Castle Connolly Medical is either stupid or corrupt---

Dr. John Siebert is a proven sex predator, accused as a pedophile, thief, insurance thief, discharged for cause and sexually molesting patients from NYU Langone Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital------Siebert has been evicted out of 5 NYC medical offices for illegal acts narcotics abuses and illegal 'squatting' at 875 Park Avenue----


With all of these criminal accolades -------Castle Connolly Medical in their infinite stupidity-------or having been bribed and intimidated by Siebert and his thug lawyers Joseph M Burke and Kenneth V Gomez-----list Siebert as affiliated with Lenox Hill and Meet hospitals and list Siebert as a 'best doctor'-------

If Castle Connolly can read, they would have seen affidavits and documents from Siebert's victim patients outlining his sex predatory abuses, botched surgeries and NY State's investigation for his termination as a doctor---------


Castle Connolly Medical is incompetent, aiding a sex predator doctor in furthering his acts of crimes and sex abuses and thefts from patients----

Castle Connolly-----wake up before you are sued for negligence and fraud-----------stay tuned

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