At this holiday season, Scamraiders takes a look at families who - for the almighty buck - attack each other

. . . and in the process plunder and mutilate each other and the memory and good works of the decedent---greed is a awful trait--take a look

Scamraiders will be posting two Vanity Fair magazine articles/exposes regarding the 'family feuds' involving designer Oleg Cassini and his estate - and the estate of oil-baron and take-over magnate Marvin Davis.

We do not need to say anything more than to post these articles and urge all to carefully read them Scamraiders takes no position or sides as to the disputes and allegations but they are worthy of reading and pondering.

Scamraiders will be reporting on other family feuds over the next few months, where Scamraiders has investigated carefully and the robbery, perjury, forgery, greed, betrayals,malice,spite, thefts and involved sycophants, involving greed, jealously and corruption

See below for the Vanity Fair articles on Cassini and the Davis Family debacles.





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