Dr John Siebert accused in NY Supreme Court complaint filed 32311 as being careless, negligent and caused serious injury to plaintiff D. Schindler

Scamraiders has obtained the complaint - Index 8001052011 'Schindler against Dr Siebert and Dr Gendler'

Looks like Dr John Siebert has conned and injured yet another of his patient victims. The complaint was filed by the law offices of Sullivan, Papain, Block, Mcgrath and Cannavo located at 120 Broadway NYC against John Siebert Md and Ellen Gendler Md.

At first blush, the most glaring are the following facts:

That sociopath Siebert conned the plaintiff into believing that the medical office at 875 Park Avenue NYC where Siebert engaged in his malpractice was his own facilities including the on premises surgery facilities. An outright lie and fraud.

In fact, Siebert was occupying that 875 Park Avenue space illegally as a squatter, without management approval and without board approval.

In fact the 875 Park Avenue medical office where Siebert conned plaintiff and injured her is owned by Jelks Medical/Glenn Jelks Md, who we are advised violated his coop agreement allowing Siebert tenant access to the medical office and thus allowed Siebert to defraud 875 Park Avenue, NYC and con his victim patients.

We are told that 875 Park Avenue and Brown Harris Stevens, management of 875 Park Avenue evicted Siebert as a illegal occupant at 875 Park Avenue in the Jelks medical office and caused Siebert's website to be taken down where he falsely claimed his occupation at that medical office and continuing Siebert's frauds.

Clearly Siebert defrauded plaintiff as Siebert did not own the 875 medical facility.

Siebert did not operate or maintain that medical facility.

Siebert did not manage that medical facility.

Siebert was a illegal occupant of 875 Park Avenue owning nothing and not in that space according to law as told to Scamraiders by Brown Harris Stevens who when informed of Siebert squatting in the Jelks medical office admitted that neither 875 Park Avenue or Brown Harris Stevens ever heard of Siebert and if he was in that 875 Park Avenue building it was and is illegal. We are told Siebert is now evicted.

Siebert had no approval, filed no application was not approved for tenancy and he defrauded 875 Park Avenue.

Siebert further defrauded his victim patients into believing that he was a respectable doctor, yet he seriously injured the plaintiff as sworn to in the complaint. Nothing new for Siebert

Siebert is a sex vulture, a thief and a fraud having been fired by 3 prominent New York Hospitals (ie NYU Langone, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye and Ear) for sex and narcotics abuses and worse.

Siebert has been evicted out of 4 NYC medical offices and Siebert is under investigation by the New York State Dept of Health for sexual and other abuses of patients.

It seems that Ms Schindler has been the victim of a sociopath/ con artist Dr John Siebert who contaminates and injures all in his wake.

We will also be looking into Ellen Gendler MD and why she would be dealing with rogue Dr John Siebert for anything.

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