All about Dr. John Siebert - a documented thief and sex predator

To any person or company who has been raped - physically, financially or emotionally by sociopath/swindler John Siebert - Scamraiders will be posting a full expose of Siebert's thefts and sexual abuses of innocent persons that have been conned by Siebert's 'mid-western deception.

Scamraiders will expose this phony-trickster in living color and we will name the names of Siebert's victims who have given us authority to do so. There are many who have spoken up but yet do not want to 'go public' until this con-artist thief is put in jail.

Scamraiders will name the names of all who have aided Aiebert in his rampage of thefts from many, including medical insurers that Siebert and his co-conspirator/office manager Nelsa Garcia - so stay tuned to Scamraiders and keep the reports coming in and remember Scamraiders rewards.

Thanks to all who have provided evidence of Siebert's criminal acts and sex abuses and acts of pedophilia as reported to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families and to other agencies. Consumers and patients beware of Dr. John Siebert - he will rape you one way or the other . . .

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