Dr. John Siebert has no legitimate access to any hospitals anywhere in New York

Dr. John Siebert has been fired and terminated from all privileges at all hospitals he has been affiliated, including NYU/Langone, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye and Ear and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. These facts have been confirmed to Scamraiders by informants and others on the hospitals staff. Siebert has been found by hearings and patient charges to be a sex predator and a rapist of patient’s emotions, bodies and finances. Siebert has been accused and found to be a perjurer, a thief and an accused pedophile. Siebert (we are informed) is a defendant in legal cases for patient abuses and (we are informed) on investigations into Siebert's sex and narcotics and thefts. Scamraiders is waiting to see what UW Hospital is going to do to protect its patients from this sociopath sex vulture Dr. John Siebert.


UW Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, is the only medical institution that Siebert has not been fired from according to our informants and documents Scamraiders has obtained. UW Hospital ignores the facts about vulture Siebert's abuses of patients and UW seems to be more interested in money than patients’ safety as UW has all the facts of Siebert's sociopath and mutilation of patients.

UW hospital in Madison Wisconsin, you should be ashamed of your conduct in your employing Siebert a well-documented thief and rapist of innocent patient/victims. UW hospital you are a disgrace to the medical profession and the safety of patients.


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