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Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Jim Couri
Jim Couri & Scamraiders are being again baselessly attacked by sex predator Dr. John Siebert by his hired thugs. They concoct unsupported allegations, create bogus stories & weave webs of absurd claims simply to railroad, ambush & extort. The claims they make have never included any denials of Scamraiders' documented reporting about Siebert, George Pavia, & Joseph M. Burke. The claims the make are… Continue

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Vulture Dr. John Siebert claims in court pleadings that he is deprived of 'helping patients'---his record as a 'helper' is overcome by his documented acts of molestings, rape, drug abuse and thefts

--a sociopath manipulating a malleable court

Siebert---always playing the victim when cornered ---poor John squeals that he is a messiah doctor deprived of 'helping' patients. the true record that is documented by piles of evidence documents, interviews with Siebert's victims, affidavits of Siebert's patients, hospital records, police records, complaints by patients to ny state health dept. Siebert being fired by NYU/Langone Med Center for sex molesting and…

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JSC Paul Wooten violates federal laws? Evidence and facts points to 'yes!' Why? Is he a rogue judge? In the Jim Couri vs John Siebert cases

JSC Paul Wooten has plain and simple, over the past few months has displayed arrogance, inhuman and bullyism towards Jim Couri for no other reason other than wanton bias, favoritism and a preordained railroading in order to flim-flam Jim out of his rights by falsely claiming that Jim waved them by his supposed ignoring court-phone-calls that were never made.


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John Siebert MD and Joseph M. Burke Esq. NEW TAX EVASION SWINDLE and scheme to again defraud the Internal Revenue Service and State Tax Departments by a NY unified courthouse scheme

John Siebert is not new at tax evasion. He and his CPA Brian Pecker CPA/Shine and Co. CPA's were caught by the IRS filing fraudulent deductions on Siebert's tax returns and amended tax returns for periods from 2004 back to 1995. Siebert fraudulently tried to deduct monies he settled and released involving companies he was affiliated as 'theft-loss'. This would have permitted crook Siebert to deduct such losses against ordinary income and not as a 'capital loss'. When Jim Couri found… Continue

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JSC Paul Wooten - you can take the man out of Brooklyn, but you can't take Brooklyn out of the man, crime infested, crooked officials, cronyism, corruption and sleaziness.

JSC Paul Wooten
BACKGROUND: What Scamraiders has uncovered, seen, heard and listened to from informants gives rise to looking carefully into the hopscotch of events jump starting Brooklyn 'L&T' rascal lawyer Paul Wooten into black robes in the New York Unified Supreme Courthouse as a judge, thanks in part to New York Governor Patterson and others. Brooklyn is and has always been rife with corruption, back room deals, cronyism and… Continue

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John Siebert MD plays the part of a victim while conning, manipulating mutilating and raping victims of their money, healthcare, mentally and sexually

Siebert continues his misuse of his medical license to rip off patients and then lie in court proceedings

Poor old Dr Siebert, whining like a skewered pig, trying to divert attention away from his documented sex and other deranged acts and ruining peoples lives. Siebert is a sociopath who has been 'de-nuded' and exposed, but sadly he and his corrupt lawyer continue to bribe, tamper and defraud courts and agencies by creating smokescreens of deception which permits this… Continue

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Why is judge Paul Wooten lying over the phones interstate in a obvious scheme to deprive Jim Couri due process and cover up John Siebert MD

. . . and Joseph M. Burke's perjury, spoliation, fraud and ex parte tampering of referee Jack Suter?

Scamraiders and its investigators have been carefully reviewing the suspect and vicious conduct of judge Paul Wooten, the pattern of Wooten’s decisions, depriving Jim access to the courts claiming non compliance with a injunction order and allowing Siebert/Burke to circumvent the same injunction barring them. Looks like a while ago that Wooten has been 'gotten-to'. Wooten…

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JSC Paul Wooten displays alarming disdain & disregard for facts, hearsay, corruption & Jim Couri's grave medical condition. tries a cram-down by concocting falsehoods

We at Scamraiders find that corruption, bias & fraud are alive in the Unified Courts. Wooten ignores Siebert's perjury, tampering, ex parte acts with Referee Suter & zeros in on Jim Couri to force him to argue Siebert's flawed contempt motions that are outright fraud & that Jim has told Wooten are barred by the very order on which Siebert relies.

Wooten then tries to cover up the illegalities of the Siebert contempt by black-jacking Jim, lying that Jim was… Continue

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Siebert and Burke proffer yet more perjury -- now demand Jim Couri be JAILED for Scamraiders' truthful reporting, that they have yet to deny

Yesterday, while Jim was preparing for surgery, and at the same time engaging in a kangaroo "supposed" status conference over the telephone with Judge Paul Wooten, Joseph M. Burke and John Siebert (Jim, in California, the others in Paul Wooten's temporary courtroom -- 331 --) Burke and Siebert were busy bees, filing yet more perjured documents, alleging falsely that Jim Couri is Scamraiders. JIM COURI IS NOT AND NEVER WAS SCAMRAIDERS.

They claim that Jim should be… Continue

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Glenn Jelks, MD of 875 Park Avenue, NYC, conned by sex vulture John Siebert, MD into allowing this pervert to share Jelks' medical office

Glenn Jelks, MD & his partner, Elizabeth, are, as best as Scamraiders can determine, respectable doctor/surgeons. They have a medical office at 875 Park Avenue, NYC. They have now allowed sex vulture Dr John Siebert to use their office/medical center just after Siebert & his co-conspirator Nelsa Garcia were kicked out of Dr. Dan Baker's office space.

This is the fourth office Siebert & company has been evicted from, including 799 Park Ave: Dr. Sherill Aston's… Continue

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John Siebert evicted again out of NYC medical offices - this is the third eviction for Siebert, who was also fired & evicted out of NYU Medical Center & terminated from NYU's faculty for cause

Dr John Siebert a documented sex degenerate who has abused & mutilated many patients has been kicked out of his use of Dr. Dan Baker's medical office in NYC. Siebert is not new to being evicted. He was evicted in or about 2006 out of 799 Park Avenue for illegally financing the co-op shares that he swindled from Dr. Michael Hogan.

Siebert also issued bum checks while in occupancy at 799 Park Ave, NYC. Then Siebert conned Dr. Sherill Aston into his space at 50 East 71… Continue

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