This is yet another email scam that you should be aware of, should it ever land in your inbox. The fraudulent email will look something like this:

Dear AOL Member,
There has been a purchase added to your AOL account on December 22, 2009. This purchase took place at If this order was unauthorized and you would like to cancel, please CLICK HERE. Below is listed information about your order:

Product - Timeless Love Rose Bouquet
2 Dozen Long-Stem Roses
Price - $29.99
Shipment Type - 3-5 Day Ground
Shipping and Handling - $7.99
Total Price - $37.98

This scam startles it's victims into thinking their credit card has been charged, but also offers a convenient "click here" to fix the problem. Using the name is a trick, to make the email seem legitimate. In fact, 1-800-Flowers has nothing to do with this scam, and no order has been placed. The hope of the scammer is that this email will scare people into "clicking here" to "cancel the order". Actually, clicking the link provided will take the user to a website that will trick them into giving up their personal information, and will walk them through a process that will end with a harmful program being downloaded onto their personal computers.

When asked about this scam, AOL provided the following statement:

You should always remember, for a mail to be official, all three attributes - the blue envelope icon, the blue, border, and the AOL seal - must be present. And as always, AOL staff will never ask for your password or billing information.

The email you have received was not an Official AOL Mail. It is a scam disguised and an e-mail announcing that you have ordered some Flowers from

The hyperlink [contained in the e-mail message] leads to a Web page that asks you to either enter your screen name and password, or download files to your computer. If you enter information, it is sent to the scammer who can then sign on to your AOL account, read your e-mail, or violate AOL's Terms of Service and eventually cause your account to be terminated. Files you have downloaded from these Web sites contain computer viruses or Trojan Horse programs that have been designed to steal your AOL password.

If you should have any additional questions regarding online security and was to learn more about features AOL offers to help you have a secure online experience, please go to Keyword: AOL Neighborhood Watch.

Please remember that no e-mail from AOL will ask you for your password or billing information or contain links that take you to sites requesting that information.

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