Dr. John Siebert and Joe Burke proffer more lies to cover up John Siebert's thefts of Jim Couri's money and Siebert's sex abuses of his patients, corruption and forgery

Joe Burke covers up the rogues gallery of plastic surgeons in NYC – Dr. John Siebert and Dr Daniel Baker. Interestingly, Baker has given Siebert office space in his co-op at 630 Park Ave after Siebert was kicked out of his temporary space with Dr. Sherill Aston and Dr. Jenifer Walden. We hear that Siebert was caught molesting patients in Aston's space and Aston, a proper/dignified surgeon kicked the bum Siebert out.

We also hear that predator Siebert made unwanted advances towards Dr. Walden, who voted to throw the vulture out. Before that, Siebert was dispossessed from his office at 799 Park Avenue, NYC, for defaulting on an illegal mortgage Siebert finagled with Chase Bank and Bayberry Capital Co. in contravention to the 799 Park co-op rules and regs.

Siebert gave bad checks and was thrown out. Homeless, Siebert was given 'shelter' by Aston, then Walden, then Baker. Siebert finagled and 'screwed' all of these persons. Contrary to other comments, we believe that Dr Baker may have been intimidated/extorted by Siebert - Baker was a victim of attempted suicide a few years ago and had admitted emotional problems.

Baker, we are told, is a 'nice-guy' but is it seems, a target for a vulture like Siebert. Why would any respectable surgeon provide office space for Siebert, who, as Baker knows, was fired from NYU Medical Center for sex rapes and narcotics misuse with patients.

Siebert is a thug, a manipulator, a thief. Dr. Baker is surely being manipulated or extorted by Siebert, who is a proven sociopath. Baker needs Siebert like he needs the plague - be careful, Dr. Baker. See Scamraiders and $10,000.00 rewards.

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