Dr. John Siebert butchers patients Muriel Karas and Diane Kleiman & sexually abuses and intimidates

Scamraiders has interviewed Ms. Karas and Ms. Kleiman over the phone. We have communicated with other of Siebert's patient victims - including Ms. Rachel and Linda M. They confirm that Dr. John Siebert is a sex vulture, a pedophile, a rogue/rapist, a butcher, and a sociopath. This man has no conscience and is we believe is mentally deranged based on the evidence and testimony.
Karas and Kleiman have filed affidavits and in Karas case she filed litigation and police reports. These documents are posted on Scamraiders. Siebert is a sex vulture, a rapist, a butcher doctor, who mutilated both Karas and Kleiman and then tried to lie and cover up his malpractice by narcotics abuses and intimidation. Siebert butchered these women and has extorted them to try and get them to not 'go-public' and report Siebert's conduct and other crimes. Siebert is now under investigation for the loss of his medical license and ha been fired from NYU/Langone, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye and Ear, and was fired years ago from Bellvue Hospital. We are told Siebert has also been terminated from privileges at NY Eye and Ear Infirmary.
Siebert has also been evicted out of his sub-tenancy with Drs Aston, Baker, Walden and by landlord Chase Bank.
Siebert is a documented butcher and a sociopath, who has no conscience or remorse for the abuse and physical, mental and financial rapes Siebert has performed - Siebert has ruined the lives of many and Scamraiders was told by Ms. Kleiman, Karas and others that Siebert has ruined their lives, butchered them and then intimidated each of them. 
See Scamraiders for more on this butcher and charlatan Dr. John W. Siebert.

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