A memorandum from Scams Inc. The new owners of and all affiliated websites, domains, trademarks, and copyrights.

Scams Inc has now concluded the purchase of and all domains, websites, etc.

Scams Inc is dedicated to fulfilling a mission of reporting, and pursuing all forms of scams, corruption, swindles, abuse, court corruption and fraud. Scams Inc adopts fully the published "mission statement" and the "terms of use" as published on these sites.

Scams Inc plans over the next months to develop a companion and pure news reporting website for the purpose of reporting current news on all forms of local, national and international scams and swindles.

Scams Inc intends to retain the Scamraiders writers and plans to expand the staff of reporters and investigators so that we can develop stories involving swindlers, charlatans, rogues, outlaws and quacks on a faster pace for reporting.

We will have a department relegated to developing evidence of fraud and corruption for submissions to law enforcement for their consideration we will try and develop cases for review and possible prosecution pursuant to our mission statement.

Scamraiders will continue to maintain the policy of permitting and welcoming any person, group or company that we write about to submit any denial, rebuttal, or comment with their profs that the subject reports are inaccurate and we will post the comments along with our reply.

If at any time our reporting is wrong we will remove any such incorrect statements on notice and proof that any statements made by us is not accurate and materially incorrect.

We always obtain proof of all reports by court pleadings, affidavits of parties, interviews, eye witnesses, and public records.

Finally Scams Inc will not be intimidated extorted or abused by anyone we are reporting about. Any form of intimidation or threats to thwart the honest freedom of press and freedom of speech will be met with reports to law enforcement and immediate legal action against the persons who try to deprive free press reporting.

Scams Inc is very aware that criminals, swindlers and scammers do not want to be exposed and will try anything to thwart the exposing of their criminal enterprises. They have intimidated, threatened, lied in court pleadings to deprive free press and speech they have corrupted courts, engaged in obstructing justice and worse. But scams Inc is on to these cheats we know who they are and what the were and are up to.

You all know who you are and be assured scams Inc is dedicated to exposing all of you along with the many other con artists and corrupt persons in our society.

The cheats and tricksters have swindled many but you will not swindle Scams Inc.

Possibly these quacks, pretenders and crooks should cease their outlaw ways as their intimidation and schemes will not stop honest reporting and exposing of their undenied cheating and contemptible abuses and sociopath conduct.

On a final note, Scams Inc wants to thank the efforts of Jim Couri who although fighting cancer and other serious and grave medical conditions worked to launch Scamraiders until his resignation in November 2009, to fight terminal cancer. Jim was the target of some of the bad eggs that Scamraiders had exposed and posted articles with evidence of wrongdoings.

These persons harassed Jim caused him to enter hospitals under assumed names and filed lies about Jim on the internet and perjured documents in court proceedings depriving Jim from collecting notes and other money that a corrupt quack doctor owes him.

Scams Inc wishes Jim well in his fight for life and thanks him for all of his efforts and wisdom at Scamraiders.

Finally Scams Inc is dedicated to uncovering, reporting and exposing the swindlers and will continue to do so according to law and the united states constitution.

We thank all of our members, users and advertisers for their support and accolades we have millions of page views and plan to markedly expand that number by providing our users honest and targeted exposes for the crooks and quacks that ruin our lives.

Scams Inc plans to do our part to expose, report and help put away the cheats, and chiselers and outlaws.

We thank all for your leads and reports keep them coming we will honor the posted "rewards"

The best from Scams Inc to all.

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