A Word from Scamraiders Founder Jim Couri

Although Jim has been convalescing in California after major surgery, he has been apprised of the comments made by Mr. Kenneth Gomez, Esq, accusing Scamraiders of being a 'front.' It appears that Mr. Gomez's small legal practice has been relegated to the extortion and defamation of Scamraiders and Jim Couri, as a front for lawyer George Pavia and others.

Jim wishes to clarify -- it is Pavia, Gomez and John W. Siebert, MD, that have legal woes. As reported by Jim, they are accused of Medicare fraud, perjury, extortion and various other crimes, with documentary evidence that proves their guilt. Jim points out to Mr. Gomez, that he, Pavia and Siebert's legals woes will , in short order, be further exacerbated by legal action against them charging violations of RICO, malicious interference, and violations of Jim's and others' constitutional rights. Jim challenges Mr. Gomez to name anyone Jim has 'scammed.' Contrary to Mr. Gomez's lies and smokescreens, he won't be able to name any that are not either retaliatory or complete fabrications.

Dr. John Siebert engaged in business with Jim for nearly seven years, before defaulting on his financial obligations, from 1996 to 2003, and never once did he object to any activity Jim and Siebert were engaged in. Siebert was a director and Corporate Secretary and was fully apprised of all decisions and goings on related to himself and his PC.

For nearly seven years, Siebert took money from his patients, that he then loaned and invested to fund a business enterprise with Jim. Monies lost were the result of Siebert's defaults.

In fact, Siebert agreed to pay Jim substantial monies, for which promissory notes and general releases were issued -- all of which he promptly defaulted on. Jim is in possession of three general releases from Siebert and his affiliates, prepared by Siebert's lawyers. Doesn't that mean all claims are expunged?

7-years of business dealings without complaint shows Siebert's true intent -- to "screw" Jim by spending his money and then defaulting.

The only complaint came after his defaults.

Jim has also reported to Scamraiders that George Pavia, Esq., Gomez's employer and "ringleader" of the campaign to defraud Jim and Scamraiders, spent years under psychiatric care supervised by Dr. Arnold Hutchnecker, psychiatrist to President Richard Nixon. Among other afflictions, Pavia was under treatment for delusions of grandeur.

It seems, in the end, the only thing Gomez and Pavia will understand is a lawsuit against them for their continued abuse of Scamraiders and Mr. Jim Couri. If Mr. Gomez does not cease his defamatory and scurrilous attacks, he will end up facing charges, including, but not limited to, actions in federal court.

Finally, please note that all of the charges Scamraiders has made against these individuals have been documented and are, as of yet, un-denied.

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