CRONYISM AND WORSE - The Unified Court System New York or the Cosa Nostra---you take your pick!

Joe Valachi
When Joe Valachi testified before the Senate about the ‘clandestine Codes’ of the Mafia (AKA Cosa Nostra) we learned of the unwritten rules of the game-- silence and the code-of-silence about the inner workings of the ‘Organization’. A horrible system, but apparently for centuries it seems to have worked---for the boys on the inside. No one talked about the corruption, larceny, payoffs and even murders---all daily business-as-usual for the Cosa Nostra.

Carmine DeSapio
Well, since the first courts were created and judges appointed, soon after our predecessors metamorphosised out of caves, favoritism, bias, corruption, and bribery have spawned and flourished. The main question--- how does someone get to make these favored and ‘frame-up’ deals with these ‘devils’? From the Egyptian Empire to the Roman Empire, to the Good Ole New York Empire, you don’t need to know the Case, you need to know the judge--- the judge ‘after hours’. Take a look at Jim Couri’s Biography in Scamraiders. Jim learned about cronyism, old boys deals and political corruption beginning from his childhood in Brooklyn, watching the 1940s Boss Tweed of Kings County, John R. Crews, the kingmaker/chess-master of hundreds of judges and political appointments spanning a couple of decades.

Boss Tweed
Each Crews & Company fingered judge-appointee had an unwritten obligation to ‘deliver’ when John R. Crews came calling, and calling Crews did, and the black-robed minions had to deliver, no if-ands-or buts. In New York City there was Carmine DeSapio, a successor to the great, one and only, Boss Tweed, who ran and ruined the Big Apple. Things haven’t changed, they appear to have gotten worse. If you become involved in a court case, be smart, first ---know your judge. Where he or she came from, how did they get to the Courthouse and to whom are they beholden. Each has a history. Remember, we are talking here about State Courts, in particular New York, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Westchester.

A few weeks ago, we had a conversation with a senior partner of a major international law firm. The discussion zeroed onto the subject of New York State Courts and the judges within. Here is a guy who makes a couple thousand an hour in a Firm with hundreds of lawyers and dozens of offices scattered around the globe, in the USA, Europe, the Near and Far East, and beyond. This lawyer became almost tongue-tied and simply did not want to ‘go there.’ After some prodding, what we elicited from this important lawyer was sad, alarming, and sickening; and no less a disgrace then the ‘revelations’ revealed by squealer--- Joe Valachi.

Unfortunate as it is, these elitist law firms know exactly what’s going on in the New York Courts, and yet under the guise of justice, honor, and fair-play-- go along, play the game, in order to get the job done. They cower and ‘suck up’ to these black-robed ‘installees’ of cronyism, and at the same time use their political clout and ‘relations’ with the ‘old-boys’--- the Tweeds, DeSapios, and Crews of the current day to get into the backdoor for a front door winning Decision. Think why these big deal law firms hire retired judges who show up for a few hours, use a fancy office, go out for expensive three martini lunches, and make ‘calls’ to their ‘old boys club’ pals at the courthouse seeking favoritism and----who knows what else? Who’s paying for these antics, machinations and down right frame-ups? --All of us---the gullible public.

What the heck, these big law firms can’t afford their five to ten floor decked-out offices with fancy paneled walls, elegant furniture, art and granite floors, without winning cases for big numbers. Winning, regretfully in these State Courts is not about legal acumen and smarts, it’s who you know and how much the ‘contract’ is. It usually always and pathetically comes down to fixes-- money, power and cronyism, corruption, bribery--- frame-ups. Please, we repeat, spend a moment and take a gander at where these New York State judges came from and how they got to the Bench, and how some made their way into the ‘hallowed halls’ of the Appellate Courts; the current System is a Backroom disgrace, as further confirmed by comments made by USDJ John Gleeson, of the Eastern District Federal Court---Brooklyn, NY. Can it be changed? After a few thousand years, it’s about time, but it takes courage to ‘clean house’. Corruption and bribery is sadly now part of the MO of going to State Court. It’s all a medley of hush-hush unwritten rules of the game. If you want to learn, take the time and watch a couple of informative films/books inspired by true-life stories--- Serpico, LA Confidential, Goodfellas, the Godfather and many more (see also: Scamraiders Picks & Pans).

Appellate Division, 1st Dept NYC
So when you get involved in a lawsuit, be careful and carefully check out ALL of the lawyers and your judge. You probably should not get started---they can and will ruin your life if you are not a part of the ‘inner-circle’ of cronyism and fixes. When you have a fox disguised as a sheep ---look out. A $50.00 set of ‘black robes’, a crony appointment, and a ink-pen--- provided to a malleable judicial appointee, is really worse than Brooklyn’s Murder, Inc. and Abe ‘Kid-Twist’ Reles in the 1930’s. After all, they say---‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.


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