Dr. John Siebert has been accused of sexually abusing many patients and has been accused of defrauding medical insurers by filing fraudulent and forged/illegal claims

. . . resulting in Siebert's unjust enrichment by fraud----all undenied by Siebert and his lawyers Joseph M. Burke and Kenneth V. Gomez and Russo and Burke!!!

Please see – PR Newswire Scamraiders press release issued on Dec. 30, 2010, regarding Dr. John Siebert and his undenied insurance scams and his patient sex abuses.

Dr. John Siebert has been accused by many of his victims for sex abuse, narcotics abuse and intimidation. These acts have been undenied by Siebert in court pleadings and undenied to Scamraiders.

Siebert has been accused of engaging in a systematic scheme to defraud medical insurers by forging patients charts and filing bogus insurance claims with medical insurers in order to rob medical insurance recoveries for surgeries and procedures that were cosmetic and not recoverable. Siebert committed fraud on medical insurers as reported by informants and victim/patients for years and involving millions of dollars in payments by insurers to Siebert based on Siebert's frauds, forgery and fraudulent and illegal claims. We understand that Siebert has been aided in his robbery of insurers by his office manager Nilsa Garcia.

These systematic insurance thefts and frauds are undenied by Siebert and his lawyers and by Ms. Garcia.

Scamraiders has assembled affidavits and interviewed Siebert's victims and received letters and other writings from the innocent women Siebert has abused. See these documents on Scamraiders and please read the 12-30-10 PR Newswire Scamraiders press release.

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