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How do judges get their favors from corrupt lawyers and crooked litigants in exchange for these "justices" providing preferential treatment?

Is it still cash in a brown paper bag?
Is it a shoebox full of c-notes?
Or, have the "payoffs" evolved with 21st century technology?

Don't even think about it. You'd better believe the sophistication of bribery is slicker than Rudolph Valentino in his best days.

These crooks and tricksters use the following ruses to get these "black-robed elitists" their payoffs.

Judges' loans get paid down. Mortgages get paid down or paid off. Houses get renovated. Dummy corporations and tax havens around the globe. All sorts of hidden perks, such as fancy trips to Paris, Monte Carlo and other nifty watering holes. And then, of course, there's plastic surgery, custom dental work, and other forms of nifty gifts -- like the gold Rolex watch.
Believe it or not, the way it works is, for many in black robes -- "you've got the money, they've got the time."

Scamraiders will show you how the buying of a court has been done and continues to be done. Please stay tuned.

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