Cheating, cheating, and more cheating!

It seems that the only place crooks can get away with cheating is in the NY Unified Courts -- if you try cheating at a casino, or on Wall Street or anywhere else -- look out -- at the courthouse the cheater is rewarded--well you can’t win in a fixed crooked game when 'the-house' is corrupt
Try cheating in Las Vegas ----in the old days if caught well you could end up without a hand----all these casinos are legit and when you play you have a fair chance at winning. When you invest your money in stocks you want to be sure you are not a target for a con or a stock scam---and believe it or not wall street is legit and the best place to be if you are careful - the fact is wherever you go all of us want to be sure that we are safe and that our money is also safe and that we are not being scammed and cheated.
Sadly the courthouse where our money, homes, kids, liberty and reputations can be in the balance is sadly subject to trickster , bad-egg lawyers and rogue judges who are put in these black robes by cronyism and old-boys deals. In the unified courthouse the deck can be stacked against you if a fix is in------ sure--there are some fine NY judges-- but there are some very bad judges who undermine the constitution and ignore the law while railroading the target of a fix; and who have the integrity of a 'cobra'. These disgraces to the rules of law get away with their ambushes and collusion because judges are protected by 'immunity’ - so they can cheat, lie, engage in larceny and get away with it at you the sucker's expense.
Scamraiders has documented many exposes and evidence of the corruption and charades in the NY courts - and we are told that the feds are carefully looking into the charlatan-corrupt lawyers and fixers and the money-grubbing judges, who will lie, cheat, suborn perjury for a bag of cash. These corrupt judges will target anyone who gets too close to their back-room 'business' of fixes---they will lie, cheat and throw the law and due-process into the toilet and screw you at every turn -- but possibly the worm is turning---the bad-egg judges in the NY Unified Courts know who they are and that their deceptions, manipulations of the law and maleficence acts are being carefully analyzed - they have cheated many out of their rights, money and reputation. And don’t look to the appellate courts for help as when a fix is in your dead-meat with all of the 'black-robed-bandits' they are all pals placed here-and-there- by the old-boys fixers the likes of - boss tweed, Carmine DeSapio, and the medley of corrupt lawyers who pay dearly for 'back-room access' - check out the backgrounds of your judge, lawyer and your adversary-lawyers - find out how they became a judge, and find out about the lawyers. You may be shocked and realize that you are a sucker in a fixed crooked game.
So cheating in the state- courthouse is alive and well - an arena where we all hope for more from a court and judge - where they 'advertise- In God We Trust.' Remember, a crook is a crook no matter what disguise they are wearing -- either a dark-blue suit or a $50- set of black-robes.
See Scamraiders for more on New York Unified Court collusion and corruption, and collusion.

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