300 East 64th Street, NYC -- now conned by sex predator John Siebert, M.D

300 East 64th Street, NYC -- now conned by sex predator John Siebert, M.D., who has been found to have molested patients in his office, home and hospitals are not new to renting to crooks - a Vincent Napolitano and others were running a illegal 'boiler-room' stock operation in a residential unit at 300 East 64th St, NYC. They were caught, indicted and convicted by the NY District Attorney - how come Classic Realty, LLC is so negligent, now allowing a sex predator, thief, and accused pedophile Dr. John Siebert into the building where Siebert has displayed a background of sex abuses and corrupt acts?

John Siebert is a documented predator - Why is Classic Realty so negligent? The DA found a 300 E. 64th St tenant operating a scam in the building - Vincent Napolitano. He was jailed . . .

Now these guys allow Siebert into the building, whose crimes are well-revealed on Google, in courts and in affidavits. Siebert, we hear, is illegally using unit 9C as a medical-office, because Siebert has been evicted out of four other offices and fired out of three prominent NYC hospitals for cause.

300 East 64th Street, NYC and Classic Realty, LLC, wake up before Siebert molests others or rips them off - you may want to call Brown Harris Stevens and 875 Park Avenue, where Siebert was recently evicted as an illegal squatter.

Siebert is a phony and a 'dead-beat.' See exhibits below on Siebert's criminal acts, rapes and other illegal abuses.


New York County DA

Rachel Letters:


Rachel Letter and Envelope

Linda M. Letter:


Kleiman Affidavit:


Karas Documents:

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Summons

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint Dismissed

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