Dr. John Siebert and his outlaw lawyers continue to harass and interfere into Scamraiders business, but they refuse to deny any of the reports all of which are documented

Dr. Siebert, Scamraiders asks you to please deny the allegations made by your patients and landlords, creditors and banks. Scamraiders will post all such remarks along with Scamraiders' replies.

Dr. Siebert, slick-ster lawyers Russo/Burke and Joe Burke, Ken Gomez continue to misuse the internet to abuse free press/free speech.

All these mavens have to do is deny the reports with proof and if Scamraiders' reports are incorrect, they will be amended accordingly.

But Scamraiders will not be deprived of free speech/press and none of Siebert's thugs or Siebert himself have denied any of Scamraiders' exposes.

We at Scamraiders stand behind our “Terms of Use and “Mission Statement” and we welcome all comments with proof.

Sadly, you cant teach these wiseguys how to be truthful . . .

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