Disgraced Dr. John Siebert tries for an affiliation with Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC

Disgraced Dr. John Siebert tries for an affiliation with Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC - Siebert is a confirmed sex pervert, an abuser of patients, a proved thief, perjurer and narcotics abuser, fired from four NYC hospitals and evicted from four NYC medical offices due to sex abuse, insurance healthcare fraud and narcotics abuse.

Sloan Kettering would not let this vulture into its toilet - Siebert is a sociopath and a person without any integrity. Be careful, Sloan Kettering -- Siebert is a danger to victim-patients/

Scamraiders has learned that sex vulture thief Dr. John Siebert is conning and lying to Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, seeking some form of affiliation with that fine medical institution.

We are certain that Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is clueless that Dr. Siebert is a demented sociopath, thief and sex offender.

Sloan Kettering is not yet aware of Siebert's criminal sex abuses, sex assaults on patients, the findings of NYU-Langone Hospital that Siebert abused patients sexually and otherwise and that resulted in Siebert's termination and firing at NYU for insurance healthcare thefts, sex abuses, narcotics abuses and sex in closets at NYU. Siebert has been canned from Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital for cause, as well----

Siebert has, over the past two years, been evicted for sex abuses and other bad and molesting acts by Dr. Dan Baker, Dr. Sherill Aston, Dr. Jenifer Walden and from 875 Park Ave, NYC as an illegal squatter and Dr. Glen Jelks’s office.
Siebert has been found to be an accused pedophile and investigated by the Dept of Children and Families in Conn, he is accused by Ms. Rachel as a sex pervert/pedophile, and by patients Muriel Karas and Diane Kleiman as a sex sociopath. Siebert is under active investigation for the canceling of his medical license in NY State.

Siebert is a proved thief, perjurer and fraud who has been charged with filing phony internet ads with false and fraudulent content. Siebert lied and conned many, including Castle Connolly Medical until they got wise to Dr. Siebert's frauds and deceptions.

Dr. John Siebert is a sick man a sociopath and a doctor who has threatened victims to try and gag them from reporting his sex and other crimes.

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center this man Dr. John Siebert is a bad, dangerous and demented person. He has raped and molested many emotionally, financially, and physically. He is a liar and a con artist . . .

Scamraiders has assembled a plethora of documents confirming all of our exposes and charges regarding this dangerous and despicable Dr. John Siebert.

Including findings recently posted by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of NY outlining some of Dr. Siebert's abuses and narcotics dispensing to victim patient Diane Kleiman. See the approximately 50 pages of undisputed facts posted on Scamraiders directly from the federal court docket - a public document.

Do not let this bum Dr. John Siebert anywhere near your hospital and innocent patients . . .

Dr. John Siebert cannot heal anyone and he has done significant harm to many. He is a self-indulgent and mentally deranged swindler and sex addict. Siebert uses his medical license to con, rape and plunder his victims.

See the affidavits, documents and police reports, etc. of some of Siebert's victims. Muriel Karas, Linda M., Ms. Rachel, Diane Kleiman, Richard Jacobs, Ben Ossman, Mrs. Christopher Zimmerman, Jim Couri, and many others.

Dr. John Siebert - a thief who belongs in jail. Stay tuned to Scamraiders

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