G M, Chrysler and Ford, take heed. First, ask how and why all of you have gotten yourselves into the “pickle jar” you are in, costing your Stockholders and Taxpayers billions. Maybe if you guys concentrated on creating value for us, the consumer, and stopped spending money on yourselves and your personal/corporate lifestyles; ie Gulfstreams, fancy digs, etc., you might start making money. Is it not about time? We American consumers are sick and tired driving ‘garbage’ autos that are made in the USA. We can do better because we did do better.

Why not take a lesson from Ralph Lauren? This retail genius made billions simply reproducing and enhancing the proven styles of the 1930s and 40s.

Take a look at the 1957s’ Corvettes, T-Birds, Chevy's, Cadillacs, Chrysler 300, and the superb Chrysler Dual-Ghia. Today most autos look eggs on wheels, no style, just function, maybe; and to be sure no ‘personality’. The ‘reward’ for this ineptness has been the Bankruptcy Court. Just suppose you American Automobile maven CEO’s ‘cloned’ some of the 1950’s designs with 21st century technology. You’d have waiting lists miles long. What the heck, Volkswagen did it with the “Bug”. Why not you guys? Try it and bring back some of these the 1957 models---you’ll see!

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