'Conspiracy at 60 Centre' - a book that will reveal the under-belly of the world of 'justice' dispensed by tricksters, scallywags & charlatans

Soon to be published - a over 50 year analysis & expose of what & how the new york court system is conducted & has been for more than 150 years. This book is assembled by research & based on facts, real-life incidents, interviews, etc. When all the pieces are assembled all will see a picture that is not for the faint of heart.

The bowels of these courts expose & reveal a atrocious & consistent pattern of ambushes, railroadings, greed, bribery, corruption, & a disdain for due process. You will learn by facts how these state court judges are fingered for service - by farcical back-room old boys cronyism.

You will see that it is not 'in god we trust' it is 'in money we trust'. 'CONSPIRACY AT 60 CENTRE' will name names of the rogue, scoundrel lawyers, politicos, fixers & judges - spanning over 50-plus years & will detail how some of these bad-egg, outlaw state court judges misuse their roll of phony 'honor' to ruin & railroad innocent victim litigants who are on the wrong end of a fixed & manipulated court.

The book will chronicle many actual cases events pay-offs and inside corruption from Brooklyn, to Westchester and NYC. the book will also show the reader what to look for in order to smell 'a fix' before a sucker litigant is lured into the labyrinth of courthouse railroading & the cheating, manipulating & contemptible acts that always follows. you will be taken through the world of the NY state courthouse of greed, larceny & malice resulting in intentional & wanton rapes of the us constitution for 'dirty-money'.

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