Corkscrew George & pals are at it again!

George Pavia Esq is pulling out all stops to rob Jim Couri and cover up his RICO corruption and theft of Jim's medical malpractice proceeds and his documented claims against sociopath Dr. John Siebert. Pavia will say and do anything for money and this has been proved. Pavia has formed alliances with sociopath perjurer thief John Siebert. They have recruited thug Kenneth Gomez Esq, and partner Joe Burke Esq and have tried to bribe and compromise many. including NY referee Suter, judges and others.

They filed false documents in courts, dept of buildings,and the NY DHCR. thereafter, when caught secreting key documents in Jim's case chasing Siebert for millions, resourceful Siebert and lawyer Joe Burke recruited a California drug abusing notary to black-jack Jim. The claim----Jim supposedly 'forged' this notary's stamp on Jim's own truthful affidavits. a sinister premise as all the while Jim was in Los Angeles, CA or Palm Desert, CA where there are hundreds of notaries. A convenient scheme to steal Jim's money.

These thieves yet again filed a charge about this claim with law enforcement. These thieves have done this over and over again to extort and discredit Jim, with claims of harassment, tax claims and now notary claims. Each was groundless and without basis in fact and made by these bums for their own unjust agenda. Who knows, next may be murder as Gomez has threatened Jim.

When you are confronted with criminals and perjurers and Mafia connected persons (Pavia a fascist has fronted for Ted Kohl, a mob figure now in prison), there are no rules of law.

George Pavia is a lecherous, contorted fraud who is mentally deranged as confirmed by his mental doctor. Pavia is venting his anger and frustration. Pavia has assaulted Jim in front of many. Siebert has lied cheated and bullied married women and stolen money from his patients, from Jim and the IRS. Now these bums corrupt the courts and try to gag Scamraiders by making alliances with yet more outcasts.

Scamraiders will continue to show all the facts of this corruption and how deep it goes.

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