Dr John Siebert and Joseph M. Burke defraud Department of Children & Families regarding charges that Siebert is a pedophile

Both Siebert and Burke engaged in interstate fraud and obstructing justice.

Dr Siebert was charged as being a pedophile by both New York State and The State of Connecticut Department of Children & Families. Siebert was interviewed by the agency, as was his wife Kimberly and his lawyer, Joseph M Burke. As part of their cover-up of Siebert's distorted and perverted sex habits all of these 'targets' lied to the agency and in fact falsely blamed Jim Couri for filing the charges. Scamraiders has received the redacted investigators reports revealing the false denials and intentional fraud the Sieberts and Burke perpetrated on this state agency to cover up Siebert's despicable sex crimes involving children and others. Siebert and Burke concocted a fraudulent story to defraud the agency and Jim had on knowledge at the time of Siebert's sex perversions, just more Burke-Siebert corruption to cover up Siebert's crimes and thefts of the rules of law.

Dr. John Siebert's victims confirm that he is a 'closet' perverted pedophile

Now Scamraiders has obtained proof from Siebert's victims, to whom Siebert told and exhibited his pedophile perversions to these sex victims of Siebert. Scamraiders has received confirmation that Siebert is a pedophile, directly from Siebert's victims who confirm that Dr John Siebert has a penchant and has, according to these Siebert victims, engaged in sex acts involving minor boys and girls and that Siebert often has mandated sex partner/victims to dress like a child for sex activities in Siebert's medical office and elsewhere in New York, Connecticut, etc. Siebert, according to his victims, is and has been a pedophile and that John Siebert and his lawyer Joe Burke and his wife Kimberly knowing this, willfully lied to a state agency looking into Siebert's sex crimes.

The agencies investigating Siebert's sex crimes were defrauded, the Siebert's and Burke willfully defrauded the Dept of Children and Families conducting a good faith investigation into a rogue sex vulture Dr John Siebert and the agency was met with a stone-wall of fraud, collusion and corruption engaged in by the Sieberts and Joseph M Burke Esq.

See Scamraiders for more on this unfolding story of yet more crimes, collusion, corruption and obstruction of justice engaged in by Siebert and Burke.

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