Dr. John Siebert lies wherever he goes and whatever he does - he is a pure sociopath, charlatan and cheat

Scamraiders has documented Dr. Siebert's background and the long trail of fraud, deception, sex abuse, perjury, and thefts. Siebert has no integrity and he is a expert liar and trickster.

Take a look at Siebert's life of thefts and crimes - swindling business partners, people who loaned him money, perjured documents in court, defrauding healthcare insurers, sexual abuse of patients, emotional thefts and thefts of money from persons who he lured in by fraud and lies. And not to mention the many fraudulent financial statements Siebert issued to banks and others for the extension of credit to him based on fraud and deception . . .

And the phony tax returns that Siebert filed, rooking the IRS and state tax collectors.

And luring innocent patients who trusted his lies as to quack surgeries for progressive incurable diseases - including Parry Romberg syndrome.

Siebert has no conscience – he is a self indulgent pretender and thief.

Siebert has the brazen conduct to look you in the eyes and rob you at the same time. The man has no integrity, just look at how he raped patients physically, emotionally and financially. See the affidavits and patient documents. Siebert even cheated a call-girl who provided him with his demented sex-capades, Ms. Rachel.

Siebert now is running on the internet phony adds falsely claiming he is with hospitals who never heard of him or who have fired him - and running ads claiming his office is in buildings that never heard of him, where he was a squatter until he was physically evicted or other offices where he was evicted.

Some of these illegal internet ads of Siebert have been removed by order of Google and YouTube, but some are still running with Siebert's intent to lure and defraud prospective innocent victim patients.

See please Scamraiders archives, exhibits and court pleadings proving Siebert's undenied acts of fraud, corruption, thefts and quackery.

This doctor, John Siebert, is a rogue thief, a vulture, a sociopath and a quack. Be careful of him, as he is a menace to the medical profession and to society.

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