Can and will a lawyer that you retain and pay sell you out to your adversary?

Shocking but true - money, access, corruption make strange bedfellows, but there are some outlaw lawyers who will and have conspired to sell you down the river to a higher bidder and you will never know, as the law-game can and does get manipulated---

The bag of trickery in the system of 'law' is full of slicksters. Lawyers all know each other - many are honest but others are liars and money grubbing-----

When big money or political positioning is on the line, you must stay alert and analyze each and every step of your supposed lawyer that is speaking for you and writing pleadings supposedly in your best interests.

It is not that hard. We will provide you with the key questions to ask yourself and what is missing and why?

If your lawyer is permitting the courts to preclude material evidence or deciding motions in a illogical manner and violating your rights and statutes, you are on your way to being sandbagged. We will show you how this is done and how these bad-eggs often get away with their frauds and thefts from a victim client.

Coming soon and in full detail - these lawyers are much better at 'lying' than 'lawyering.'

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