A Cry for Help, Exposing "Vulture" Dr. John Siebert

John Siebert, MD
Scamraiders (Jabberwabble Corp) today (03/29/2010) received a heartbreaking plea concerning the dastardly sociopathic conduct of Dr. John Siebert. We provide all of you with the document itself, consisting of five pages, along with the envelope it was received in, so that every person reading this presentation will see for themselves what this phony flim-flam man is all about.

In a nutshell, Siebert has come on to one too many patients in his supposed plastic surgery practice. This time, he has manipulated a married woman, who is apparently vulnerable, with problem children, allowing "vulture" Siebert to swoop in.

While Siebert claims that his wife, Kimberly, has psychological problems, and that he enjoys no sexual relations with her, at the same time, he pulls this vulnerable lady into his bedroom at his New York rental apartment, located at 425 E. 40th St, Apt 29B.

The rest of this sordid tale, you should read for yourselves. It is sufficient to say that Dr. John Siebert is worse than a vulture -- he is a parasite. His conduct has violated the American Medical Association and ethical and judicial affairs mandates of conduct and, according to the letter, Scamraiders has learned that yet another patient has filed charges against Siebert at New York University Hospital, for having sexual relations, which has resulted in Siebert's loss of hospital privileges at NYU Medical Center and his being discharged as a professor at NYU medical School.

According to the letter, various psychiatrists believe that Siebert is a sociopathic personality with narcissistic tendencies. Siebert has misused a patient, abused her, interfered with her marriage and husband, solely for his instant sexual gratification.

As can be seen by this letter, Siebert is an unethical and amoral person, who must be stopped. The writer of the letter has written all of Siebert's hospital affiliations, including but not limited to, UW Hospital in Madison, WI, NYU Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital, and has written Siebert's Doctor Landlord, Dr. Dan Baker, and his former Doctor Landlord Cheril Aston (who, we understand, finally kicked Siebert out for misconduct).

Linda M., the writer of the letter, which is exhibited below, is attempting to convince her friend to take legal action against Siebert and Linda M. is writing all of Siebert's know affiliations to expose him for what he is. Based upon the forgoing, it appears to Scamraiders that the informant who communicated with us a few months ago, might very well be the husband of Linda M's friend and the subject of this letter. It appears to Scamraiders, who will continue probing this horrific situation, that Dr. John Siebert's narcissistic and sociopathic activities, resulting in abuse of the citizens of New York, Wisconsin and elsewhere, are numbered.

The further sad matter surrounding this situation is the fact that Joe Burke, Esq, and Kenneth Gomez, Esq, are willing to prostitute themselves to aid this sociopath and criminal, Dr. John Siebert.

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