After assessing my medical prognosis and the extreme postoperative oncology treatments I must undergo in the hope of lessening the spread of melanoma cancer, I have elected to resign from all activities and involvements surrounding Scamraiders. After approximately one year of planned cancer treatment and assuming I am still alive, I will re-asses my options. Another factor in my arriving at this decision embraces the precious time spent required responding to dastardly, false and malicious smokescreen attacks perpetuated by Kenneth Gomez Esq., George Pavia Esq., John Siebert M.D. Russo Burke Esqs and co-horts. Their vicious lies, and distortions of the long trail of attempts by me to collect money due from these confirmed thieves are transparent retaliations to the documented Exposes made by Scamraiders involving these persons. But far more important than my personal experience with this ongoing misuse of America’s legal system, is the need to do something about the corruption that is endorsed and proffered in New York Courts, which allows these kind of people to get away with abusing and destroying what our Founding Fathers so disparately tried to establish. Our United States Constitution and the rights thereunder must be preserved.

The evidence Scamraiders has Reported about these persons is undenied and has been fair, accurate, and documented. Accordingly, I also have provided Scamraiders with proof involving George Pavia’s activities with Ted Kohl who is presently in jail for RICO activities, tax evasion, perjury and corruption and in part including Kohl and the Pavias’ involvements with criminal activities. Surely they are desperate to discredit me and Scamraiders because of revealing their activities to the world. I am 70 with grave cancer and am being extorted by Gomez, Pavia, Burke and Siebert (who have bribed and corrupted Courts and worse) but I hope that my having stood against this evil will help to open the public’s eyes and I encourage correction in our legal system to put a stop to this corruption.

Now I must turn all of my efforts to my healthcare and trying to save my life. I thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes.

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