Do you know who is sitting in judgment of your litigations in the Unified Court System in New York?

It looks like backgrounds, affiliations -good, bad or ugly- don't matter. What seems to matter is: Will the judge or referee 'play-ball' and railroad who the fixer and back-room cronies order be ambushed and robbed of due process -if you can be corrupted- you are in no matter what you do 'after hours'.

Scamraiders has been investigating the activities and backgrounds of many judges and referees at the unified court system in New York and it is not a savory or pretty picture. Many are picked by 'old-boys' in back-rooms not because the appointees are competent or honest but because they are bullies and will follow the directions of the 'fixers'. Our investigation reveals that criminal activities, misconduct, misfeasance,incompetence, bias, cronyism, collusion and corruption seems to be the norm, not the exceptions. Most of these bad-eggs engage in corrupt, unsatisfactory and atrocious acts and abuses and they continue to get away with their acts of larceny, corruption and collusion. judges will appoint referees who are corrupt, even mob-connected who sit in judgment of you and your money. Scamraiders finds that there is no one watching these acts of malice that are not part of the charade. The administrative judge ignores these corrupt and acts of malice and the supposed commission on judicial conduct is a joke, as the all play the same game of 'musical-chairs' as misfeasance and cronyism equals fixes and big bucks. The whole scene is a charade and like a bad off Broadway production, but don't be taken-in it may be a set-up and you are the sucker -the pigeon- the one who gets 'railroaded'.

Scamraiders is aware that the New York State Inspector General is responsible to investigate non-judicial employees of the unified courts, this does include the corrupt, incompetent acts of court referees. Referee Jack Suter engaged in collusion, corruption, ex parte collusion with Joseph M. Burke Esq and Dr John Siebert in 2008. Suter and Burke engaged in about five months of emails of interaction of corruption,collusion and a scheme to railroad Jim Couri -and they did- we have the emails and other proof of Jack Suters abuses, extortive acts, and his outlaw acts in concert with Joseph M Burke Esq, Suter was caught lying, writing illegal orders in concert with a corrupt lawyer and litigant, Siebert/Burke.

Referee Jack Suter (who a informant describes as 'a drunk, a bully, a thug and a mob front') was illegally selected by JSC Michael Stallman to supervise discovery in the Couri v Siebert case, knowing that disclosure was barred. Stallman by his conduct and cover-up of Suter's collusion and corrupt acts with small-time crook trixter lawyer Joseph M. Burke, ex parte swindles in the Jim Couri case, had to know about the unsavory background of Suter and the claimed mob connections Suter 'enjoys'. Stallman also had to know that reports reveal that Suter is a bully, a drunk and corrupt, his documented acts prove Suter's corruption and frauds acting as a court referee/employee.

What did JSC Stallman know and why did Stallman try to cover it up? And why did he cover up Suter's criminal acts involving Joe Burke including acts of collusion and conspiracy to commit fraud, and in fact they did? Was Stallman complicit with Suter?
Scamraiders and others puts these matters before Ms. Sherrill Spatz, inspector general, it is time for a house-cleaning of the unified courthouse and their world of greed and corruption. What ever happened to due-process and the US Constitution?
Enough with these bullies, thugs and tricksters!!!

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