Dr. John Siebert caught engaging in massive insurance fraud by lawyer Diane Kleiman who witnessed and executed a sworn-to affidavit confirming Siebert's frauds, forgery and insurance fraud and thefts

Diane Kleiman
Lawyer and whistle blower Diane Kleiman executed a affidavit on July 2, 2010. The affidavit outlines a plethora of documented dastardly sex acts, narcotics abuse and mutilations engaged in by Siebert and involving Ms. Kleiman. In the affidavit Kleiman also carefully outlines Siebert's scheme of insurance fraud and thefts. Diane Kleiman, a lawyer herself, swears - (in the Kleiman affidavit, 'sworn-to' on July 2, 2010, page 6, last pp) under penalty of perjury, the following:

 “After the first (Siebert) surgery I underwent which was cosmetic - I paid for in full. I was never charged again by anyone. neither by Siebert or the hospital. Before I went to NYU hearing on my complaint (charges) against Siebert, I learned that Siebert falsified my whole medical chart. For all the surgeries I thought he was performing for free, in the end Siebert actually billed my insurance carrier and collected a minimum of $250,000.00 to $500,000.00. And NYU was paid probably $750,000.00. Siebert had committed insurance fraud for many years collecting money he was not entitled to.”

Vulture Dr. John Siebert
As can be seen - Ms. Kleiman, a lawyer and a victim of Dr. Siebert confirms – under-oath, a scheme engaged by Siebert of rampant insurance fraud. Scamraiders also has learned that Siebert's office manager Nelsa Garcia has aided Siebert for years in these insurance frauds. We are informed that Siebert engaged in this practice of forgery, falsification of insurance and patient records and filings and thefts of medical insurers for cosmetic surgery for years. Promoting these scams as if a 'discount' to his patient-victims. We are told that Siebert 'barters' surgeries for sexual and other 'favors,' see Siebert's gal-pal Ms. Rachel and 'smoking-hot-waitresses' web site where Siebert is mentioned as a 'tip-daddy'.
Scamraiders has learned that the the Department of Justice/ U.S. Attorney's Office has indicted and convicted recently other doctors and surgeons who defrauded medical insurers by falsifying and forging insurance documents just like Siebert's scams.
Kleiman has confirmed Siebert's crimes and we are certain that the insurance companies can verify Kleiman's charges and Siebert's fraudulent recoveries. That said Siebert and all in concert with him must be indicted, and convicted for their interstate conspiracy, thefts, insurance fraud and money laundering and other federal crimes.
Scamraiders hopes that the Department of Justice will also put vulture-rogue Doctor Siebert and his co-conspirators where they belong and recover the money that they have stolen from honest insurers and Medicare.
Siebert has done far to much harm to victim-patients, insurance companies, people who trusted him and to many others - Siebert is a sociopath, a outlaw, a perjurer and a thief. Siebert is a doctor without conscience or integrity who belongs off the street and in prison.
For a full reading of the Diane Kleiman affidavit see Scamraiders.



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