According to a New York state court whistle blower employee: The Unified Court System needs an enema.

The lack of oversight, disappearing documents, brazen judicial acts, judges taking the law into their own hands and manipulating it to serve the interests of the corrupt and worse has finally gotten the serious attention of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

On the current 'hot seat' NY top judge Jonathan Lippman, Chief Admin. Judge Anne Pfau and judge Charles Ramos for openers.

Not far behind are many more crooked lawyers and bad egg judges who have and evidence proves judicial corruption and manipulation of the law to deprive equal justice

All charges are well documented by hard evidence of fraud, obstruction of justice perjury, emails, and other proof of Incontrovertible courthouse corruption and railroading of innocent litigants by abuse of power and judicial larceny in concert with crooked/bribing lawyers

These select few and the current supposed 'money grab' is outlined in a detailed expose on 'expose corrupt courts' which we will post on our homepage Monday 3711 along with a redacted letter to the asst director of the FBI Janice Fedarcyk outlining the alleged '40million fraud involving certain unified court New York's judges.

The report claims to reveal and fully documents examples where litigants have been targeted by the vengeful and corrupt for greed, corruption, back room deals, all in violation of federal laws against citizen litigants, families, and some state employees who have stood up tho the rampant corruption and abuse of judicial power.

The altering and destruction of court files, transcripts, and illegal acts of judges who are fulfilling the direction of 'old boys' fixes are criminal acts depriving the innocent victims a fair and level field by corrupt lawyers who have contaminated the courthouse by fraud, bribery and corruption.

Scamraiders has outlined the plethora of outrageous acts by certain specific corrupt lawyers and litigants who have contaminated the court and who have deprived rights pursuant to federal and state law by bribery, perjury and corrupt conduct thus violating the us constitution and federal criminal statutes.

Scamraiders has documented courthouse referee corruption collusion, perjury, secretion of evidence, judges violating federal statutes by interstate fraud, obstruction of justice, intentional violations of injunctions and ignored by negligent or brazen and corrupt judicial manipulations of law and facts and covering up the perjury and criminal acts of litigants who had bought off access as part of a railroading scheme to rob millions in agreed to notes and other obligations by backroom scams

It is time for a enema and a full expose of the bad egg lawyers, litigants and judges and corrupt referees.

Scamraiders has documented in detail the corrupt acts, abuse of power, fraud, interstate deception, deprivation of material evidence and the thefts of due process by documented criminal conduct by state actors who have and are violating federal laws and hiding behind their ill gotten black robes and unholy alliances with crooked lawyers and their cheating clients.

It looks like the current charges that are outlined state in part

"The widespread crimes in violation of federal laws against families, citizens and state employees are outrageous, and must end. The entire NY state court system is itself corrupt." As reported by eye witnesses and court employees it seems clear that the NY state courthouse is a cesspool of larceny, greed, back room corruption and orchestrated ambushes to cheat the innocent for the 'payoffs' of the greedy outlaw rogue lawyers who belong disbarred and in jail.

See letter to FBI director J.K. Fedarcyk.

See redacted letter to FBI and expose corrupt courts current article below:

Fedarcyk Letter

Expose Corrupt Courts: Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman Must Step Aside...

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