Does the Supreme Court decision set the foundation for a in depth review of the entire judicial process?

By Scamraiders Reporters & Staff Investigators

The high court has determined that the 'big boys' pay for access by 'political contributions' to judges on the ballot

Well,well, well take a look at New York. the crew in black robes are put there by the 'old boys club' the 'Boss Tweed' political machines and if they are ever on a ballot they are unopposed and the 'election' is a charade. The time has come for a in depth inquiry into the 'back-room' deals and fixes causing pain and suffering to all who are victimized by favoritism bias and corruption in the courts.

We need a 'commission on judicial conduct', with real powers. We need to expose the lawyers and special interests who corrupt and the judges who are ready willing and able to be bought and compromised. The two great states in this nation, New York and California seem to have a judicial system that is at best tarnished.

Can citizens feel safe entering courtrooms that are unpredictable and that may follow the rule of money and special interests, not the rule of law? The time is now to clean out the 'rotten apples' in the courts.

Supreme Court Reverses Decision in Caperton v. Massey
In 5 to 4 Vot...

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