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Dr John Siebert - the man of 1000 faces in the hospitals- a master of cunning, deception and disguises?

John Siebert Md has been caught and confirmed to be a rogue doctor, a rapist, a narcotics abuser and a sociopath. he has molested many patients -physically, financially and emotionally- he has bee caught, fired by NYU/Langone Medical Center, he is under investigation by New York state health for loss of his medical license and he is a thief and perjurer also now well documented...he is a 'sicko'.

Scamraiders has interviewed some of Siebert's patient victims who report that… Continue

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JSC Paul Wooten tries by lies, fraud and collusion to whitewash a barred, flawed and illegal supposed 'contempt-motion' made by John Siebert Md & lawyer Josemph M Burke.


Wooten, knowing and amp in fact deciding himself that all motions in the Couri v Siebert case mandated compliance with a 12-12-05 injunction, Wooten tried to whitewash and cover-up a Burke/Siebert… Continue

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Referee Jack Suter the many lives of a abusive bully deciding cases in the unified courthouse in NYC. Will the real 'Jack Suter' stand up?

Jack Suter is a supposed referee in the New York Unified Courthouse. His office is at 80 Centre Street NYC. Suter was in Feb. 2008, appointed by JSC Michael Stallman in the Jim Couri vs John Siebert Md case -to supervise discovery- except at the time Stallman was clueless to the fact that Joseph M Burke and Siebert had filed and secreted in march of 2006 a 'note-of-issue' which bars and precludes any 'post-note' discovery pursuant to the uniform rules of the court, thus making the… Continue

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New and explosive evidence being made public by Scamraiders soon of NY courthouse collusion

Involving Joseph m. Burke, John Siebert, MD & JSC Paul Wooten & others at the Unified Courthouse in NYC

Scamraiders has been investigating,verifying and reporting on many matters involving corruption, scams, swindles for over a year. We have thousands of members, millions of users and a staff of investigators, writers and researchers scouring reports, court files and other sources for our reports, exposes and articles. Scamraiders has been investigating many… Continue

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Desperate Acts

Joseph M. Burke Esq, desperate to try to shore up his and vulture John Siebert Md's corruption, crimes and outlaw activities, now forges and tampers with fed-ex air-bills to cover-up illegal and post filings of fraudulent and perjured Burke affirmations in support of a Burke/Siebert barred and illegal sham and fabricated motion to hold Jim Couri in contempt.

Joe Burke is a small-time corrupt lawyer who has, for over six years, been engaging in a plethora of courthouse… Continue

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John Siebert, MD & Joseph M Burke for 6 years try to hide Siebert's crimes & sex abuses of victim-patients by collusion, corruption, perjury & fraud

Siebert is now exposed as a swindler, sex vulture, pervert & pedophile. ---but for years Siebert & Burke have lied, cheated, committed fraud & perjury---trying to blame others, to shroud Siebert's perversions, thefts, sex crimes & narcotics abuses.

Scamraiders has the documents & proof of Siebert's criminal conspiracies aided by small-time corrupt lawyer Joe Burke & his thug Kenneth Gomez-----please see Scamraiders for more proof & more of… Continue

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Is John Siebert Md headed for jail and loss of his license to practice medicine?

Dr John Siebert has molested, plundered, stolen from and abused many. He has misused his medical license to sexually rape many patient victims. He has dispensed narcotics for his personal sexual gain and the physical and emotional expense of his victim-patients. he has robbed many, including patients, medicare, insurers, Blue Cross and others. He has committed perjury and engaged in collusion, tampering and bribery in the New York courts in order to avoid paying for obligations…

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Pleas of Dr. Siebert's Victim Ignored By New York Judge Paul Wooten

Siebert's victim, whose name has been redacted for her safety, has come forward to Scamraiders to advise us of her visit to Judge Wooten's Courtroom in an attempt to advise Judge WOoten of John Siebert's vuture predatory conduct. The woman's wfforts were futile and ignored by Judge Wooten, who, according to the vicim, was too busy in the "back-room" of the courthouse and refused to give her any attention or audience.

Sadly, it appears that the only way justice can be served in the… Continue

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Jsc Paul 'Hit-Man' Wooten orchestrates courtroom ambushes, follies & charades

A documented liar & a trickster NY State Unified Courthouse judge, stonewalls Jim Couri's rights to access to Unified Courts by refusing to comply with mandated 'confrence-call' in compliance wit the 12-12-05 JSC Beeler injunction – conduct in contravention to law & Wooten’s own decisions & ignoring john Siebert/Joe Burke's corruption

Jsc Paul Wooten ignores Jim Couri's pleas for access to the NY courts----seeking full compliance with the Jsc Beeler injunction… Continue

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People's Republic of China vs. the Unified Court System - Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech 'indispensable' says China's premier--the NY Unified Courthouse & JSC Wooten conversely conspires with scoundrels to gag, deprive & prohibit it

The Chinese government finds & discloses that democracy is 'irresistible' & freedom of speech is 'indispensable' for any country. These words were uttered by the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao on Sunday, October 3, 2010. See the article & excerpts from CN/GPS-Zakaria program on… Continue

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Joseph M. Burke, Esq is a documented corrupt lawyer 'representing' sex vulture-thief & narcotics abuser John Siebert M.D., has been caught tampering, bribing, engaging in ex parte communications

With NY court referees, & judges AND caught writing illegal decisions/orders for the court to rob & ambush Jim Couri. We accuse Burke as a perjurer & criminal.

Scamraiders has documented evidence of Joseph M. Burke's corruption, tampering & ex parte communications with Referee Jack Suter; with JSC Michael Stallman; with persons at the appellate division; with Referee Leslie Lowenstein; with Referee Louis Crespo; and now with Jsc Paul Wooten.… Continue

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How to hijack justice? Buy a set of 'black-robes' but make sure they fit first !!!

Scamraiders has scoured the unified courthouse files and find that the dispensing of justice and decisions by the family of judges bear no relation to the law, case law or the facts. Sure, there are some solid and really competent fine judges but as we all know the 'bad-apples' ruin the barrel, when a corrupt lawyer gets to a greedy outlaw in black-robes-money not law or justice speaks-when the fix 'contract' is made if you are on the short end, the victim, you're in a crooked card… Continue

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