Desperate Dr. John Siebert has recruited hucksters and shills to harass and intimidate Scamraiders, reporting about Siebert's sex abuses, frauds and evictions

Scamraiders has been recently targeted by hucksters and shills who clearly have been recruited by slick Dr. John Siebert and his thug lawyers to try and whitewash the documented proofs of Siebert's corruption, frauds and sex abuses.

Scamraiders has responded to Siebert's hucksters, seeking their names and evidence-affidavits concerning their remarks but none have provided a shred of evidence confirming their self-styled huckster comments about Siebert.

Facts and evidence prove that Dr. John Siebert is a pervert, a sex vulture and a fraud who has cheated and lied and robbed many, and who hides behind his medical license and white doctor's garb. Nonetheless, Siebert is a swindler and a criminal - undenied and established by evidence materials.

Meanwhile, Siebert continues his harassment of Scamraiders in a desperate attempt to gag the truth of Siebert's sex and other crimes and squatting illegally at 875 Park Avenue.

Scamraiders will post its response to one of Siebert's shill-hucksters below – this shill has failed and refused to provide proof of the statements made and failed and refused to provide a affidavit sworn-to that Scamraiders advised it would post, along with Scamraiders' rebuttal and evidence.

Dr. John Siebert and his thugs must cease and desist extorting, harassing and interfering into freedom of speech and freedom of press to shroud crimes and corruption.

Letter from Scamraiders to Siebert Shill

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