… Continue

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Scamraiders, a California news organization engaging in exposes & news reportings of crimes, swindles & court corruption has fallen…

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John Siebert, MD & Joe Burke commit rampant fraud & perjury in NY court

Siebert tries to cover up his sex crimes, NYU/Langone discharge, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield thefts & New York State health & law enforcement investigations to jail Siebert & pull his medical license

Joe Burke & John Siebert are jail-house bound for their corruption, fraud, contempt, spoliation, tampering of Referee Suter, sex molestings of patients - despicably they think they can continue to rape & manipulate the court by perjury, fraud, corruption… Continue

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JSC Stallman recuses himself from all aspects of cases Couri v Siebert, et al, but he sadly lacks candor in doing so

Acting Supreme Court Judge Michael Stallman
JSC Stallman, on 7-20-10 signs an 'order' removing himself from the Couri-Siebert cases. Cleverly, Stallman takes a summary by Jim out of context & claims that jim did not point to any specific acts of Stallman mandating his removal.

We find these Stallman remarks at best disingenuous. Judge Stallman, Jim produced proof that you… Continue

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Joe Burke, Esq, John Siebert, MD phony claims to cover up their crimes & violations of restraining order

John Siebert, MD, desperate to cover up his thefts & crimes, discusses Jim Couri with Lenox Hill, NY Eye & Ear, NYU/Langone and lies repeatedly.

Joe Burke & Ken Gomez continue to harass, extort & abuse & bad-mouth Jim, emailing, phone calling & concocting lies in desperation in order to rob Jim's money, all in violation of the law & restraining order. Siebert/Burke are on the run & desperate & now dangerous. Ex parte communications are becoming… Continue

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Wedding Bell Blues: Wedding Scams - by Kyla Hunt

Wedding bells ringing? If you’re planning your special day, you know how many things there are to plan, and how expensive a prospective wedding can be. To deal with these expenses, deals can be highly attractive. Make sure that these bargains are the real deal, and not part of a larger scam.

The Wedding Expo

One particular wedding scam in the news recently involves a fake wedding expo. Wedding expos can be great places to find bargains on things from dresses to… Continue

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George M. Pavia Esq 'time line' - an expose of a phony

Lawyer George Pavia
George Pavia, a fascist turned 'self-styled elitist'

1937 - George joins Fascist Party

1942 - George runs away from Italy, wanted by Mussollini

1950's - George meets & cons Dr. Elina Solomon

1950's - Elina marries & supports George

1950's - George becomes allied with Anastasia & other Gambino… Continue

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John W. Siebert, MD - the time line of a rogue doctor

Dr. John Siebert
John Siebert, MD, anatomy of a documented vulture

1970's John goes to medical school and becomes a doctor. John has psychological and sexual problems that surface early on, maybe also involving children. According to the charges, the Department of Children and Families in the State of Conn, who investigated John Siebert

1990 John cons Dr Michael Hogan into selling his… Continue

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Kenneth Gomez, Esq. doesn't deny his crimes and the crimes of George M. Pavia and John Siebert, MD - he falsely says he has not been contacted by the law

Gomez is a proven perjurer - Jim Couri and his accolades have been recently written about by many newspapers with glowing reports and reported on many TV stations - all recently. Gomez, George Pavia, sex maniac Siebert and crook partner Joe Burke, Esq have interfered and begged the Gannett papers to redact rogue Siebert's name, reported as as a sex predator.

Gomez, Siebert and corkscrew Pavia conned NY Times' John Eligon to write a article without advising the Times that… Continue

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