Dr John Siebert engaged in a systematic scheme of obstruction of justice, misrepresentation, fraud on the court in New York City

Dr John Siebert engaged in a systematic scheme of obstruction of justice, misrepresentation, fraud on the court in New York City, concealing of evidence, used perjured testimony in order to avoid paying unconditional obligations that Siebert agreed to pay exceeding $20,000,000.00.

Siebert and his lawyers furthered this scheme from 2004 through the present covering up material facts and other bad acts of Siebert to obtain unjust gains through fraud and perjury---is RICO coming?

Dr. John Siebert, a man of 1000 phony faces, has now been exposed as a thief, perjurer, sex vulture, swindler, a accused insurance fraudster, violator of court orders, narcotics abuser and a man who engaged in secretion of evidence, creating false evidence, corrupting court officers,and a plethora of other documented illegal acts in a scheme with his lawyers to deprive due process by fraud, perjury, corruption, violations of injunctions and a rampant pattern and scheme of perjury and suborning of perjury.

Dr. John Siebert is also an accused butcher and sex offender by many victim patients in court papers and affidavits and Siebert is an accused pedophile.

Siebert is now a proven thief, a issuer of bum checks, a now evicted squatter from 875 Park Ave, NYC, and a narco abuser, liar and fraudster, covering up that he was under investigation for sex abuse, insurance fraud, and illegal acts while testifying in NY courts that he was a respectable doctor all the while covering up his criminal acts, acts of patient abuses, sex molesting, insurance fraud and thefts, narcotics abuse and threats and extortion - while engaging in a pattern of deception and 'cover-up' defrauding persons who Siebert robbed and by engaging in rampant corruption at the courthouse and at the Appellate Division First Dept NYC.

In the process, robbing a plaintiff who Siebert swindled for millions by collusion, fraud and obstruction of justice and violations of a myriad of laws and restrictive injunctions.

Siebert's acts constitute contempt of court, criminal perjury, collusion, obstruction of justice, fraud on the courts and plaintiff and corruption. He now has been exposed by his being fired for cause from three NYC hospitals, evicted as a illegal tenant, charged with internet and other phony/fraudulent advertising, fraud and deception.

Siebert has repeatedly misused the courthouse for illegal gain and to engage in criminal acts, rampant perjury, tampering, and corruption.

Siebert and his lawyers violations of law, fraud, perjury, and other illegalities will have grave consequences.

Siebert has with impunity misused the courts to obtain by fraud and corruption unjust gain and thefts of over $20,000,000.00 unconditionally due to others that Siebert agreed to pay and by Siebert and his lawyers engaging in corruption and deception, and manipulating referees and judges by acts of intentional and systematic perjury, deception and concealment deprived plaintiff of his money.

The matters outlined here are being scrutinized involving a number of years and patterns and schemes of Dr. John Siebert's secretion of material proofs and collusion and fraud.

Siebert is a sociopath, a liar and a criminal---a man without integrity and a vulture abusing the rules of law and victim patients for his own illegal and unjust self indulgence.

The evidence of the forgoing is clear and mandate multiple damages in federal courts - facts are still unfolding and Siebert is now on the run as a thief, fraud and sex offender.

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