Before you try to make it into a FedEx office you better be sure that you are safe and secure

 -- and that you are not a victim of unfit and unsafe facilities and subject to a scam of 'pass the buck' if you are injured.


Scamraiders operations department is now investigating the case histories some of our members have reported outlining unfit and unsafe conditions at and surrounding FedEx office facilities and the reported despicable schemes of coverup's lies and deception of passing the buck on the negligence at the FedEx office premises by FedEx representatives and their agents and affiliates, etc.

Shocking? You better believe it, but Scamraiders will put this expose puzzle together and expose it in full detail.

So when you walk into a FedEx office you better be sure that you are safe and secure as if you are injured or ripped off big deal FedEx corp may try and con you and pull the rug from under you by blaming others or the FedEx landlord.

Full expose coming with case histories of horror stories you are dealing with FedEx and they should not put their head in the sand causing you the injured more pain and suffering.

FedEx, you should be ashamed luring clients in the door and then washing your hands if they are injured, abused, or ripped off by homeless who sleep in the bathrooms and worse.
FedEx wants their money and we the consumer want safety and honesty.

'Never the twain shall meet?' We live in hope.

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