Do FedEx Office stores need to post a full disclosure as to who manages, owns and who is responsible for loss, damage and negligence?

You may be dealing with an unsavory owner and a group of slickster insurance claims agents if you are a victim of negligence, unfit and unsafe conditions causing you injury, pain and suffering because of deficient and undisclosed premises flaws and defects

FedEx needs a full investigation into who they are leasing FedEx Office stores from and what must be disclosed to innocent consumers at to liability, fault, negligence and more.

You, the consumer, may think you are dealing with FedEx, but if you are a victim of a incident at a FedEx Office store, you may find yourself in a morass of 'three-card Monte' and 'pass the buck,' dealing with unsavory owners of the 'bricks and mortar' and slick insurance claims department persons who are only interested in covering up the liability of their insured.

Yes, they will lie to you, abuse you and intimidate you to save paying up for the liability, fraud and negligence of the insured.

Meanwhile, you are caught between a rock and a hard place with FedEx passing the buck to a owner of the building, who may have the integrity of a cobra-snake with a background of suppression of material proof of their unfit property.

Scamraiders hopes that FedEx will take these matters seriously and that full disclosure is posted in all FedEx stores as to who is responsible and for what, who to call if you the consumer wants to report negligence, unfit and unsafe conditions and who is responsible for what, etc.

FedEx can not solely rely on the owner of the store to determine the destiny of you the customer and FedEx itself . . .

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